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If you’re reading this, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say you want to be better.

  • A better person.
  • Better eater.
  • Better organizer.
  • Better sleeper.
  • Better exerciser.
  • Better parent.
  • Better employee.
  • Better student.
  • Better planner.

What you strive to be better at isn’t as important as actually doing it. And developing good habits can be a challenge in and of itself.

After all, it’s one thing to want to improve yourself—but doing it is something else entirely.

You need to make time for your habits.

You need to track them.

Whether you’re on a quest for mental or physical well-being, financial security, or simply a new hobby, you need to keep yourself accountable in order to make things happen.

Lucky for you, I’ve put together a list of habit tracker charts to help you get started.

Not unlike a fitness tracker that reminds you to walk more, drink water, and get more sleep, these printable charts will help keep you on track for success.

Simply mark off the days you succeed in reaching a goal, and leave spaces blank when you don’t.

The goal is to create a visual accountability chart to keep you on point.

Want to build a new habit that will stick for the rest of your lifetime? In this video, you will discover a simple 9-step process about building habits that you can immediately implement.

Habit tracker #1 on this list is a printable and customizable monthly habit tracker I created myself. And the rest are really great too!

Let’s check out the habit tracker templates.

Side Note: If you're serious about building habits, , then I recommend checking out the Habit Roadmap. This is a six-month action pad you can use to track both your daily and weekly habits. So check out this item to learn how to take consistent, daily action.

37 Free Printable Habit Tracker Templates

1. Develop Good Habits Free Monthly Habit Tracker

Download Your Free Monthly Habit Tracker

I personally made this tracker and kept it clean and simple, because I think that is the best way to stick with habits.

Just write in as few or as many new habits as you’d wish to take on, and check the box each day you accomplish your goal.

If you miss a day, simply leave it blank.

It’s that easy.

This is a pretty straightforward habit tracker so you can get right down to the business of developing those habits.

2. Daily Habit Tracker

habit tracker template pdf | printable habit tracker template | digital habit tracker template

Download the PDF

We’ve created this habit tracker to help users keep track of their self-improvement habits. Use it to keep track of completed exercise routines, daily meditation, water intake, healthy meals eaten, sleeping habits, and other activities that promote good health and well-being.

This template has a Sunday start and dedicated spaces for keeping track of up to 11 habits.

3. Monthly Habit Tracker

free habits tracker template | habit tracker template excel free download | habit tracker template canva

Download the PDF

Looking for a simple monthly habit tracker? Our template features a simple, gray-scale color scheme with sufficient space to track up to 30 habits. It also has spaces allocated for writing your goals, as well a “Notes” section for other important information.

4. Reach Your Goals Habit Tracker

habit tracker template | habit tracker template excel free download | habit tracker template word

via Clementine Creative

This is another version of a multi-habit monthly tracker. In the example above, the owner used markers to color-code her habits. Color-coding makes it easier to track different activities found on one page.

You can also use a monthly habit tracker for keeping a record of particular activities that comprise one habit. For example, perhaps your new goal is to build an exercise routine.

The activities within this habit might include cardio exercises, leg work, going to the gym, and workout for your core and back. The possibilities are limitless!

5. Habit Assist Tracker

editable habit tracker template | free habit tracker template | habit tracker evernote template

via HeyDonna

Whether you’re working on habits that promote self-improvement or doing something that helps you become healthier, a habit tracker can make all the difference in your success.

The creator of this habit tracker provides two versions of her design: one with a floral background and one that is plain. This tracker is undated and has slots for tracking your habits for 31 days. Choose the design that you like best, and print multiples.

6. Mim's Habit Tracker Template

humble habit tracker | habit tracker poster | weekly habit tracker

via Love From Mim

Here is another template that allows you to keep track of your habits for 31 days.

Habit trackers are important in many ways. For starters, they help deepen your commitment to the goals you’ve set for yourself.

They also help improve your productivity, manage your time better, and empower you to stop procrastinating.

7. Undated Habit Tracker

This habit tracker comes without dates, so you can use it any time of the year.

To begin monitoring your habits, you can check the boxes for every day you’ve done the habit you’re aiming for. Others opt to use X’s, as they’re a classic look. You can also opt to shade the box for the day, put a dot in it, or use colored markers for a colorful way to track your progress.

