11 Fun Memory Games for Kids in 2023

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I love playing games with my friends and family. Come to think of it, some of my favorite games growing up were memory games (good going, mom and dad)… and clearly, they worked because I still remember them.  We live in the digital age where games are voice-activated, neon-colored, and very much in your face … Read more

17 Mind Map Examples for Students in 2023

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Feeling uninspired by conventional note-taking? Why not let mind mapping inspire you to study in a fun and creative way? To give you a visually interesting way to organize your thoughts and ideas, you can use any of our recommended websites and apps for mind mapping or check out the awesome collection of mind map … Read more

15 Famous Autodidacts Who Live a Life of Self-Education

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Tech companies worldwide report that they no longer require their employees to have a college degree to maintain a job. This is part of a much larger systemic shift, as top universities are struggling to get their students prepared to enter a competitive job market, admitting that real-world experience is as critical as what is … Read more

10 SMART Goals Examples for Education and Educators

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Goal setting is an ongoing and adaptive process. Educators should try to recognize emerging patterns and use this new or revised information to refine their current goals.  Summer, for educators, is often a useful time to reflect on outcomes from the previous school year. For me, it is the time of the academic cycle when I get to … Read more

141 Questions to Ask Yourself to Find Out Who You Are

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I love self-reflection. Sometimes I go on long walks in the early morning or late evening when few people are around so I can be in my own head. Doing so enables me to “think out loud” while feeling at one with nature. At home, I often play flute-based meditative music to help me start thinking about … Read more

21 Mind Map Examples & Ideas for 2023

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Need to generate new ideas or find creative solutions to problems? If you haven’t done it yet, consider mind mapping for your next brainstorming session. To help you get started, we’re sharing an awesome collection of mind map examples and ideas from which you can draw inspiration for your own mind map. But before we … Read more

27 Free Study Plan Templates to Edit, Download, and Print

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Looking for a study plan template to improve your academic performance? Today’s post features a collection of downloadable study plan examples that you can edit and print for personal use. The best part is that they’re all free. Time management is one of the most challenging aspects of student life. You have your classes to … Read more

17 Fun Problem Solving Activities for Kids

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As a child, I would spend hours putting together puzzles… whether it was 3-D puzzles or figuring out a crossword. I also loved it when teachers would give the class an open-ended question and we had to work in groups to figure out the answer in our own way. Even something as simple as playing … Read more

10 Best Website Blocker Apps for Studying and Increased Focus

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The Internet has become a significant part of our lives. It has become our number one source of information. It helps us to be more efficient at work. And of course, it makes study time far more effective. However, with the vast amount of information available to us at the click of a mouse or … Read more

Adulting 101 Skills: 17 Things All Adults Should Know

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Hi! It’s me. I’m you… let’s say 20 years ago, give or take. I was where you are at this very moment… about to fly the coop and make a life for myself. On my own. No parents. I’m not talking about heading off to college for the first time… but about getting my own … Read more