9 SMART Goals Examples for Managing Your Hypertension

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Your doctor just told you that you were suffering from high blood pressure and you need to make some changes. Hypertension is one of the biggest diseases our country faces. It has become a matter of government concern. High blood pressure is the underlying cause of many other life-threatening diseases. Besides taking any medications your … Read more

10 SMART Goal Examples for Effective Diabetes Management

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examples of smart goals for diabetes management | smart goals for diabetes | diabetes smart goals pdf

Managing diabetes can be difficult. There are many challenges in effective diabetes management, such as keeping track of blood sugar levels, exercising and eating healthy, and getting regular checkups. However, by setting SMART goals and adhering to them, diabetes management can be easier and more successful. SMART goals allow you to set measurable and achievable … Read more

41 Hidden Talents Examples: A List to Help You Stand Out

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hidden talents list | unique hidden talents list | hidden talents examples

When we were children, we usually had no problem expressing and nurturing our talents. We tried new things, we failed and we succeeded. Our parents and teachers were there to encourage us along the way. But somewhere along the line, many of us lose touch with our talents. We become afraid of failing or being … Read more

11 Ways to Face Your Fears Head On

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face your fears | overcome fear | how to overcome fear

The world can be a scary place, and being able to face your fears head on is one of the most vital life skills to have. It may seem that some people are inherently brave and easily shrug off a worry or fear, but being bulletproof to fear is not something you are born with… … Read more

15 SMART Goals Examples for an IEP (Individualized Education Program)

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smart goals iep | iep goals examples | smart goals iep examples

Any parent, teacher, counselor, educator, or school aid that deals with special needs children on a regular basis knows what the IEP (Individualized Education Plan) is and the impact it has on children with learning and developmental delays and disabilities. But what goes into the process of developing a tailored IEP for each individual student? … Read more

11 SMART Goals Examples for Your Accounting Career

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Goals can motivate you to stand out and become the best accountant you can be. Using a SMART goal framework, you’ll have measurable objectives that systematically help you increase your chances of achieving them. For any goal for career enhancement, SMART goals can help get you there. Read on for eleven accounting smart goals examples … Read more

11 SMART Goals Examples for Maintenance Workers

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examples of smart goals for maintenance workers | performance goals for employees examples | sample goals for employees

Maintenance workers face many challenges on the job, including, but not limited to, finding a steady position, dealing with unplanned and unscheduled maintenance, and being familiar with various aspects of care, budget issues, and time constraints. SMART is a goal-setting methodology that tells you how to set goals for the highest chance of success. This … Read more

41 Medium-Term Goals Examples for 2023 (and Beyond)

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medium term goals examples | medium term goals examples for business | importance of medium term goals

We hear a lot about how important it is to set goals in order to turn our dreams into reality. We are often told about goal-setting mistakes that get in our way… but what we don’t always hear is this: with a bit of time and effort, goal-setting doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, … Read more

11 SMART Goal Examples to Practice Daily Self-Care

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self care smart goals examples | personal smart goals for self care | what are some self care smart goals

Practicing daily self-care is extremely important in maintaining a good outlook on life and good mental health. Being happy and well-rounded starts with being able to take care of yourself. However, there are challenges faced when practicing daily self-care, and this is where SMART goals play an important role. SMART goals allow you to set … Read more

13 Common Personality Traits of Successful People

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traits of successful people | habits of successful people | characteristics of successful individuals

Most people look to success stories like Elon Musk, Barrack Obama – and other larger-than-life figures – and ask themselves, “What are the traits of successful people? Do I have some of these traits myself?” In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best traits successful people carry, and how you might … Read more