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Are you trying to reduce your stress and anxiety in this chaotic world? Over the past decade, research and studies have continued to show that practicing mindfulness can help reduce these issues and provide people with peace and calm.

Mindful awareness is a concept that focuses on one's attention in the present moment, and the awareness of things going on around you. This involves living in the moment, and can greatly combat stress and anxiety, as well as chronic pain and depression.

However, this can be a difficult habit to develop because people are often battling long lists of things to do, along with jam-packed schedules and multiple requests for their time.

One way to fight these hardships is to actively reinforce the concept of mindfulness and refocus your attention on the present moment. This is a skill that can be learned with time, but there are several podcasts out there to help you practice this form of meditation.  (For more on this concept, take a few minutes to read our review of the Grokker app.)

23 Top Meditation and Mindfulness Podcasts

1. Wake Me Up

Looking for something that injects positivity into your morning? This podcast aims to get you out of bed more energized, motivated, and excited to start the day.

Host Tyler Brown introduces listeners to morning routines that help them start the day in the best way possible. Tune in for useful information about mindfulness and science-backed methods that promote well-being and better mental health.

Episodes run for an average of 20 minutes. Some of the recent podcasts explore topics such as:

  • How to ignore haters
  • How to master discipline
  • Understanding that your weakness can be your strengths
  • Effective methods for calming anxiety

2. 10% Happier With Dan Harris

10% Happier is hosted by Dan Harris, a “New York Times” bestselling author who is the creator of a book with the same name. This mindfulness podcast addresses a clear, simple approach to meditation alongside some of the most respected meditation teachers in the world. It is great for skeptics, and created to help listeners keep it going.

Harris features insightful interviews in his podcast, with guests such as bestselling authors, highly sought-after meditation teachers, entrepreneurs, and much more. People love this podcast because it allows anyone from any background, religion, or experience to begin practicing mindfulness.

This podcast allows listeners to be aware of their consciousness, which is essential to knowing oneself. This podcast features notable guests such as Sharon Salzberg and Bellamy Young, who apply philosophical ideas to everyday life. With new episodes each Wednesday, this is a great app for people who are interested in becoming more self-aware.

(If you want more podcasts that discuss philosophical ideas, check out our list of favorite philosophy podcasts.)

3. Mindfulness Mode by Bruce Langford

This mindful podcast aims to increase the listeners' ability to be calm, joyful and focused through mindfulness and meditation. It provides easy listening for its audience, with great audio and high-quality guests such as Nate Hockstra, Michael Pullman, and Pat Flynn.

Bruce Langford offers a nice conversational style, allowing his listeners to feel as if they are sitting in the room with him and listening to him speak directly to them. This might be the right podcast for you if you are interested in learning more about mindfulness and what it has to offer you. It includes interviews, strategies, and tips to help people learn how to be more centered and live in the present.

It is great for executives, teachers, parents, entrepreneurs, and even students. With new episodes airing each Sunday and Wednesday, this is sure to offer something for everyone.

4. On Being With Krista Tippett

On Being is a podcast that has been awarded the Peabody Award for great conversation and information. This mindfulness podcast talks about some of the most animating questions at the core of our lives, such as what it means to be human and how people really want to live their lives. These questions are explored in a rich and complex manner and applied to our 21st-century lives. We seek wisdom, moral imagination, and knowledge while we also view poetry as being an art of fact.

This podcast interviews some notable guests, such as Atul Gawande and Michael Sheen. It is also home to the Civil Conversations Project, which is a new approach to having conversations and developing relationships, no matter what age you are.

The listeners of this podcast come from every culture, generation, socioeconomic, religious, and political background. With new episodes each Thursday, On Being equips listeners to relate in new ways, and helps people engage in new kinds of service.

5. Pathway to Happiness by Gary Van Warmerdam

This is a great podcast for people who are seeking happiness and aiming to eliminate negativity in their lives. Pathway to Happiness lends valuable insight into one's self-awareness activities  that allows people to avoid negative emotions and live in a state of happiness.

With new episodes once or twice a month, the listeners' focus can come back to self-awareness as the means to pinpoint and change their core beliefs, decrease the number of emotional reactions that take place, and develop more meaning in their relationships.

6. Ram Dass Here and Now

Ram Dass is a popular American spiritual leader and teacher who is an author and the host of a mindfulness podcast. He is known for his travels around the world, especially to India, and his close relationship with Neem Karoli Baba, a Hindu guru. He has also founded several charitable organizations.

This podcast focuses mainly on spirituality, and specifically on religion and Hinduism. Once or twice each month, Ram Dass uploads a new episode that gives the listeners an excerpt of a lecture that has been given over the past 40 years.

7. Tara Brach

Tara Brach is a very popular western teacher of mindfulness meditation. She also focuses on emotional healing and spiritual awakening. She uses a blend of Western psychology and Eastern practices in her podcast to teach her listeners about Buddhist practices.

Tara's focus is on one's mindful attention to life and engagement with the present world. She updates her podcast on Thursdays and Fridays, so there is often something new for her listeners to enjoy.

