Summer Book Sale 2016

Summer Book Sale 2016

It’s time to run another special deal on some of my habit books!

From today (July 18th) to the midnight Sunday (July 24th), each of the following books will be sold for $0.99 (or 99 pence in the U.K.)

Get them now, while they’re at a deep discount.

(Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t allow me to run a special deal in countries outside of the U.S. and the U.K. If you don’t see the above price in your country, simply contact me and I’ll price match the offer.)

10-Minute Digital Declutter: The Simple Habit to Eliminate Technology Overload

Don't like how your digital devices have become a disorganized mess? Tired of wasting hours on social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter?

"10-Minute Digital Declutter" is written for the person who is starting to recognize the danger of digital noise, but doesn't know how to live in this modern world without feeling overwhelmed. It's also for those who need a system for the information they do want. Not only will you get back more time, you'll also discover core strategies for maximizing the time you spend in the digital world.

Confident You: An Introvert’s Guide to Success in Life and Business

Being an introvert can be frustrating… The world applauds extroverts, so it’s easy to feel left out in the cold. As an introvert, you know it’s important to be outgoing, social and a good leader, yet these behaviors don’t seem natural.

Instead of trying to make you an extrovert, the goal of “Confident You” is to help you capitalize on all the positive aspects of being an introvert, while helping you overcome the less positive aspects of introversion.

Master Evernote: The Unofficial Guide to Organizing Your Life with Evernote

In “Master Evernote” you’ll discover how to make Evernote an essential part of your everyday life.

Not only will you learn the basics of this tool, you’ll also get a framework to develop the “Evernote Habit” for organizing your daily activities.

What you get with this tool is the perfect idea capture mechanism and a place to store every important thought, document or future plan. Plus you’ll also discover 75 ideas for getting started with Evernote.

Level Up Your Day: How to Maximize the 6 Essential Areas of Your Daily Routine

The trick to finding that work-life balance is to be intentional with how you spend your time. You can do this by applying the 80/20 rule, which states that you achieve 80% of your results from 20% of your effort.

In the book, “Level Up Your Day” we show you how to identify the 80/20 activities in the six areas of your routine and explain how to get the most from each experience.

If you're overwhelmed and struggling, this book will help guide you to a fulfilling life. Begin building your powerful daily routine with the help of this book.

Exercise Every Day: 32 Tactics for Building the Exercise Habit

exercise ebook

You know you need to exercise, but most workout programs take too much time, seem too extreme, or they put you in the middle of the “meat market” scene at most gyms. There has to be an easier way.

“Exercise Every Day” helps you identify the obstacles that continually get in your way. By reviewing each obstacle and identifying specific solutions, this book will help you experience a personal breakthrough.

The Accountability Manifesto: How Accountability Helps You Stick to Goals

Are you tired of starting a habit (or working toward a goal) and then quitting after a few days?

In “The Accountability Manifesto” you will discover the power of public accountability and how it is the secret weapon of successful millionaires (even billionaires) all across the world.

No longer will you need to work on goals in isolation. Instead, you can surround yourself with people who cheer on or coach you during those moments of doubt. To “be accountable,” all you need is a clear goal and a willingness to let others help you achieve it.

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