Reactive vs Proactive: 6 Habits to Be More Proactive in Life

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The first thing that comes to mind when I think of being proactive is the NYC firefighters on 9/11. They embody the idea of being proactive. They took it upon themselves to think strategically without wasting any time, they didn’t let feelings of being overwhelmed impact them, and they just went for it when they … Read more

37 Free Udemy Courses for Personal Development [2024 Update]

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udemy free courses | udemy free courses download | udemy free courses coupon

Wondering what course to take at Udemy? In this article, we’ll give you an overview of the top-rated free courses at one of the largest learning platform on the Internet. (And if you want to learn more about this website, then check out this extensive Udemy review.) To date, Udemy offers over 130,000 courses in … Read more

The Hawthorne Effect: How Observation Helps You Maintain a Habit Change

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Have you ever had a job where the “big boss” or perhaps a board member or someone else significant to the company would stop by the office from time to time, causing the staff to quickly straighten up? Or, think back to when you were doing behind-the-wheel testing if you have your driver’s license. Did … Read more

Realist vs Visionary: 8 Examples of How These Personalities Differ

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What is your personality like? Are you someone who is more of a realist? Or, are you someone who is more of a visionary? Are you someone who tends to focus on the practical? Or, do you want to dream big even if you might fall short? These questions describe the fundamental differences between what … Read more

9 Examples of Self Awareness Throughout Your Life

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As you go through life, you want to place yourself in the best position possible to be successful. This may include landing that perfect job, getting into graduate school, having a positive impact on those around you, or all of the above. The only way that you are going to be able to place yourself … Read more

How to Develop Multiple Habits at Once

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At my best, I’ve had average self-control in my life, and at my worst, I’ve played video games for double digit hours every day. Despite this, I’ve recently created habits in reading, writing, exercising, and alarm clock practice (to condition a new response to the sound of my alarm so I won’t hit snooze 11 … Read more

The Psychology Behind Building a Daily Routine

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If you’ve tried to establish daily routines and failed, don’t feel bad. Your struggle is a common one—and something you can overcome it if you understand the psychology behind daily routines. You see, there are many underlying reasons why you might have failed with building routines in the past. Once you understand why these failures … Read more

21 Comfort Zone Challenges to Grow as a Person

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Do often feel afraid to try new things because you’re nervous or scared? If so, then one strategy that can help is regularly push past what’s known as your “comfort zone.”  And the simplest way to do this is to build a habit where you regularly introduce comfort zone challenges throughout your week. In this … Read more

4 Mistakes That Hurt Your Habit Building Efforts

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Stephen Guise has written multiple posts on this blog about his “mini habits” concept. Today he talks about four mistakes (that you might be making), that are real habit killers which can hurt your chances at developing a positive habit.  To learn more about Stephen’s work, check out this book: Mini Habits: Smaller Habits. Bigger … Read more

Intrinsic VS Extrinsic Motivation: Basic Differences with Examples

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intrinsic and extrinsic motivation | intrinsic and extrinsic motivation examples | intrinsic and extrinsic motivation theory

It’s Monday morning and your alarm clock is going off. Why do you get out of bed? No matter what your answer is to this question, it starts with whatever factor motivates you to take that action of getting out of bed. Your motivation to do anything is a psychological process that relies on some … Read more