8. The Rubin Mindfulness Meditation

This relaxing podcast includes a brief talk followed by a relaxing meditation. It is updated every Wednesday by the Rubin Museum of Art, which is a museum that features a collection of art and various cultural artifacts from the Himalayas, India, and their neighboring regions. It also includes a permanent collection that is specifically focused on Tibetan art.

Each Wednesday, the Rubin Museum of Art leads a meditation session that is run by various well-known meditation teachers from the New York area. Some popular teachers include Sharon Salzberg, Kate Johnson, and Tracy Cochran. This mindfulness podcast is a great way for people who are unable to go to the museum to learn about their form of mindfulness meditation.

9. Untangle

In this well-received podcast, experts and everyday people share their stories about how incorporating mindfulness into their lives has changed them for the better.

The interviews that are featured are rich in information, and focus not only on meditation, but also how meditation can be applied to one's everyday life. People from all walks of life, such as business leaders, parents, psychologists, nutritionists, and even cancer survivors, are featured on this podcast to share their stories with the listeners.

Each thoughtful guest shares their real-life and heartfelt experiences that they have had with mindfulness and other meditative practices. With updates every Tuesday, listeners can feel empowered and start to see more good in the world. This podcast is about kindness and mindfulness, along with love and nurturing one's spirit.

10. UCLA Meditation at the Hammer

This podcast, led by Diana Winston, features different themes each week. Winston is the Director of Mindfulness Education at MARC. Her knowledge in the field of meditation has inspired listeners to tune into her podcast to hear her guided meditations and lessons for new life practices.

This podcast is a compilation of the 30-minute drop-in meditation sessions that she holds at UCLA's Hammer Museum.

This might be the right podcast for you if you are new to meditation and want to learn more. It is great for novices who are just beginning to learn the practice.

11. Audio Dharma

This is a great podcast if you are focused more on Buddhism than anything else. Gil Fronsdal, along with other guest speakers, talks at the Insight Meditation Center and airs it on this podcast for the public to hear.

Each session focuses on different aspects of Buddha's teachings, with the purpose being the same that the Buddha had for his own teachings (to guide listeners to the end of suffering and help people attain freedom). This podcast is updated every Sunday and Wednesday.

12. Meditation in the City: A Shambhala Podcast

This meditation podcast works to extinguish various myths about meditation and seeks to replace them with down-to-earth, relevant teachings that are able to show listeners how meditation can benefit everyone on a daily basis.

This podcast is created in New York by the Shambhala Meditation Center and is updated each weekend. This might be the right podcast for you if you find traditional meditation to be a bit boring. There is some excitement in this podcast, with fun and flair that sets it apart from others.

13. Meditation Minis Podcast

These short meditations, hosted by Chel Hamilton, give the listener all the tools that are needed to help find peace, focus, and calm. The guided meditations are great for people who are on the go or do not have a lot of time each day to devote to their meditation practices. They help relieve anxiety, overcome negative thoughts, and increase confidence in a short 10- to 15-minute session.

The meditations that are included in this podcast are from a variety of sources and don't stick to just one particular religious ideology. This is great for people who are looking to practice meditation without doing it in a religious way. With updates every Sunday, there is always something to look forward to with this podcast.

14. OneMind Meditation Podcast

OneMind Meditation is hosted by Morgan Dix, who is a professional in yoga and meditation, and the author of several books. He guides the listener to explore mindfulness and meditation and conducts interviews with meditation teachers as well as everyday practitioners.

Dix works to educate his listeners on why meditation is so important these days. He does this by sharing tips and telling stories to motivate his listeners in their practice. By listening to this podcast, you will be able to learn about the most up-to-date science, and how you can incorporate meditation into your life to benefit your health, work, relationships, play, and life.

This meditation podcast is updated twice a month to offer listeners true gems of dialogue that can help them on a daily basis.

15. The Daily Meditation Podcast

This meditation podcast is hosted by Mary Meckley, who is a certified meditation teacher. She is living out her mission through this podcast to make meditation a useful part of everyone's day.

Meckley teaches meditation in an incredibly dynamic way, so her listeners are not just sitting at home silently on a mat, wondering what they are supposed to be doing.

She teaches her listeners to clear their minds while they practice various meditation techniques so that they can learn what to do during meditation. She goes over various techniques, such as mudras, chakras, mantras, and breath work so that listeners can begin their journey to feeling calm.

Meckley works to answer her listener's questions about meditation and helps people learn how to create their own daily meditation rituals. She updates this podcast daily so her followers are able to learn a bit more each day, and she keeps a weekly theme so each day flows into the next. Some topics that she tackles include loneliness, anxiety, healing, trust, chronic pain, calm mind, and inspiration. So far, she has taught thousands of people to successfully make meditation part of their everyday practices.

16. Sounds True: Insights at the Edge

This podcast, hosted by Tami Simon, features interviews with teachers, writers, and role models in the world of meditation. Each Tuesday, the listener is presented with the latest work and the most up-to-date challenges of the industry's luminaries.

