Why It’s Never Too Late to Start Over

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Do you think that you’re past the point of being able to achieve your goals? Are you over 40 and feel stuck with your career? Perhaps you wanted to run a marathon but you feel like an ancient amongst saplings when you look at most other runners. Think you’re too old to find love? Well, … Read more

How to Let Go of the Things Holding You Back

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let go | overcome obstacles mindset | free yourself from hindrances

If you’re going on a long journey, is it better to overload yourself with belongings? If you’re going to change your life by becoming a solopreneur then you need to travel light and you might need to spend some time thinking about what’s holding you back. Sometimes “letting go” gets thrown around like a catch-all … Read more

6 Ways to Change a Scarcity Mindset to an Abundance Mindset

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Do you remember playing musical chairs as a child? As the music played and you marched around the circumference of the circle of chairs, you anxiously awaited the music to stop so you could fight for that last seated spot. I personally strongly disliked this game. There was something about that one-on-one physical competition and … Read more

How to Get 1% Better Every Day (Art of Continuous Improvements)

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get 1% better | personal development mantra | incremental progress mindset

Improving something by 1 percent every day simply means looking for very small positive changes that you can make every day that help you get closer to your most important goals and objectives. In fact, this philosophy of self-development is widely regarded in the Far East. The Japanese have a philosophy called kaizen, which can … Read more

15 Growth Mindset Statements to Recite Daily

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If your colleague were to earn the promotion that you were hoping for, would you be genuinely happy for them? Or would you feel envious and like you’re not good enough? Or, if you were just shy of meeting one of your goals, would you feel defeated or would you reflect on some opportunities that … Read more

How to Hold Yourself More Accountable in Life

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hold yourself accountable | personal responsibility | accountability practices

Some principles withstand the test of time–foolproof ideas that kick start the journey to success and put you on the road to a more fulfilling, healthier, more conscious life. First and foremost of these is accountability. But what exactly is accountability? Accountability is a condition in which you take responsibility. Why? Because you are taking … Read more

How to Be More Adaptable Throughout Life

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What single concept sums up all of humanity’s wisdom in one go? From the great empires on the River Nile, the freezing steppes of Mongolia, and the unforgiving ice sheets of the Arctic humans have taken it in their stride and come out on top. This allowed us to face off against unimaginable predators and … Read more

Task Oriented VS Goal Oriented: Which is Better for Success?

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task oriented vs goal oriented | task oriented vs people oriented leadership style | goal oriented vs process oriented

I remember watching my daughter from across the room back when she was about three years old working in her play kitchen, preparing some plastic vegetables, a wooden steak, and some uncooked macaroni. She was concentrated, focused, and on a mission that was not to be interrupted. She was focused on the here and now. … Read more

Stretch Goals VS Smart Goals: Which is Better for Your Success?

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stretch goals vs smart goals | stretch goal vs target goal | examples of stretch goals for employees

No matter what area of your life you’re working on, you need to have some type of framework and target when you’re setting goals. But considering there are several different goal categories and methods of working toward achieving what you want, you may wonder what the benefits are of stretch goals vs SMART goals, as … Read more

Failure is the Mother of Success: 3 Thoughts

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failure is the mother of success | failure is the key to success | failure quotes

My first job right out of undergrad was in sales–and it was miserable. I hated constantly hearing “no” from people and not really ever finding my niche in the business. This was clearly not the right career for me, but I remember one of the best sales representatives telling me about the “Law of 10” … Read more