8. Goal Setting Worksheet + Habit Tracker

What habit are you planning to develop? Is it related to health, to your productivity, or finances? Or are you doing a 30-day challenge and want to monitor your progress?

Perhaps you’ve felt the negative effects of staying awake past midnight and want to change that. Or maybe you want to increase your water intake to reap the benefits of staying hydrated throughout the day.

Habit trackers like this one can help you stay on track of your goals. The boxes are numbered, and it’s easy to just cross off days so you know how many days you’ve accomplished your habit. (Want more? Check out these other free goal setting and tracking printables!)

9. Color-In Circular Habit Tracker

With this habit tracker from Brooklyn Berry Designs, you can keep track several habits on a monthly basis. The circular design gives you a unique overview of your progress.

Each day that you do/finish a task or habit, you color in a designated square within the tracker. You can create your own color code. Alternatively, you can use different patterns or doodles to fill in the squares and track up to seven habits.

10. Undated Mandala Habit Tracker

If you like customizing the habit trackers you’ve downloaded, try this one. The circular design is a nice touch and is great for coloring in. You can track up to six habits with this template.

Tracking your habits keeps you honest about what you’re doing. The evidence is right there in front of you, telling you what’s really going on.

11. Year-Long Single Habit Tracker

Track your progress for a single habit for an entire year with this year-long tracker. In addition to habits, you can also use this template for keeping track of daily tasks at home or in the workplace for better productivity.

So, what habits do others keep track of? Here are some examples:

12. Circle Habit Tracker

A lot of avid bullet journalists have, at one time or another, tracked their habits using a circular format like the template above. You might love it, too. This tracker is designed for a maximum of five habits, which can be monitored for 31 days. Again, color-coding works best for this kind of tracker.

When you are tracking your habits, focus on the most important ones. The fewer habits you are establishing, the better your chance of success because you are not spreading yourself too thin. Choose one to four habits at a time. The limited number allows you to focus on accomplishing these habits—finding the time to do them, and troubleshooting when issues arise.

13. 30 Days to a New You Habit Tracker

This tracker is a great tool for keeping a record of your progress when you’re doing a 30-day challenge. Write down your goal on the blank provided, stick the tracker to a wall or a bulletin board, and you’re all set.

14. 100 Days to a Habit

I’ve included this 100-day habit tracker for those of you who believe that it takes more than a month to form a habit. Make the challenge worthwhile by committing to never break your streak and never missing a day of habit development.

Once you’re crossed off the 100th day, celebrate by rewarding yourself for your newfound habit and for your perseverance. This post provides tips and ideas on how to reward yourself after accomplishing your goal.

15. Gumballs, Etc.

This set of trackers has several cute designs (gumball machines, calendar, circular tracker, etc.) you can choose from. Whatever design you prefer, they’re all created to help monitor your progress as you develop new habits or strengthen ones that do you well.

16. Habit Tracker Printable Set

If you’re into bullet journals, you might want to check out this set of habit trackers. It comes in seven unique designs, ranging from 10-day trackers to month-long ones.

There is a tracker design for every purpose. Choose your favorite from the set, and get ready to develop or improve on habits, and break old, negative ones.

17. Calendar Style Tracker

Looking for something minimalistic?

This template comes in a gray theme and is designed for use as a habit tracker and an annual calendar. If you need a tracker that allows you to monitor the same habit for each day of the year, this one is worth a try.

18. Teal Habit Tracker

Developing positive routines is made easier with this teal-themed habit tracker. Every page provides ample space to track up to 10 habits over the span of 31 days. It is undated, so you can use it any time of the year.

For each day you complete a routine or habit, you can place a check mark on the box, or shade it in using a pen or your favorite colored marker.

19. Mandala and Round Habit Trackers

Can’t get enough of round habit trackers designs? Here is a collection of useful organizing templates, which feature mandalas and round trackers among the designs from the Hairy Potato.

So, whether you’re tracking your daily water intake or starting a new mindfulness habit, trackers can motivate you and help you stay on track with your goals.

20. Radiant Header Habit Tracker

Sometimes, all you need is a simple tracker to ensure you’re accomplishing your goals. Here’s a template featuring a simple design that allows you to track up to 19 habits for an entire month.