This spiritual podcast has released over 500 episodes about spiritual journeys, various types of meditation, creativity, psychology, and healing.

These episodes feature teachers who are able to present listeners with their own ideas using their own words. These unscripted podcasts are able to create a vibrant connection between the host and the listener.

Tami's goal is to spread spiritual wisdom while acting as a pioneer in the conscious business movement. She has an innate ability to bring both authenticity and passion into her profession as she delves deep into other people's experiences with meditation.

17. Against the Stream

In this mindfulness podcast, the listener is offered dharma talks by Noah Levine (who is the author of several publications), along with other teachers who practice Buddhist meditation in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and around the country.

With the presentation of useful quotes for the listener and lessons on forgiveness and merit, this podcast is able to offer people a wide variety of things to learn about and listen to each week.

18. The Self-Help Podcast

This mindfulness podcast is hosted by Edward Lamb and has a regular guest appearance by psychotherapist Sean Orford. They cover topics such as emotional health and well-being every Wednesday. Their primary concern is the happiness of their listeners, and how people can incorporate mindfulness and meditation into their lives to better themselves and their families.

They focus strongly on the fact that you do not have to be of any specific age to begin meditating—you can start at any point in your life to receive the benefits of the practice. They focus on providing the listeners with a better understanding of themselves so people can learn how to be self-aware and live in the present moment.

19. Sleep With Me

Are you one of many people who find it difficult to sleep at night? This podcast might be the answer to your dilemma. Its tagline is “The podcast that puts you to sleep,” and the show’s creators mean that in a good way.

Host Drew Ackerman, aka Scooter, tells extremely boring stories on purpose. The effect is both hilarious and soporific.

The podcast aired for the first time in 2013, and has since gained a steady stream of followers composed mostly of people who find it hard to sleep at night.

Episodes run from one to two hours. However, if you fall asleep in the middle of them, that is perfectly OK.

20. The Mindful Minute

Have you ever wanted to try meditating, but felt intimidated by the practice? This podcast introduces you to meditation and mindfulness, making it truly accessible to everyone.

The host, Mary Arnett, is a mother, practicing yogini, and teacher who is passionate about sharing her knowledge about mindfulness. 

During the show, she talks about her experiences in different areas of her life. Then she leads her listeners in a meditation session. Episodes run for between 15 minutes and an hour.

Arnett’s main goal is to help those tuning in to her show develop mindfulness practices that are applicable in their real-life situations.

21. Meditation Oasis

Meditation can be a welcome break in the midst of a hectic time. This podcast provides guided meditation sessions that are just the right length for centering yourself when you’re going through an extra stressful day.

via Social Work Tech

Initially, this podcast was designed for people diagnosed with illnesses and their families. The show provides resources for meditation and mindfulness (such as tips on stress relief and relaxation), instructions on how to meditate, guided meditations, and music that listeners can use for their own meditation practices.

Through this podcast, you’ll learn:

  • How to embrace effortlessness and ease
  • How to go back to sleep
  • Whole-body relaxation

22. Meditation for Fitness Peeps

Phil Stolaronek initially created this podcast for his fitness friends who are interested in meditation and mindfulness, but who couldn’t find any relevant resources.

His main aim is for this podcast to become a bridge between fitness and mindfulness.

The episodes last anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes, and touch on topics such as gratitude, finding inspiration, and learning to visualize. After a short discussion, listeners are led in a short meditation session featuring isochronic tones and binaural beats.

23. Peace Out

Need something to calm the kids down before bedtime? If doing so is often a struggle, this podcast might help kids (and parents) develop a ritual of calm before lights out.

Chanel Tsang’s mellow voice is perfect for leading listeners to a deeper sense of relaxation as she narrates original short stories designed for young audiences. In addition to the stories, Tsang incorporates meditation and mindfulness practices into every episode.

Episodes run for between 3 and 20 minutes. The show is a good way to introduce children to the practice of mindfulness, and makes for calmer kids who can self-regulate their emotions better.

Which podcast speaks to you?

Each of these mindfulness podcasts has its own style and format, so it may be best to try a few out to see which one speaks to you. If you don't like the first few that you hear, don't give up. There are plenty of others that take a different approach to the practice that might be better for you.

Try listening to an episode from each of the 23 mindfulness podcasts listed so you can expose yourself to a wide variety of approaches to meditation and mindfulness. Once you find a few podcasts that speak to you, subscribe to them so you can listen to their updates each week and learn how to better incorporate mindfulness and meditation into your life. Listening to an episode before you got to bed can be a fun thing to do at night as part of your evening routine to help you sleep better.

Next, if you'd like to learn more about mindfulness and meditation, then we have a wide selection of resources on this page. Specifically, here a number of blog posts that you might find interesting:

Finally, if you need extra help with building the mindfulness habit, I recommend checking out this year-long physical journal that has 365 daily prompts.

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Here are 23 of the best mindfulness podcasts to hep you live in the present moment.

23 Top Meditation and Mindfulness Podcasts (Our Selection for 2023)

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