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7 Tips on How to Stop Wasting Time and Be More Productive

“Remember that time is money." – Benjamin Franklin Although I agree with Benjamin Franklin about time being money, it is a universal fact that most of us procrastinate on most of our tasks.While it may seem pleasant at first when we put off a potentially unpleasant task, procrastination has devastating effects in the long term. Chronic procrastinators:Carry […]

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What Is the Best Multivitamin for Women?

At a glance, here are our top picks for best multivitamin for women:Rainbow Light Women’s OneNaturelo Whole Food Multivitamin For WomenGarden of Life Vitamin Code WomenNature’s Way Alive! Once a Day Women’s 50+Dr. Tobias Vitality Multi Vitamin & MineralIf you’re a woman, it’s a big mistake to skip taking your daily multivitamin. In a study done […]

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5 Best Protein Bars for Men (Our Recommendations for 2019)

If you’re a man, finding the best protein bar can be a challenge because the market is full of options that are really just candy bars in disguise. Not only are these low-quality bars poor sources of protein, their high sugar content can undo all the hours you’ve worked in the gym or while exercising. Furthermore, […]

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