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Want a simple tool to track your workouts?

Are you looking for ways to change a sedentary lifestyle into an active one?

Have you considered getting a fitness app?

These days, we use our smartphones for organizing our lives. It would not be surprising that we can depend on them to help us reach our fitness goals as well.

Today, we’re presenting the ultimate list of 27 of the best workout apps to improve your fitness in 2023, with focus on apps for mobile devices. Some of these are newcomers to the market. Others have been around the block for quite longer but have staying power because users continue to love them.

Fitness apps are readily available for download, which we can use to train for a marathon, burn fats, build muscles, or become flexible.

With a very wide selection of apps designed for health and wellness, how can you choose the one that suits your fitness needs?

How to Find the Ideal Fitness App

The following tips can help you find the ideal app for you.

Enables personalization.

Each one of us has a unique body size and shape, with specific health conditions. You need to look for a fitness app that allows you to personalize whatever features it provides and accommodates your workout preferences according to your size, height, weight, sex, health conditions, and training level.

It maximizes the features of your phone.

Some apps use your audio function for instructing and motivating you. Others will use your GPS to track and provide you with the best routes for running, walking, trekking or hiking.

Others will utilize your camera to provide you with feedback in order to instruct you in the correct form while working on a routine.

Possesses social features.

It is easier for us to lose motivation when we are working out alone. The ideal fitness app allows you to connect socially with friends, family, and people who have the same health goals as you do. They can encourage you to keep going, you can challenge them to reach fitness targets, and it increases your personal accountability for your good health.

It integrates with other apps designed for fitness.

Integration features with other apps can provide you with a wider perspective on your overall health. This feature is an essential factor to help your fitness app work for your maximum benefit.

The reviews are stellar.

When choosing an app, pay attention to the reviews. Although these shouldn’t be the basis for your decision-making, the comments of people who have tried the app are helpful in gauging how well it will work for your needs.

It definitely saves you the time and effort of personally testing an app that might not perform according to its advertised specifications. Seek out reliable reviews to help with your choice.

Has features that spark your interest.

A lot of people download workout apps but end up not using them. Most of these apps fall on the wayside because they don’t provide the features that ensure people will keep using them as time passes. Make sure that the app actually provides you interesting features that make you want to keep using them long term.

That's it.

There are several of us at Develop Good Habits who use some of the apps featured here and can guarantee their performance in helping us hit our health and fitness targets — whether it’s for weight loss, specialized fitness (e.g., running and weightlifting), or something that improves our wellbeing.

Some of the apps are free to download for both iOS and Android. Others require memberships and a minimal monthly or annual fee to unlock added features to improve your fitness program experience.

And whatever app you choose, your commitment to a fitness program is a major factor in your success.

So, let’s get rockin’.

Weight Loss Apps

1. Lose It!

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via Lose It!

Apple Store | Google Play

This is one of the best fitness and diet apps for both iOS and Android. It is a helpful way of being aware of what you eat. To lose weight, set your goals and use the app to monitor the calories in all the food you love.

2. My Fitness Pal

Apple Store | Google Play

A combination of an exercise and food journal, this app can make a world of difference in your weight-loss goals. Aside from helping you calculate your daily caloric intake, it provides support for your efforts to live in a healthier way.

3. Weight Watchers (WW)

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via WW

Apple Store | Google Play

With this app installed in your mobile devices, you'll have access to the Weight Watchers' program wherever you are. With the app, you have connection to a community supportive of your weight-loss journey, low-cal and healthy recipes, plus 24-hour availability of a wellness coach who can address your concerns through chat.

4. Happy Scale

Apple Store

This app is unlike your other weight-loss monitoring apps. Input the numbers from your daily weigh-ins, remove the fluctuations in your measurements, and then it will create a smooth curve to chart your progress.​

This app also gives an approximate duration of when you'll reach your fitness goals.

5. FatSecret

Apple Store | Google Play

Many users are praising this app for intuiting their needs for a tool that helps them monitor their weight loss. Its features include a food diary that provides a summary of your overall caloric consumption, a report of how many times you've eaten certain foods, plus a chart to view your progress.

It also has an option to share the information in your app with your physician to better monitor your health.

6. LifeSum

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via Glass Of Class

Apple Store | Google Play

This app is steadily gaining popularity as a dependable support tool for weight loss. Aside from the calorie counter that you usually find in other fitness apps, it monitors your daily water intake, has a health test, and helps you determine the diet plan that will work best for you.

