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Looking for something to liven up your vision board?

You may already know what a vision board is, but for the unfamiliar, a vision board is a collage featuring images, quotes, and focus words representing one’s aspirations and desires.

When making a vision board, you’re engaging in a creative process. You’re putting your intentions out there and giving them physical form. You are using the Law of Attraction to manifest these intentions.

Vision boards can be made with magazine cutouts and stickers, but there are also those who opt for digital versions of vision boards. These can be created through vision board apps and software.

In addition to stickers and magazine cutouts, printables can add visual appeal to your vision board. Printables are also the way to go if you are creating a themed vision board, or if you are looking for a polished, elegant effect, but don’t have the time to search through stacks of magazines for the right picture or quotes to represent your dreams. (But if you do have the time and patience, here's where to find free magazines for your vision board.)

In this post, we’ve collected 39 vision board printables that you might want to use for your own vision board. They can liven up your board, make it more interesting, and contribute to the theme you have in mind. The designers and creators of the printables featured have made them available for download, free of charge, from their own sites.

Let’s check them out.

39 Free Vision Board Printables

1. DGH Printable Vision Board Inspirational Quotes

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Looking for the right printables that resonate with your vision? We’ve designed a collection of over 40 printable inspirational quotes for your vision board.

We’ve got quotes from successful people throughout history, as well as influential people whose lives are wonderful examples of always believing in your dreams.

Not only do these printables inspire and motivate you to manifest your dreams, they also add visual interest to your board and give it a more personalized touch. If you’re excited to get these free printables, head over to this post now.

2. Aimee's Vision Board Motivational Quotes

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via The Crazy Craft Lady

If you need some printables in teal/green/blue motif, this set fits the bill. It will provide a refreshing look for your vision board.

This set of printables features encouraging words, so if you are looking to infuse your day with more positivity, these cards serve as encouraging focal pieces on your vision board.

3. Karen Schravemade's Printables

If you need pretty and inspiring quotes for your vision board, then you might want to use these printables. This set combines encouraging words, quotes from famous people, and empowering statements that get you going and spur you onward to the realization of your dreams.

4. Mom Khaye's Printables

This set of printables adds an elegant touch to your vision board. They bear encouraging words so you’ll be more inspired to work towards your goals.

When you’re using a vision board to help you accomplish your dreams, set aside a few minutes each day to look at it and focus on the things you want to achieve in life.

This way, you’re training your mind to be receptive to those opportunities that bring you closer to your dreams.

5. Ashley's Motivational Quotes Printables

This set of printables features motivational quotes—reminders of the reasons for your aspirations. Some of the quotes can serve as a calming balm during stressful moments.

You will likely encounter roadblocks as you pursue your goals. These printables are a good addition to your goal board, and will give you the extra push you need when things get challenging.

6. Bessy's Inspirational Words Printables

If you’re looking for focus words to incorporate into your vision board, you might want to consider these printables. They feature words and phrases that help you feel inspired.

For added visual appeal, you can print them out on specialty paper. Choose the words that resonate with what you want to achieve, cut them out, and place them on your vision board.

If it’s your first time making a vision board, you might be wondering what you can put on it. There is actually no right or wrong way of creating a vision board. The essential thing is that the board should represent your personal aspirations, not somebody else’s.

The following are the most common things you’ll find on a vision board:

  • Goals (check out a couple of posts for examples of short-term and long-term goals)
  • Greatest aspirations
  • Personal values
  • Personal desires

7. Persnickety Affirmation Prints

Looking for cutesy printables for your vision board? Maybe this set is what you need.

It features focus words and phrases in pastel colors to add a lively, encouraging vibe to your vision board.

Your vision board should not only focus on the things you want, but should also evoke the emotions you want to feel when you’ve reached your goal. As an example, if you’re working on being more assertive, you need to see something on your board that encourages you to embody this characteristic. Strong, encouraging messages, such as the ones featured in this printable set, do the job.