This template comes in Letter and A5 sizes, and can be used for your bullet journal or in other planner systems.

21. Leaf Design Habit Tracker

A daily tracker is advantageous if you’re tracking routines that you do all the time. You no longer need planners or Post-It notes to remind you of what needs your attention for the day. It’s all there in your tracker.

There is also a sense of accomplishment each time you check the final box and see all the days you’ve completed a habit for the entire month.

This tracker provides a no-frills design, with the exception of a charming leaf on the header. The only other thing is the names of the months, which you can tick or circle if you’re archiving your habit tracker after use.

22. Tracking Boxes (Vertical and Horizontal Versions)

With this habit tracker, ensuring that you’re making progress is made easy. This free template lets you track up to nine habits for an entire month.

The tracker has room at the bottom of the page for writing down notes and even a couple of your favorite motivational quotes. It comes in both horizontal and vertical versions.

23. 30-Day Habit Tracker

Enjoy this colorful habit tracker that has enough space to track your top five habits for 30 days. One main advantage of this tracker is that each habit slot is clearly defined by colorful headers.

When you’re monitoring your habits with a box-grid tracker, after a while, the page tends to get cluttered with check marks or shaded boxes. This tracker’s design provides well-organized spaces so you can clearly see your progress.

There’s also a space where you can write down how many days out of 30 you plan to do a habit, the total days you’ve done the habit, and the reward you get when you meet your goal.

24. Balanced

This minimalist template lets you list up to 20 habits and track them on a monthly basis. The template helps you stay committed as you build new habits or strengthen the ones that help you become a better version of yourself.

This habit tracker can be printed in Letter or A4 size.

25. Daily Habits

This habit tracker comes with a cute, illustrated header. You can print it in letter or A4 size.

What habits are you tracking? The possibilities are endless, but here are some examples:

26. Elegant Habit Tracker

Habit trackers provide a visual representation of the goals you are working on. Unlike lists, trackers let you see how you’re progressing. They can show patterns and pinpoint where you need to improve.

This template has a portrait orientation, giving you a columnar view of the habits you are monitoring. Its size makes it ideal for A5-sized journals.

27. 66 Days Habit Tracker

This tracker was designed around the idea that it takes 66 days for a habit to become automatic. The template focuses on one habit for every page, and has circular check boxes for your habit countdown.

There is also a space for writing down your reward for completing the 66 days. If you need suggestions on how to reward yourself after reaching your goal, you might want to check out this post.

28. 90-Day Habit Tracker

This 90-day tracker template is designed in such a way that you tackle your goals in 30-day intervals. After each 30-day period, you have a chance to evaluate yourself and tick a check box if you accomplished your goal.

A quote from Aristotle is included to provide added encouragement.

When you use this tracker, you need to fill out a set of questions about your goal. First, you need to identify the goal you will be working on for the next 90 days. Next, you are asked to state your reason for wanting to make that change. Lastly, you need to specify what you’re willing to give up in order to reach your goal.

29. Daily Habits Page

Track your habits through this calendar-format tracker.

The template allows you to list up to six habits you plan to consistently accomplish every day. It also features a motivational quote from John C. Maxwell that says, “You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.

30. Goal Tracking and Accountability

Perhaps you’ve started a new workout routine or committed yourself to eating healthier.

If so, this printable habit tracker is your best friend when it comes to staying accountable and committed to your goals.

31. Sweet Dreams Habit Tracker

What good habits are you working on incorporating into your daily routine? To keep track of them, you might consider using this template that features a charming design.

The template is in calendar format, with cute doodles and a black-and-white color scheme. There is enough space for tracking your progress on up to six habits

32. Daily Habit Chart

Stay committed to your good daily habits by using this chart. You can keep track of up to 16 habits with this template, and monitor your progress for 31 days.

33. 100 Hours Outside Tracker

These days, many of us spend most of our time indoors. We miss out on a host of benefits from being outdoors and soaking up the sun.

Research shows that spending even just a couple of hours per week outdoors has significant positive effects on people’s health.

This tracker can serve as a reminder and motivation to make it a habit to spend some time each day outdoors. The aim is to accumulate 100 hours over the course of 100 days.

You can cross out a leaf icon for every hour spent outdoors.

