88 Fun Activities for Kids for Every Occasion

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Anxious. Bored. Tired. Frustrated. Curious. Creative. Dedicated. These adjectives may describe you. They may also describe your kids. But at one point or another, we’ve all been there. Been that person. I am that person. Every day. As a mom of four small children, I run the gamut of emotions daily. I want to make … Read more

14 Inspirational & Motivational Short Stories for Kids

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Teaching children through storytelling gives them a unique look into new worlds. It offers a creative opportunity to learn new ideas–sometimes without even realizing it. Children can learn valuable life lessons through listening to an engaging story. Stories don’t just help develop literacy for children–they can also teach values, attitudes, and social norms which help … Read more

51 Best Growth Mindset Quotes for Kids

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You’ve heard of how the growth mindset can help you, but what can it do for children? Kids have brains like sponges, which is a prime opportunity to teach them lessons that will set them up to leave healthy, happy, and fulfilling lives. Taking some time to consider how to teach your kids a growth … Read more

11 Fun Memory Games for Kids in 2023

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I love playing games with my friends and family. Come to think of it, some of my favorite games growing up were memory games (good going, mom and dad)… and clearly, they worked because I still remember them.  We live in the digital age where games are voice-activated, neon-colored, and very much in your face … Read more

17 Fun Problem Solving Activities for Kids

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As a child, I would spend hours putting together puzzles… whether it was 3-D puzzles or figuring out a crossword. I also loved it when teachers would give the class an open-ended question and we had to work in groups to figure out the answer in our own way. Even something as simple as playing … Read more

11 Good Habits You Should Help Your Kids Build

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Recently, I took charge of two young kids who needed some remedial schooling. One of the first things I noticed was that these two youngsters had a few bad habits, and they also hardly had any good habits.  Planning what I would be teaching them in the week ahead, I also began to wonder what … Read more

21 Fun Team Building Activities for Kids in 2023

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Are you looking for activities that teach valuable lessons to kids? Team building activities help kids socialize and bond with other children their age. Kids need to know how to work together and respect one another, so they grow into well-adjust adults. Team building activities teach useful lessons to kids, all while having fun. The … Read more

15 SMART Goals Examples for Kids in 2023

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Considering fewer than one in ten people achieve their goals, teaching children to set effective goals while they’re young can be very advantageous to them in the future. What’s more, with the constant uncertainty of the economy and job market, we all want our kids to be prepared to be competitive job candidates in the … Read more

7 Printable Goal Setting Worksheets for Kids in 2023

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Looking for ways to help children succeed in life? One way is to teach them good, healthy habits. You might also want to teach them how to set goals. Goal setting is a life skill that guarantees success for anyone who masters it. Children benefit greatly when taught how to set goals early in life. … Read more

15 Vision Board Ideas for Kids to Visualize Their Goals

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Kids can learn a lot of essential life skills while creating their own vision boards. For starters, vision boards encourage children and young people to dream big. Furthermore, vision boarding introduces children to the concept of goal-setting. It’s never too early for kids to learn the importance of setting goals and being accountable for their … Read more