17 Daily Goal Examples to Help You Conquer the Day

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When you think about your goals, your mind probably automatically goes to the long-term plans that you’ve made for yourself. But, without having smaller, daily goals that will give you a sense of accomplishment on a regular basis, you will lose the necessary motivation to reach your larger goals. Setting small process goals that you … Read more

15 Famous Autodidacts Who Live a Life of Self-Education

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Tech companies worldwide report that they no longer require their employees to have a college degree to maintain a job. This is part of a much larger systemic shift, as top universities are struggling to get their students prepared to enter a competitive job market, admitting that real-world experience is as critical as what is … Read more

33 Health Goals to Achieve in 2023

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It’s usually around this time of year that people stop to think about their health goals. Not only is the new year right around the corner, but with turkey and pumpkin pie followed by eggnog and gingerbread men, many people are left feeling a bit guilty about letting their healthy habits slide over the past … Read more

27 Growth Mindset Examples to Change Your Beliefs

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Let’s say you tried out a new recipe for some friends that were coming over. …And let’s say it didn’t go very well. Would you be embarrassed and upset? Or would you be able to bounce back in the face of failure relatively quickly? Your response to situations like these is an indication of whether … Read more

33 End of Year Reflection Questions to Review Your 2022

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As we are coming up on the end of another unique year in history, you’re probably looking forward to post-pandemic life and wishing to leave the past behind you. I think we are all ready for that. But, putting worldly crises aside, it’s still important to reflect on your experiences so you can analyze what’s … Read more

23 Goal Ideas to Set and Achieve for a Better 2023

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You may have been able to meet some of your 2022 goals without putting forth as much effort as you had expected. Eat out less frequently? Done. Stop impulse buying when you’re out? Done. Go home and be productive instead of going to happy hour? Done. But you would probably be willing to take it … Read more

15 SMART Goals for Nutrition (Examples for Your Healthy Eating Plan)

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Congratulations! You’ve decided to improve your health in one of the most effective ways possible– through the foods and drinks that you put in your body. Now what? To have a successful healthy eating plan, you need to start by setting specific and attainable goals that lay out a solid plan that will help you … Read more

Chinese Bamboo Tree Story: 5 Success Lessons to Learn

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There are very few things that can diminish one’s motivation more than putting in hard work and then seeing no results. Whether your goal is to lose weight, bring up your grades, or gain some recognition in your career, when the results of your hard work are not apparent, it can be tempting to throw … Read more

Goals and Objectives: 7 Examples of How They Differ

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Goals and objectives are often used interchangeably, but are they the same? No. Goals and objectives are similar, but they are two different things and you need to have both in order to maximize your potential at succeeding. You can think of them, along with strategies and tactics, much like a tree. Think of an … Read more

17 Career Goals Examples for an Interview or Job Advancement

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“Where do you see yourself in five years?” You’ve probably been asked this question during a job interview, but it is also a question that you should ask yourself. To be honest, this question sometimes makes me cringe because I don’t always know where I see myself in a week, much less five years. However, … Read more