8. Jenell's Vision Board Kit

Make your intentions clear with the printables in this vision board kit. This set is composed of motivational quotes, worksheets, and inspiring art to help clarify your intentions and achieve those goals.

Being clear with your intentions is essential when making a vision board. The main thing you have to keep in mind when setting your goals is the acronym S.M.A.R.T., which stands for Specific; Measurable; Attainable; Realistic; and Timely.

You might want to check out this helpful resource for setting your goals the right way.

9. Erin's BuJo Printables

Some people make their vision boards within the pages of their bullet journals.

This set of printables features eye-catching symbols and focus words that keep you inspired to reach your goals—and they’re designed primarily for use in bullet journals.

You can print these, cut them out, and glue them to your vision board as is, or, if you want things to be more colorful, you can color in the elements before gluing them to your board.

10. Printable Life Quotes

Inspiring and motivational quotes are essential elements in a vision board. These pithy sayings are often chosen because they resonate with you and your dreams.

This set of vision board printables includes quotes from famous people, such as John Wooden, Anne Lamott, and Wayne Dyer. They come in a black-and-white theme.

In the set, you’ll find encouraging words to remind you of the value of patience. There are some quotes that serve as reminders to be happy, while other quotes are about perseverance or self-care. All of these quotes aim to empower you as you pursue your dreams.

11. Carrie Elle’s Colorful Quote Cards

If you’d prefer a more colorful set of printables, here are some bright cards featuring motivational words and phrases. You can print them out on cardstock and use them for your vision board.

In addition to vision boards, these cards can also be used in bullet journals, planners, and calendars. They are really charming, and can brighten up any project.

12. Farm Style Labels

These labels are an example of how you can repurpose other craft materials as vision board supplies. Strictly speaking, this set of labels is not a “traditional” material in vision board making. However, using a bit of creativity, you can incorporate them into your vision board as labels and quotes. They work well when you are making a vision board with a rustic or farm-style theme.

If you need some vision board design inspiration, check out this post featuring 51 unique vision board ideas.

13. New Beginnings

These watercolor printables make a nice addition to your vision board, especially if you’re working on new beginnings.

When creating your vision board, I’d recommend that you dream big. Pull out all the stops. There are no limits when it comes to visualizing the best version of your life.

Prior to making your board, I’d recommend that you write down your goals and aspirations. As mentioned earlier, make them specific—but don’t let that keep them from being grand.

14. Katy's Supercharged Vision Board

If you are looking for pink-themed printables, you will probably like this set. It features encouraging words in different shades of pink.

Many individuals who make vision boards like them to be personal. If you’ve made a personal vision board, you are not obliged to show it to anybody else. You can put it in a conspicuous yet private spot in the house (most likely in your bedroom or study) where you do your visualization ritual.

Your visualization ritual can be as simple as spending a few minutes looking at your board and visualizing your goals coming to fruition. Try to dig deep and feel the emotions that come with achieving your goals. Or it can be as elaborate as lighting a candle and incense, putting on some music, and sitting in a special place for your visualization time. Whatever works for you!

The essential thing is to set aside time each day to gaze upon your board.

15. Ivana’s Vision Board Art Journal

Do you want to incorporate some artwork into your vision board, but don’t have the time or the means to pull it off? These printables may be just what you need.

If your goal involves anything to do with art, the words, quotes, and imagery from this printable set will make a wonderful addition to your vision board design.

16. Incredible Affirmations Cards

If you need powerful words of affirmation for your vision board, this set of printables might be what you’re looking for. These affirmations are also great for kiddie vision boards, and for teaching little ones the value of having positive thoughts.

Some of the affirmations found in the set include:

  • I am worthy of love.
  • My life is beautiful.
  • Today I choose happiness.
  • I am truly blessed.
  • My happiness does not depend on others.

Use these affirmations in your vision board and see how your life changes for the better.

17. Vision Board Mantra

Mantras are another great addition to your vision board, as they give you extra motivation. Moreover, if you choose ones with awesome designs, they add visual interest to your board.

