43 End of Year Reflection Questions to Review Your 2023

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As we are coming up on the end of another unique year in history, you’re probably looking forward to post-pandemic life and wishing to leave the past behind you. I think we are all ready for that. But, putting worldly crises aside, it’s still important to reflect on your experiences so you can analyze what’s … Read more

50 Best Frugal Living Tips to Save Real Money in 2024

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When you think about someone who lives a frugal lifestyle, does your mind automatically picture someone who is putting tight restraints on their spending, and therefore missing out on some things that you believe make life so wonderful? Well…yes and no. Living frugally simply means that you’re intentional with how you spend your money. You’re … Read more

65 Fun Hobbies for Women of All Ages in 2024

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Do you ever feel like your weekly routine gets a bit… monotonous? Repetitious? And maybe not as fun or challenging as it once was? Of course, we all get into our predictable weekly routines that essentially define our lives. But what do you think about doing activities outside of work (and home) that you not … Read more

7 Benefits of a Virtual Learning Environment

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The concept of distance learning is far from new. In fact, in 1892, the University of Chicago offered “correspondence education” at off-campus sites. Since then, with the evolution of technology, distance learning has transformed as well. Education has since been acquired through radio, television, and, of course, online. Virtual learning has certainly grown in popularity … Read more

Skillshare vs Udemy: The Best Options for 2024

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For those of us who were in school 15+ years ago, our options for getting a little extra help outside of the classroom or even learning about a subject that wasn’t being taught in school were extremely limited compared to the availability of information today. Hiring a tutor was expensive and often inconvenient, and going … Read more

Control What You Can Control: 5 Strategies to Build This Mindset

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When I was pregnant with my daughter, I was an active member of an online group with 72 other expecting moms, which was appropriately titled January 2015— the month our babies were due.  Many members used the space during the time they were pregnant to create their “birth plan” and bounce ideas off of each … Read more

11 Employee Goal Examples for Your Professional Development

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In addition to offering paid time off, medical and dental insurance, and the option to buy into a retirement plan, many employers offer potential employees opportunities for professional development to sweeten up their job offers just a bit more. We’ve talked about the importance of being a lifelong learner and staying on top of emerging … Read more

25 Career-Boosting Activities to Do When Bored at Work

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I have had my fair share of boring jobs.  In fact, in one of my former jobs, I think my biggest accomplishment was researching and subsequently applying to graduate school.  Having a lot of downtime at work can be really frustrating, especially if you feel like you have a lot more to offer than you’re … Read more

25 Best Self Help Books for Women to Read in 2024

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There are some people that wouldn’t be caught dead reading a self help book in public. But why are these works of emotional education so often scorned by members of society? Why do people feel embarrassed about their quest toward personal development? As mental health is becoming an increasingly open topic to discuss in our … Read more

13 Success Habits of Self-Made Millionaires

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Think for a second about why you’re here reading this site, Develop Good Habits. Hopefully by now it’s because you recognize that it’s the small things that you do every day that add up to create who you are and where you’re heading in life. By developing good habits, you can ensure a good long-term … Read more