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If you’re reading this, you are one of two kinds of people.

  1. You know next to nothing about investing and want to educate yourself.
  2. The kind who knows a few things about investing and wants to stay ahead of the game with wise portfolio decisions.

As for me… well, I’m married to a financial planner.

That being said, other than reading some of the newsletters he brings home… I’m not exactly up to speed on what’s hot and what’s not.

And that is where the Morning Brew comes in.

Morning Brew is a financial newsletter delivered directly to your inbox every morning. Typically before 6am EST. 

You also have the option of clicking on a link to read it in a web browser.

Oh, and it’s free.



So, like most people, I will try almost anything that’s free… especially if I have something to gain from it.

And when that gain is money… well, it’s a no brainer.

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Simply, subscribe (which took literally 30 seconds) and Morning Brew will be ready the next day when your first cup of coffee is… maybe even before that!

Is Morning Brew Written in Layman's Terms?

I will start by saying this… the writing is subtly humorous. 


Yet Informative.

And to the point.

So that made me feel better from the get go.

As far as the answer to the question, “can the novice investor understand it?”… that would be a resounding “yes!” 

Morning Brew is neatly divided into categories.

It always starts off with how the market finished. Gives you a little recap on some pertinent highlights.

who runs morning brew | what is morning brew | what is morning brew news

Then it moves onto the next thing.

The hot topics of the day, so to speak.

And they aren’t afraid to insert nifty, eye-popping charts and graphs. 

Topics such as:




What Else is Brewing

Break Room – Brew’s Bets

And they always have a “Sponsored” tab… which is basically something they receive money for or a kickback to cover.

morning brew jobs | morning brew internship | morning brew emerging tech

They are very upfront about this.

They have a different sponsor each day.

And then there is the topic of the day. 

Trending topics such as “Cell Ag”, or Cellular Agriculture, come into play here.

After reading this, I actually got it.

Essentially, it’s growing plant-based meat in a lab.

Beyond Meat is a big player in the game.

And thanks to Morning Brew, I now understand what’s at “steak” for consumers… creators… investors. 

See what I did there?

To be honest, my husband had mentioned Cell Ag to me a couple of times… from an investment perspective. Said he’d put a couple of clients’ money into various companies.

But as I bit into my juicy, certified angus burger at dinner… ravenous from spending all day at the pool with the kids, I was only half listening.

I’ll admit it.

I have four kids.

Ages 4 – 9.

They tire me out.

Mommy needs to eat.

Still, there is something to be said for Morning Brew… and my husband. They are dishing out some solid info.

And now I have easy access to it!

Is Morning Brew’s Information Reliable?

Yes, Morning Brew’s information appears to be as reliable as it is delightful to read.

I actually laughed out loud at two or three comments.

But in all seriousness, the Morning Brew is chock full of links to credible info.

This includes:

  • News articles
  • Podcasts
  • Websites
  • Wikipedia
  • You Tube
  • Videos

The information they are providing is basically a recap of the major happenings from the day before.

So you can either read the synopsis and be on your merry way… or you have the choice to click on the link to the full story in the Wall Street Journal or CNN, for example.

It’s pretty cool.

I personally didn’t feel the need to click on too many links, as I felt Morning Brew’s tidbits were sufficient in filling my information void.

Is there Anything the Morning Brew Doesn’t Cover?

Not really.

In fact, Morning Brew has sister (or, if you prefer, brother) publications that are available for viewing from their website

They are Emerging Tech Brew and Retail Brew.

They are written in a similar fashion to Morning Brew

It’s tongue in cheek journalism, yet all based in fact.

News is broken down into categories.

There are graphics.


The main difference is in the topics. Emerging Tech focuses on, well, tech. And retail on… you guessed it… retail!

Whereas Morning Brew covers it all, based on pertinent happenings of the day.  That could mean one days it’s about tech and meat… the next about cars, comics and puppetry.

Hey, you never know.

Puppets could be a thing again.

Conversely, Emerging Tech Brew will keep it’s focus there.

As will Retail Brew.

Sign up to Morning Brew Today!

What Can One Do with All of this Information?

If you recall, at the beginning of this article, we identified two types of readers.

Those who are financial portfolio novices… and those who think they may actually know a thing or two – and want to learn even more.

Still, both of these readers have one thing in common… they want to be able to use this information to make money.

Or at the very least, be an active participant in the discussion with their advisor. 

Morning Brew can help.

In the simplest terms, Morning Brew provides unbiased information on the day’s trending topics from across the globe.

And while they don’t flat out tell you which companies or technologies to invest in… they give you the facts you need to start asking questions.

The information they provide, coupled with links to a plethora of credible resources and news stories, will allow you to further educate yourself on things that could potentially become “big”.

Things like CBD oil, fashion retailers, VR goggles, meatless burgers… for instance.

Shhh. It’ll be our secret.

But I will be checking them all out further… thanks to Morning Brew. 

And this will be followed by blowing my husband’s mind when I speak his language at dinner tomorrow night.

My Two Cents on the Morning Brew

Being financially savvy isn’t just about teaching yourself how to save a few dollars… it’s about planning for the future.

For college.


  • And being knowledgeable about where and how your money is being spent is a good way to position yourself for a more financially comfortable, maybe even debt free, life. 

Whether you dabble in your own trading, or pay a professional planner, it’s a good idea to know where your money is going. Morning Brew can help you with that.

It can give you ideas, but it can also serve as a sort of fact checker.

As in, if you are investing in something that Morning Brew hasn’t written about… you should probably question it.

Or, at the very least, revisit how conservative or aggressive you are with the investment.

Now, are their other online and print newsletters similar to Morning Brew? Sure.

But there are some notable advantages to the Brew:

  1. Free
  2. Fresh news daily
  3. Ease of navigation
  4. An impressive collection of support materials (links)
  5. Convenience
  6. Timeliness
  7. Engaging writers

They even sell gear online… like t-shirts and bags.

I sense a sort of cult phenomenon in the works.

Translation: I think the creators and staff at Morning Brew are onto something… and I like it!

Nicole Krause has been writing both personally and professionally for over 20 years. She holds a dual B.A. in English and Film Studies. Her work has appeared in some of the country’s top publications, major news outlets, online publications, and blogs. As a happily married (and extremely busy) mother of four… her articles primarily focus on parenting, marriage, family, finance, organization, and product reviews.

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