It can also be integrated into Google Fit for fitness monitoring through all your gadgets.

7. Noom

best apps to keep you motivated to lose weight | best diet apps for your needs | gym workout apps free download
via Laly Mom

Apple Store | Google Play

The app has the standard features similar to other weight loss apps mentioned above, such as an exercise and diet tracker. However, it also comes with a singular feature that encourages you to modify your behavior surrounding the idea of diets and losing weight.

General Fitness Apps

8. Waterlogged

Apple Store | Google Play

Staying hydrated is necessary for remaining fit and healthy. Here's an app that reminds you to stay hydrated throughout the day. It's a good way to track your daily water intake.

Its simple interface helps you increase the amount of water you consume with minimal effort. You can integrate this app to Fitbit, so your daily water log is also updated to your Fitbit profile.

9. Freeletics

Apple Store | Google Play

Recently, this app's popularity is on the rise. It is a suite of fitness programs, in which you can personalize the types of workouts you get, as well as the nutrition and dietary advice.

Whether you are using HIIT, running, the right nutrition, or or gym workouts to reach your fitness goals, this app can accommodate your intentions and work to help you accomplish them.

10. Sworkit

Apple Store | Google Play

Sworkit has maintained its popularity ever since its introduction to the public years ago. The workouts in its “playlist” are considered to closely adhere to the training guidelines set by the American College of Sports Medicine.

In the app, you can choose workouts that focus on cardio, strength training, and exercises that promote flexibility. All the workouts use your body, so you don't need to secure a specific set of equipment.

You can set the duration of the workout, select what part of your body to focus on in each session, and check out your progress that connects to other health apps including Strava and Apple Health App.

11. SleepScore

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via ZD Net

Apple Store | Google Play

Sleepscore is an app that provides you with info on the quality of your sleep. The data is insightful when it comes to tracking your overall fitness.

It helps you monitor how long it took you to sleep, the duration of different sleep levels, as well as your waking time. It also provides recommendations for better quality of sleep (as experts keep saying it's better if we are in bed before midnight).

12. Beachbody On Demand

Apple Store | Google Play

If you are looking for a library of workouts that you can browse online, this is the one-stop shop. This app provides multimedia resources for over 60 fitness programs.

As long as you're subscribed, you have unlimited access to videos showcasing professionally designed workout routines to target specific all areas of your body. The videos are downloadable so you can view them anywhere, on any gadget, at your convenience.

You'd be sure to meet all your fitness targets in no time!

13. Aaptiv

Apple Store | Google Play

Choose from a range of fitness disciplines from this app's landing page. From there, you will be able to choose other options to make your workout of the day as interactive as possible.

There's the type of music you want for your background as you do your reps, your level of difficulty, and how long you're planning to work out for that session.

And while you're doing your routines, there'll be a hybrid instructor (whose voice you'll hear through the headphones) explaining the significance of every move and giving you encouragement along the way.

14. Happify

Apple Store | Google Play

This app helps you monitor the state of your emotional well-being and take necessary measures to stay positive. It has features that keep you motivated, improves your self-esteem, and minimize and help you cope with stress.

The app also assists in helping you reach a deeper level of consciousness for mindfulness and meditation.

Specialized Fitness Apps

15. Fitbit

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via Yoga KY

Apple Store | Google Play

Fitbit is one of the longest-staying fitness apps in the market. Nevertheless, it has only grown stronger through the years. It has step counters, provides calorie-burn calculations, heart rate monitoring, and more.

The makers of this app have products that suit every lifestyle and age (yes, there's a Fitbit for kids too). Also there is something that will suit your needs if you love taking advantage of the great outdoors in order to stay fit or use the gym.

16. Yoga Studio

Apple Store | Google Play

With this app installed in your mobile phone, you have access to yoga classes wherever you are and whenever you need to work out. Beginners and experts alike can get the most out of this app.

There are almost 300 poses that you can try, all with detailed instructions and expert tips. You can also create customized yoga classes that suit your fitness needs.

17. Runkeeper

Apple Store | Google Play

This app has been a constant favorite with those who love to keep fit by running, hiking, or walking. It's proven itself to be very dependable.

It uses the GPS feature of a smartphone to track your route and inform you of your pace. It also provides you with info about your time and speed as well as the distance you've covered.

Hikers find this invaluable because it enables them to view their routes while still working out, freeing them to venture to a less-traversed path. Probably the only thing it doesn't do is the walking or running for you.

