55 Being Alone Quotes About Not Being Lonely

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Many people panic at the thought of being alone. This fear stems from society’s misconception that being alone is a terrible situation that no one should have to suffer. These days, instant-messaging apps make it easier to connect with other people. If people find themselves alone, they immediately try to remedy their predicament by seeking … Read more

57 Destiny Quotes About Reaching Your True Potential

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If you’re looking for destiny quotes, this collection is perfect for you. Some people view destiny as something that’s inevitable—something that happens to us that is beyond our control. However, there are others who believe that destiny is what you achieve through the choices you make in life. Making the right choices brings you closer … Read more

37 Comfort Zone Quotes to Motivate Yourself into Action

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Looking for quotes to help convince you to step out of your comfort zone? Constantly embracing what is familiar has its advantages, and scholars have identified some of these benefits: Helps maintain your composure Helps you feel secure and safe Minimizes your exposure to risks Lessens effort needed to do tasks Keeps you confident in … Read more

71 Tony Robbins Motivational Quotes on Life, Love & Leadership

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Tony Robbins is considered to be one of the most influential motivational speakers in the world. His life work started when he was just 17 years old, inspiring people to reach their true potentials by believing in themselves in order to overcome adversity. To date, he has made an impact on the lives of millions … Read more

51 Resilience Quotes to Overcome Any Adversity in Life

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Throughout life, we all face setbacks and challenges. There will always be difficulties that take everything we’ve got in order to overcome them. Resilience determines what we do next when faced with difficulties. Do we allow ourselves to drown in a difficult situation, or do we refuse to go under? When we are resilient, we … Read more

59 Motivational Eric Thomas Quotes to Find Success in Life

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What does “ET the Hip-Hop Preacher” have to say about motivation? If you want to know more about the words of Eric Thomas, you’ve come to the right place. We have compiled 59 motivational quotes from this famous speaker that can help you work your way to greatness. But first… Who is Eric Thomas? Eric … Read more

43 Sleep Quotes About the Importance of Getting Enough Rest

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A full night’s sleep is essential for our health and well-being. Just how vital is sleep? According to an article from the National Institutes for Health (NIH), sleep does more than simply rejuvenate us. Sleep is also essential for the proper functioning of our brains. Lack of sleep has an immediate and negative impact on … Read more

61 Moving Forward Quotes to Take That Next Step

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Moving forward when you’re feeling bogged down can be one of the trickiest situations any human can find themselves in. In today’s post, we offer you some inspiration to get back on the wagon no matter who you are and what your current situation is. There are all kinds of barriers that can prevent us … Read more

55 Bucket List Quotes to Inspire Your Next Adventure

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When was the last time you crossed items off of your bucket list?  Perhaps you stopped doing so a long time ago. Maybe you look at your list and feel that it contains goals that seem impossible to accomplish. Don’t throw your list out the window just yet. Today’s collection of bucket list quotes might … Read more

43 Priority Quotes to Focus on What’s Important in Life

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Need some help clarifying your priorities? In our busy lives, we often struggle to make time for what’s truly important. We all get the same 24 hours each day, yet it often feels that there isn’t enough time to accomplish our tasks and give our attention to the things that matter most. At the same … Read more