26 Vision Board Ideas for Your Important Goals in 2020

26 Vision Board Ideas for Your Important Goals in 2020

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Many of us are looking for that perfect tool that makes it easier to reach our goals.

Today, we’ll introduce you to the vision board.

A number of celebrities and influential people, including Arnold Schwarzenegger and Oprah Winfrey, have used vision boards to manifest what they want in life.

What exactly is a vision board?

Also known as a dream board or goal board, it is basically a collage of images and/or words used as a visualization tool.

The images and words can be cut out from magazine pages, drawn, written, or printed out.

The collage represents your goals or dreams. By putting these all in one place, it becomes easier for you to visualize and manifest them your life.

In this post, we’re featuring 26 vision board ideas that will inspire you to create your own.

But first, here are the basic steps for making your own vision board.

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Basic Steps: Creating Your Own Vision Board

1. Reflect. Think about what you want in life. Is it a new house? To get a degree? To launch that startup? To be promoted? Write your thoughts down.

There are no limits to what your goals should be. When he was starting out as an actor, Jim Carrey wrote himself a check for $10,000,000 for “acting services rendered.” In 1994, he got that exact amount for his role in Dumb and Dumber.

2. Collect. Now that you’ve reflected on your vision, gather some magazines and cut out images, phrases, and quotes that represent what you want, and that encourage you to work on getting what you want.

3. Assemble. Get a solid board (e.g., cardboard, cork, or wood). On the board, arrange and stick the cutouts in a way that’s meaningful for you. If you prefer, you can add some embellishments to your board to make it more personalized. Here's a simple check list of vision board supplies that you'll need.

4. Display. Place the finished vision board in a prominent spot, where you can view it even for just a few seconds every day. Spend a few moments reflecting on your goals each day.

If you don't have the time to create a vision board from scratch, check out these 25 vision board templates you can download and print.

Here are a few sample boards.

Vision Board Ideas for 2020

1. Dreaming Under a Pink Moon

This mixed-media board uses phrases and lines cut out from magazines to represent the things that the creator wants in her life. She then sticks it around an image of a head to make it look like rays radiating.

A board like this is very personal, and is effective as a visualization tool if you’re starting a new healthy habit, or when you want to break bad ones you currently have.

Speaking of bad habits, you might want to check out this post for 27 proven steps to break them.

2. Annual Goal Vision Board

via My Domaine

It is not easy being a mother. Sometimes, a woman becomes so focused on the needs of the family that she neglects her own.

Having a goal board can help remind a busy mom that self-care is important, too. (Get over 200 self-care ideas here.)

This board contains a mom’s goals for the year—for herself, her finances, and her family. The nearly black-and-white motif gives this board a simplistic feel.

3. Burlap Vision Board

via My Domaine

A vision board does not necessarily have to be put on cardboard. Here, a framed piece of burlap works well to display the creator’s goals.

The earth tones give the goals an overall sense of solidity. It makes one think that doing things slowly but surely will guarantee good results.

4. Intention Vision Board

This charming board that combines both phrases and images from magazines creates an optimistic feeling. It is a board filled with happiness and meaning.

As humans, we are prone to distraction. Many of us start the day determined to become better—whether better means being more productive at work, more loving towards our family, or putting our needs on our priority list.

However, the daily challenges we have to face often sidetrack us from our good intentions. We lose focus of what’s important.

Having a vision board guarantees that we remain focused on our goals.

5. Home Love Life Family

This digital vision board is how the creator envisions life to be. It uses simple images that capture the simplicity and joy of a life filled with love and joy.

Isn’t that something most of us aspire for—going home to a loving family after a long day at work? We also long for an uncomplicated life, with opportunities for enjoying nature and spending time with those we love the most.

This board inspires you to work harder to achieve those precious goals.

6. Debbie’s Dream Life

One purpose of having a vision or goal board is to provide clarity as to what our goals are. This colorful board definitely does that, with specific goals for health, travel, and finances. It actually has a goal that says “school paid for.”

With a board like this, it’s easier to focus our energy on the things that really matter. We achieve greater results because we are aware why we’re doing the things we do.

7.  Make Your Dreams Happen

A vision board can give you that extra push to meet your weight loss and fitness goals. This example contains motivational quotes and images that signal the unconscious to “make your dreams happen.”

Each day that you read the motivating quotes on your vision board, you quiet your monkey mind that may be telling you that you’re not going to succeed.

You might want to check out some examples of inspiring and motivational quotes for weight loss, self-confidence, and success.

8. This Is Your Year

Affirmations fill this vision board. As with the previous example, words of encouragement go a long way in helping you achieve your goals.

This example shows us that it’s not necessary to fill a vision board with images. Words work fine, too!

9. Take an Inner Journey

Here is a board that’s rich in symbolism. It encourages you to be contemplative of everything in life.

If your goals include becoming mindful, this vision board is a great example of incorporating mindfulness quotes and sayings to motivate you to achieve what you want.

10. New Year Vision Board

When the New Year rolls in, many people draw up resolutions, and most of these are about being better in their careers or taking care of their health.

A vision board can help them fulfill their pledges to themselves.

The above example uses printed photos rather than cutouts to create a minimalistic vision board that’s full of promise for the New Year.

11. I Am

In our culture, it is often difficult to be self-aware. We are often bombarded with mainstream media’s idea of who we are supposed to be.

This vision board is a great tool for those searching for their true selves. It utilizes cutout, typewritten phrases as the sun’s rays. The board is empowering and aesthetically pleasing.

12. Travel Vision Board

Celebrate your inner wanderlust by making your travel goals a reality in 2020. This mixed-media vision board provides inspiration to visit the nine places listed on it.

