6 Steps to Get into Flow State While Working or Studying

how to get into flow state | how to get into flow state while studying | examples of flow state

I’m sure you can think of a time when you were working on something that you had little to no interest in doing. It’s tedious to watch the clock while you’re working, but you can’t help but do so if you’re disengaged or disinterested in the task. But this mental state certainly won’t allow you … Read more

Do It Anyway Poem by Mother Teresa: 5 Important Lessons

do it anyway | do it anyway poem | do it anyway poem by mother teresa

Most people automatically think of Mother Teresa when they come across the inspiring poem, “Do It Anyway”. The words written in the verses of this poem were very meaningful to Mother Theresa, as she had it displayed on the wall of her home to help motivate the children in Calcutta. However, Mother Teresa’s poem was … Read more

7 Active Listening Exercises for Adults to Become Better Listeners

active listening exercises | active listening exercises for adults | fun active listening exercises

Have you ever witnessed a conversation in which one person is constantly interrupting or talking over the speaker? How well was the speaker’s message being understood by the listener? How much of the message do you think the listener retained after walking away? Not only does this common listening error convolute the speaker’s message for … Read more

Small Minds Discuss People: 5 Lessons from This Quote

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Think for a second about how many conversations you have every day. Whether it’s a professional exchange with someone at work or you’re making small talk with someone on the subway, it’s hard to go a day without having a conversation. In fact, one study found that the average person has 27 conversations per day, … Read more

125 Habits to Track for a Bullet Journal or App

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You’ve done your research to pick out your ideal bullet journal. You’ve compiled all of the pens you want to use and have decided on a color-coding system. Or, you’ve finally found an app that works just right for you to help you track your progress with your habits. But now what? One of the … Read more

11 Strategies to Instantly Clear Your Mind

how to clear your mind | how to clear your mind permanently | how to clear your mind to focus

As a social worker in a busy hospital, I often find myself overwhelmed with requests, crises, and pressing issues that need an immediate resolution. Sometimes, I feel so bombarded by demands that I freeze, not knowing where to even start. When working in healthcare, there is little room for error. Tasks need to be completed … Read more

17 Simple Ways to Improve Your Work Performance

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Practicing continuous improvement in all facets of your life is important for your overall self-growth, but continuing to improve your performance at work may have the largest impact on your life. As our ever-changing technological society continues to expand, keeping your knowledge and skills stagnant is a surefire way to put an end to your … Read more

7 SMART Goals Examples for Depression and Anxiety

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Are you naturally happy and optimistic? If you’re thinking to yourself, “I hate those people!” then maybe you don’t fall into this category, but I would be willing to bet that you wish you could be at least a bit more like this population. But the truth is, most people aren’t just “naturally” happy and … Read more