You might want to visit the Metabolic Research Center’s page to check out their printable mantras and motivational quotes. Several of their printables will likely resonate with your dreams and vision.

18. Inspiring Printables

These inspiring quote cards were originally designed to be planner dividers. However, you can also use them for your vision board. They contain the type of quotes and phrases that spur you on to your dreams.

You can print them on a paper board or sticker paper, then place them in your vision board for added charm.

19. Inspirational Printable Stickers

If you’re looking for full-color printables for your vision board, the sample above might come in handy. It has motivational sayings that give you the extra push when you badly need it. The printable set has 16 unique designs. In addition to using these on your vision board, you can also use them as planner stickers or as a component of your bullet journal.

20. Getting to the Heart of What You Want

To make a really powerful vision board, make sure to choose images and words that truly resonate with what you want to manifest. This way, your subconscious is conditioned to become receptive to opportunities that bring you closer to your goals.

This set of printables features powerful trigger words for jumpstarting your goal-setting. Some words you’ll find include “healthy,” “happy home,” and “invest.”

21. Quotes and Affirmations

If you’re looking for cloud-themed printables, you might want to try this set. It features quotes and sayings designed to empower and encourage you as you reach for your dreams.

Vision boards are a powerful tool for blasting procrastination out of the water. Seeing your dreams on your vision board infuses you with energy to do what it takes to make those dreams come true as soon as possible.

22. Corinne's Positive Adjectives Printables

Discovering one’s authentic self is often a challenging journey. It takes practice to become confident in expressing our true selves. When we’re still in the process of discovering this part of ourselves, we need the assurance that it’s ok to “be who we are.”

It’s not a surprise that many people include working on expressing their authentic selves as part of their personal visions. These printable vision board cards contain positive words that describe traits you may want to develop within yourself.

23. Goal Conquering Printables

With these gold and pink printables, you’ll have a powerful and color-coordinated vision board. The cards feature uplifting quotes and phrases to keep you pumped up as you transform your visions into reality, so get ready to receive all that you have dreamed of.

24. Printable Manifestation Checks

Make your dream of becoming rich come true with these manifestation checks. They come in three different colors and blank check designs so you can write down the specific amount you want to receive.

These checks come with a starter guide on how to jump into vision boarding.

25. Watercolor Calligraphy Affirmations

Enjoy this set of printables featuring motivational and inspirational messages done in calligraphy. These messages are set against watercolor backgrounds of different hues.

Some of the phrases you’ll find in this set include:

  • Intuition guides me
  • I am strong
  • Love surrounds me
  • I am powerful
  • Peaceful thoughts
  • I can and I will
  • Life is good
  • Healthy and happy

26. Artsy Inspirational Quotes

This set of printables features inspiring quotes with charming artwork serving as the backgrounds. The quotes are about different topics, and are designed to inspire you to:

  • Have a good day
  • Never give up on your dreams
  • Believe in yourself
  • Be successful

27. Vintage Printables

Some people like to have a theme for their vision board, and it can be lots of fun to assemble a vintage- or antique-themed board.

If you’re looking for vintage-themed ephemera, here’s a set of printable journal pages you can use as design elements for your vision board.

Signing up for the mailing list is required. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be sent the download link for the vintage printables you need.

28. Justine’s Pretty Awesome Printables

Words of encouragement are often used in vision boarding to remind you of the importance of having faith in your dreams. Here is a great set of printable quotes that remind you to hold on to your vision and the dream of a more wonderful life.

29. Printable Antique & Vintage Maps

Travel is one of the most popular subjects of vision boards. Do you dream of travel?

If so, here is a collection of vintage and antique maps that can add visual interest to your travel vision board.

30. Vintage Flower Illustrations

For those looking for floral-themed printables, here’s a set you can try featuring vintage flower illustrations from the book The Ladies' Flower-Garden of Ornamental Perennials published in the 1800s.

These colorful illustrations are available as gift tags and 1″ x 2″ dominoes to add a pop of color and an element of fun to your vision board.

