15 Examples of Procrastination in School, Work, and Life

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We have all put off doing something that we didn’t look forward to. For most people, this doesn’t happen often. For others, however, procrastination is so ingrained that this happens regularly… even when it’s something positive. It’s as if they are sabotaging their own happiness. Chronic procrastination is something that needs to be addressed and … Read more

27 Best Songs About Money (Both Good & Bad)

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People have complicated relationships with money. There are those who associate having money with negative emotions. Others long to have money, but overspend and end up having very little (or none at all). Today’s collection of songs about money highlights the ambivalent relationship we have with money. There are tracks about the positive aspects of … Read more

11 Movies About Getting a Job or Finding a Career

movies about getting a job | inspirational movies for jobless | movies about careers for students

If you’re looking for movies about getting a job, today’s collection is just what you need. Getting a job can be a challenging experience, but it is also very rewarding. A job hunt is an opportunity to learn more about yourself. For example, your answers during interviews provide insights about your core values, skills, strengths, … Read more

Boss VS Leader: 13 Key Differences & Characteristics

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Have you ever thought about the words boss and leader? Often, people mistake one for the other. This may be because, on paper, they appear similar. Even the dictionary defines both similarly… but, in actuality, a boss and a leader couldn’t be more different from each other. While a boss and a leader may fill … Read more

6 SMART Goals Examples for Event Coordinators

examples of smart goals for event coordinator | event goals and objectives examples | event manager performance goals examples

An event coordinator has many responsibilities that pose specific challenges, including hiring the correct number of staff, maintaining a budget, networking, dealing with the weather, not having experience, not being organized, etc. However, the SMART methodology enables you to set goals that can help overcome these challenges. This article looks at 6 examples of SMART … Read more

Accountability vs Responsibility: 5 Ways They Differ

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Have you ever worked on a team that operated like a well-oiled machine? Where everyone’s role was clearly defined, communication ran smoothly, and you didn’t have to constantly deal with problems because someone else dropped the ball? Alternatively, have you worked on a team where everyone had a lot on their plate, but different tasks … Read more

6 SMART Goals Examples for Nonprofit Organizations

smart goals for nonprofits examples | examples of goals for a nonprofit organization | smart goals examples

Nonprofit organizations are altruistic and beneficial. They serve communities everywhere. However, nonprofit organizations face many challenges, whether small or large. These challenges include fundraising, hosting virtual events, recruiting volunteers, engaging with the community, etc. One way to face these challenges nonprofits face is to set SMART goals. SMART goals help you set goals through specific … Read more

How to Prioritize Tasks: Methods That Work

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The worst days at work are those that are slammed busy from start to finish, but when 5:00 rolls around, you’ve hardly accomplished a thing. I find this to be the case on days when I am constantly interrupted by phone calls, emails, and unexpected tasks. These days are frustrating because while they do require hard work … Read more

5 SMART Goals Examples for Dental Hygienists

smart goals for dental hygienist | dental hygiene goal examples | dental hygiene goals and objectives

Dental hygiene is a fantastic career, but there will be challenges you will face as a dental hygienist in your practice. These challenges include physical issues, dealing with patients, maintaining organization, mental strain, and advancing in the dentistry field, among others. As a dental hygienist, you can set goals to overcome these obstacles. Here we … Read more

12 SMART Goals Examples for Engineers

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Engineering is a broad term that encompasses numerous sub-disciplines. Regardless of your current projects, an engineer requires precision, responsibility, and organizational skills. If you want to improve your job performance, setting SMART goals is an effective tactic, but only if you know how to do it properly. This article will discuss six examples of SMART … Read more