A quote from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off found at the bottom of the page reminds users that, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

34. Habit Tracker Journal Insert

This habit tracker was designed as a journal insert. You can track up to 12 habits with it.

The various sections help to keep track of these new habits throughout the entire month:

  • Month
  • Habits
  • Habit Key
  • Notes

35. Developing a New Habit

If you’re determined to start a new habit, sticking with it for 30 days helps it stick and become part of your routine.

It’s a good idea to focus on developing a handful of new habits rather than working on dozens of them all at once. This ensures that you’re able to give your full attention to each habit, practice it well, and master it.

This colorful template provides ample space for tracking three major new habits you want to start practicing. It allows you to track your progress with each habit for 30 days.

36. Year-Round New Habit Tracker

Here’s a template to support you in your goal of developing a new habit every month. There are spaces designated for each month, starting with January. In each section, space is allocated to indicate the new habit that you’re working on for a particular month.

You can track your progress by marking the circles that represent each day of the month.

37. 2-Week Habit Tracking Template

Starting a new habit can be challenging, but a tracker can help you stay consistent until your new habit becomes second nature.

Here’s a tracker you might want to use for keeping a record of how consistent you are with practicing your new habit. Each page has two weeks’ worth of space for keeping track of your accomplishments.

This tracker comes in portrait orientation and has a colorful header that gives it a cheerful vibe.

38. Yearly Habit Tracker

This habit tracker lets you track a habit you intend to develop for an entire year. You can also track a new habit every month.

Each month has its own section. You can monitor your progress by marking the specific date when you’ve finished a task or activity related to the habit you’re working on.

39. Vintage New Habit Tracker

Looking for an eye-catching habit tracker? Here’s a vintage design with a vertical calendar that allows you to monitor your habit through an entire year.

Space near the top of the page is designated for writing your goal for the year.

There’s also a vintage illustration of a young girl changing the date on a calendar. Lastly, at the bottom of the page is a scripture passage from the book of Psalms.

40. Easy Access Template

Here’s an easy-access template for tracking up to 17 habits. At the top of the page, you can indicate the month you’re tracking for.

How do you track your progress in building a new habit?

Some people just tick the boxes on their trackers once they’ve accomplished their daily goals.

A fresh way to monitor how you’re doing is to use colored markers. Assign a particular color for a habit you’re working on and mark the daily boxes as you go along.

This way, you’ll be able to quickly see how you’re doing at a glance.

41. 3-Piece Habit Tracker Set

With this template, you’ll be able to choose from three useful habit tracker designs:

  • Circle – Track up to 10 habits on a monthly basis.
  • Monthly – A grid tracker that allows you to track up to 25 habits for one month.
  • Annual – Track a long-term habit for an entire year, divided into 12 months.

42. Confetti-Style Habit Tracker Journal Page

This confetti-themed tracker provides space for tracking up to three positive habits over a three-week period. It has a weekly tracking calendar with a Monday start.

Near the template header is the statement, “Yes I can!” At the bottom of the page is an anonymous quote that says, “Goals are only wishes if you don’t work at them.

43. Rainbow-Themed Habit Tracker

Here’s a rainbow-themed tracker for those looking for something cute for their habit tracker.  It has a predominantly pink motif.

You can indicate the month you’re tracking for. A grid-style chart lets you track up to 15 habits for a one-month period.

Final Thoughts on Habit Tracker Templates

Monthly habit trackers provide a “larger picture” approach to keeping on task with your goals.

Weekly trackers are great if you are a self-starter and need very little help getting going. You are disciplined enough to be accountable for your actions each week, and enjoy more immediate gratification.

Conversely, a monthly tracker is about quantity. It gives your goals the appearance of being larger, and thus can create a greater feeling of accomplishment and self-worth in the end.

Imagine telling your friends and family that you ran 20 times last month!

Personally, I think that has a nicer ring to it than, “I ran five times last week.”

My suggestion…print out the monthly tracker that most appeals to you, enlarge it if you want, and place it somewhere prominent—someplace you can’t help but notice it.

Then take a deep breath, channel what you’re seeking…and make it happen!

And if you're looking for more resources on habits, then check out these vlog posts:

Finally, if you need help with building habits, then check out this nine-step blueprint that walks you through the entire process of creating lifelong habits.)

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