Remember to properly gear up for the weather and road condition, such as getting the right headlamp for running or the right boots (for men and women) if you’re going hiking.

18. Beyond The White Board

Apple Store | Google Play

If you want to take your CrossFit training to another level, this app is what you need. It is considered as one of the best tools for logging in your key metrics and workouts.

It enables box coaches to keep track of their members' performance. It motivates you to perform your best and work on improving each and every time.

19. Trainingpeaks

Apple Store | Google Play

This app is perfect for triathletes looking for the perfect tool to keep them on track in their training. Aside from providing info on your fitness and form, it also gives you a heads up on your fatigue status to better monitor if you have been overtraining.

It provides reminders and a countdown for events you've been training for. The app also provides you with a weekly summary of your overall performance.​

It thus gives you an idea of whether you were able to closely adhere to your training plans or if some improvements are necessary.

20. Swim.com

Apple Store | Google Play

Whether you're a professional or a casual swimmer, this app can help you achieve your best every time you hit the water. This is, by far, the most accurate app for automatically counting strokes and tracking your kicks.

With the app, you can connect with your swim community for support and compete against other swimmers on a global leaderboard. It allows you to sync with your favorite wearable tech such as Android Wear, Apple Watch, and Garmin.

21. Stronglifts 5X5

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via Ask Men

Apple Store | Google Play

This is considered as one of the best gym workout apps that can help you a lot if you have just started on your weightlifting journey. It provides excellent programs that help you build muscles, in a 5X5 loading strategy (five sets in five repetitions) of lifts.

The instructions are simple. The app allows you to track your progress to keep you motivated to move up to the next level.

Fitness Apps for Men

22. Fitness Buddy

best apps to keep you motivated to lose weight | gym workout apps free download | best free fitness apps of 2019
via Azumio

Apple Store | Google Play

Here is a tool for perfecting your workout. This app works well with seasoned fitness buffs, and yet it is also user-friendly to accommodate beginners.

The trove of health and fitness information in this app, which includes videos, step-by-step instructions, and pictures, are wonderful aids for mastering exercise moves.


Apple Store | Google Play

Get a personal trainer on your phone with this app. Although both seasoned fitness buff and beginners can use this app, beginners can reap the maximum benefits it offers.

It helps you plan your daily workout routines and allows you to decide the number of reps and sets needed. The instructions are detailed and delivered in simple terms. You will find it easy to use and not overwhelming.

24. Fitocracy

Apple Store

This app has the easiest interface for entering your workout info. Furthermore, it allows you to customize your exercise routines.

You can also easily monitor your progress. You can create your custom exercises on the web and then access them through your mobile app.

Instructions and details about the moves are available for easy execution. To motivate you further, the app allows you to gamify your workouts. As an MMORPG, you can engage in (fitness) quests, challenges, and even duels.

Fitness Apps for Women

25. Workout Trainer by Skimble

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via Skimble

Apple Store | Google Play

With this app, you can have your workout anywhere. The app's creators bring you this mobile workout trainer that helps you achieve specific fitness goals.

All the workouts (strength training, agility building, and weight loss) are customizable to fit your busy schedule.

26. PIIT28

Apple Store

PIIT (Pilates intense interval training) is a brainchild of Blogilates founder Casey Ho. This pocket app's workout routines are accessible after becoming a member.

You can check out all the workout programs and customize them according to your schedules and other preferences. You can also develop your own meal plans after taking inspiration from over 200 of Casey's recipes for the 28-Day Reset.

27. 8Fit

Apple Store | Google Play

People who have tried this app say it's like having a personal trainer and a dietician all rolled into one. You can create a custom plan geared for healthy eating, as well as a personalized fitness strategy that helps you become the healthiest version of yourself.

The workouts in the program are intense, encouraging weight loss and total fitness.

Final Words on Keeping Fit this 2023

If you’re reading this post because you’re searching for ways to improve your health this year, I personally applaud you.

We hope that you’ve found a personal favorite among the best workout apps featured here today. If you're more of a pen-and-paper type, check out these workout calendars you can download and print for free.

Also, check out this post that features almost 200 healthy habits that you can apply in all aspects of your life.

Furthermore, head over to this post about good daily habits to learn how to keep energized through the day.

We wish you a rewarding journey on the road to good health!

Finally, if you want to focus on a great HEALTH habit that increases your energy and helps with your weight goals, then take 30-seconds each morning to prepare this drink to feel energized throughout the day.