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20 Success Habits to Start Before the Age of 25

Have you ever witnessed an older person who was stuck in their ways?It’s frustrating to watch when they repeat bad habits that are detrimental to their livelihood. However, the saying is true that old habits die hard.A Harvard study pointed out that “we’re motivated too often by a sense of guilt, fear, or regret. Experts […]

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The Freedom Journal (a Brief Overview)

Have you ever set out to accomplish a difficult goal, only to end up procrastinating and ultimately failing at what you set out to do? I know that I’ve certainly been there, and I bet I’m not alone. Goals are something that everyone has, and they are critical to success. Too many people have great […]

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Taking Action with the Five-Minute Journal

A Journal That’s Primed for ActionStarting a journaling habit sounds like a great idea. Buying a new notebook and thinking about the joy of putting your thoughts down on paper can be incredibly gratifying. However, once you actually have the notebook, it’s sometimes difficult to go from not really being the diary type to filling […]

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