35 Good Character Traits All People Should Develop

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Personal development is not a journey that never ends… nor should it. The point of personal development is never to simply stop once you’ve reached a certain goal, but to keep reaching for more. The key to successful personal development is adopting a mindful attitude. The ability to step back and take a “good hard … Read more

Character VS Personality: 7 Key Differences

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What is the difference between character vs personality? I think you will agree that it can sometimes be difficult to discern the difference between the two. The fact is it can be incredibly easy to confuse character with personality. Someone can have a good personality and still have a weak character. And this works the … Read more

Toxic Traits List: 31 Warning Signs When Meeting People

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Wouldn’t it be great if people came with warning labels? For instance, “Warning, this person has a short temper?” or “Beware, this person is manipulative.” Even if the toxic traits aren’t deal-breakers, or their character traits bad enough to cause us to disassociate from a person, the warning signs are still good to know. Like … Read more

15 Habits to Be a More Polite Person

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“Thank you so much for making dinner.”  “Please, may I have that financial file before the meeting?” “No, thank you. I’m not available to join you for cocktails after work.” Do you consider yourself to be a polite person? Or maybe you want to learn how to be (more) polite? The good news is that you … Read more

Boss VS Leader: 13 Key Differences & Characteristics

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Have you ever thought about the words boss and leader? Often, people mistake one for the other. This may be because, on paper, they appear similar. Even the dictionary defines both similarly… but, in actuality, a boss and a leader couldn’t be more different from each other. While a boss and a leader may fill … Read more

16 Best Songs About Heroes & Being a Superhero in Life

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From helping your neighbor to volunteering at an animal shelter, real-life heroism comes in many forms. Teleportation and invisibility are no more than cool on-screen tricks. Yet, compassion, friendliness, and generosity are qualities that help us become the best version of ourselves and uplift others in everyday life. We’ve compiled a list of the 16 … Read more

9 Successful People with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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Mental illness is shaking off its outdated stigma, and people are starting to have a dialogue about their struggles with these invisible disorders. Out of all of the mental illnesses, the most common fall under the category of anxiety disorders, which impacts 18.1% of the American population each year. This specific type of mental disorder … Read more

65 Core Values Quotes That Define Your Personality

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Need some wise and inspiring words about the importance of core values? We’ve got just the thing for you with today’s collection of core value quotes. Knowing your core values is essential if you want to live a satisfying, meaningful life. These are the root beliefs that become your guide in everything you do. Core … Read more

15 Steps to Stop Being a Toxic Person

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Have you ever heard the saying, the key to overcoming a problem is to admit that you have one in the first place?  Often, in the aftermath of trauma, brokenness or crisis… you may find yourself feeling alone and left to pick up the pieces all by yourself.  Even if it’s circumstantial, you are toxic at … Read more

9 Signs You Have a Doer Personality

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Our personality is developed practically from birth and is the foundation of our individuality. What you do with that personality is what defines your character. I don’t believe it is an overstatement to say that a person’s character is the most critical aspect of what a person becomes. Four out of 10 people possess characteristics … Read more