31. Printable Goal Cards

You might want to try these journal cards for your vision board. They have motivational phrases to galvanize you into action to succeed in your goals.

In addition, these cards come in purple, blue, green, and orange and feature illustrations of different sacred geometry forms. They serve to honor your intention of manifesting a wonderful life.

32. Farmhouse Bee Inspired Printable

Here is another unique printable that you can add to your vision board. If you are looking for a rustic-themed design element, you might want to try this printable sign featuring a bee and some encouraging bee-themed messages set on a weathered wood background.

You might use this sign as the background of your vision board when you’re working on self-improvement or developing self-care habits.

33. Seasonal Digital Paper (Autumn)

Another design element to consider for your vision board is paper with interesting patterns and textures. Here, we have an autumn-themed digital paper set.

There are also other designs to choose from. Printable digital paper has the advantage of giving you the exact designs and patterns you want.

34. Natasha's Self-Care Affirmation Cards

One of the most common themes that people integrate into their vision boards is self-care—and these eye-catching printables serve as great reminders of how you can care for yourself.

Some people shy away from self-care, thinking that it is too self-focused and selfish. However, self-care is essential for your physical and mental health. For some, it might involve taking the time to pamper themselves after a trying work week. For others, it could mean choosing to say “no” where previously they’d been saying yes. It is about fully accepting yourself, flaws and all. It’s creating healthy boundaries and building nurturing rituals where your best self can flourish.

If you need some self-care ideas, you might want to check out this post for nearly 300 activities that can help you cope with life.

35. Notice the Little Things

This elegant printable in black and gold could be a nice addition to your goal board. It reminds you to notice the details. When you’re working toward a goal, every detail matters and has an impact on your success. Make it a habit to “notice the little things.”

36. Floral Affirmation Cards

These printable cards feature affirmations to infuse your vision board with positivity, all set in a floral motif.

When it comes to making your board, take your time. Although vision board parties are becoming popular, they often pressure you to create your board within a limited period of time.

Making a board that truly reflects your dreams and aspirations can take most of the day, and even several days. You want to ensure that you’ve really nailed down the things that you want, and sent your highest intentions.

Giving yourself time to create your dream board is also an opportunity to get in touch with your authentic self. You can allow it to speak about what you want out of life.

37. Vision Board Fitness Cutouts

Your vision board can represent all that you want in every aspect of your life. It can also be made to represent one specific aspect (e.g., finances, career, relationships, etc.).

This printable example works well for a vision board focused on fitness. It has motivational words to keep you going on days when you don’t feel like working out. It has affirmations on your uniqueness, as well as inspiring quotes to make sure that you can transform those dreams into reality.

38. Valerie's Printable Words Page

Here is another printable set featuring words of affirmation for your vision board. This set comes in black and white, and works well if you want something minimalistic. Just print it out on white paper, or you can match it with your color scheme by printing it on colored paper. You can also print the words out and color and embellish them yourself for a more personalized look.

39. This Is My Year

If you love blue and pink, you might want to use these vision board cards. They feature cute designs that you can also use in scrapbooks, bullet journals, and planners.

Remember to set aside a specific time each day to visualize the realization of your dreams. It is a very good idea to perform this ritual in a place where you can see your vision board.

A Final Word on Vision Boards and Printables

Choosing the right imagery, getting the perfect vision board printables, and finding the most appropriate quotes will all help you become what you dream to be.

There is actually science behind how vision boards can help you achieve your goals.

Visualizing what you want out of life primes your brain to be receptive to opportunities, which make you more likely to achieve your goals. Follow through with the opportunities, and you end up finding success.

For more specific vision board ideas, check out these roundups:

In addition to vision boards, a bucket list is a great tool for putting your goals in order. You might want to check out this post that features over 500 bucket list ideas to do before you die.

In the meantime, get busy creating your vision board and laying the foundation for your new life!

Finally, if you don’t know how to get started with this strategy, then check out this FREE printable worksheet and a six-step process that will help you create the PERFECT vision board.

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