If you have a bucket list, it’s likely that you’ve included traveling to at least a couple of exotic locations. A travel goal board like this helps you clarify plans for the trip.

You might even be crossing off a goal from the list sooner than expected.

13. Dreaming and Scheming

A vision board can help make life transitions happen as smoothly as possible. Whether you’re getting married, recently got that promotion, or have just graduated from college, a vision board helps you anticipate what’s in store for the future.

This image-rich vision board shows what its creator aspires for in every aspect of her life. The choice of colors on this board gives a feeling of hope and happiness for new beginnings.

14. Fitspiration

via Pinterest

Planning to lose weight? This board has an interactive component in the way the mini-clothespins are used to keep track of weight loss goals.

Moreover, the creator understands the concept of rewarding the self when milestones have been reached, such as a massage when she’s lost 20 pounds and a new purse after she has shed 40 pounds. You can also check out this post for 155 other ways you can reward yourself after accomplishing a goal.

15. Vision Board for Weight Loss Goals

This is a variation of the previous weight loss board. This time, motivational quotes are prominently displayed. It’s most likely to give that extra push on days when the creator of this board does not feel like working out.

There is one important thing to remember with vision boards for fitness purposes—they’re only going to work if you get moving.

16. Dream On

via just_eh_

This board combines magazine cutouts of images and phrases. It gives a vision of a busy but happy life.

Some people seek a quiet life with a house in the countryside. Meanwhile, others are happier when they are surrounded by friends and acquaintances, living in the busiest urban centers.

When determining which kind of life will bring you the most contentment, a vision board will clarify your preferences.

17. Choose

If you’re looking for an inspiration board idea for self-empowerment, this is a perfect example. It uses apt quotes and powerful imagery for being in charge of who you are.

The use of bold colors for a motivational vision board is effective for breaking negative habits and affirming your personal strengths.

18. Happy Life Vision Board

Making a DIY vision board is fun! In fact, there are groups of people who host parties for the purpose of making vision boards and sharing them with each other.

This vision board is made from magazine cutouts, contains the creator’s goals for the year, and gives a happy vibe.

19. Knock Out Your Excuses

Many people use vision boards for self-improvement. The board displayed here is an example of how cutout captions and phrases from magazines help affirm and empower a woman who is probably building her own identity.

Considering that vision boards work through the Law of Attraction, it is worth remembering that when it comes to choosing quotes and phrases to use on the board, the most positive ones work best.

20. Kid’s Version Vision Board

You can start teaching kids the value of goal setting early on by creating vision boards. This example is a kiddie version, which is nonetheless filled with stuff that’s important to its young creator.

Other benefits that children can get from vision boards include strengthening their ability to visualize and enhancing their creativity,

More importantly, it gives you the opportunity to bond with your kids and get to know them on a deeper level.

21. Inspiring

Some people incorporate their vision boards with their decorations, such as in this example. The colors are subdued to match the rest of the room decor, and images and quotes are chosen to reflect the vision of change that the owner of the board wants to manifest in her life.

Vision boards can be very personal, so choosing the place where you’ll display it can be a challenge. See to it that your display area will be something you are personally comfortable with.

22. Spiritual

Get inspired to work on with both your spiritual and practical sides with this board idea. This vision board contains symbols from new age spirituality and evokes a sense of enlightenment and focus.

This board uses cutouts of different symbols stuck to a cork board with pushpins instead of images glued to a board. Thus, it becomes easier to change the board’s design every now and then to reflect changing goals and dreams.

23. You Are Power

Here is another text-rich vision board idea. The phrases and words chosen for this board motivate one to start working on achieving their goals immediately, ending procrastination once and for all.

How about you—do you prefer a text-rich vision board or something with more imagery?

24. Dream

While we’re on the topic of text-rich dream board ideas, here is another great example. This one uses quotes and sayings to create a vision of the life that the board creator wants.

For some people, reading pithy words and sayings works better than viewing images to keep them motivated.

If you’re of the former type, the way to do it is collecting quotes and affirmations that resonate with you. You can print, cut, or write them out and then assemble them in the way you prefer on a sturdy board.

25. Personal/Professional Goals

Here is a board that elicits fun and enjoyment. It’s made from magazine cutouts, with bold colors that call attention to the vision board.

It could be that the creator of this vision board wishes to infuse more joy into both her professional and personal life. One way of bringing more fun into your life is by having a hobby. Another is by learning something new, so you might want to check out this post on 101 new skills you can learn starting today.

26. Couple’s Vision Board

Creating a couple’s vision board is an opportunity for you and your partner to discuss future plans. It will help clarify your relationship goals.

It’s nice to plan a trip abroad with the person you love. However, there are bigger things that you need to discuss as a couple, such as whether you’re having a wedding or not, or if you are willing to become parents.

A vision board can open the way for better communication between you and your partner so you can discuss the important aspects of your relationship.

Final Words About Vision Board Ideas

There you have it—26 inspiring ideas for vision boards that are guaranteed to help achieve your goals for the coming year and beyond.

Using this visualization and manifestation tool requires you to suspend your disbelief and just believe that things you want will come to you. Of course, you must also do the work that is required to get where you want to go—but you do so with the awareness of why exactly you’re making the effort.

When you do these things, your goals will be within reach.

Speaking of success, you might want to check out this post that discusses several good habits in the workplace to build a successful career.

Finally, if your goals are related to your career or business, then join over 1 million others and start your day with the latest news from Wall St. to Silicon Valley.  This newsletter is a 5-minute read that's informative, witty and FREE.

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26 Vision Board Ideas for Your Important Goals in 2020