7 Short Stories About Showing Courage and Bravery

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It’s easy to simply tell people that they should overcome their fears, but without giving some kind of motivation or reasoning, it’s not very effective. People tend to learn lessons through some kind of anecdotal evidence, which can be offered through storytelling. Stories can be a great way to teach lessons, and over time, they … Read more

5 Habits to Stop Being a People Pleaser

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how to stop being a people pleaser | whats wrong with being a people pleaser | people pleasers are annoying

Why do we say yes to things that we really don’t want to do? A new coworker asked me to go out for some drinks after work one day a few weeks ago. I like her, I enjoy being with her, and I’ve come to consider her a friend. However, my first thought was, “What? … Read more

Realist vs Visionary: 8 Examples of How These Personalities Differ

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What is your personality like? Are you someone who is more of a realist? Or, are you someone who is more of a visionary? Are you someone who tends to focus on the practical? Or, do you want to dream big even if you might fall short? These questions describe the fundamental differences between what … Read more

31 Best Songs About Heroes & Being a Superhero in Life

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From helping your neighbor to volunteering at an animal shelter, real-life heroism comes in many forms. Teleportation and invisibility are no more than cool on-screen tricks. Yet, compassion, friendliness, and generosity are qualities that help us become the best version of ourselves and uplift others in everyday life. We’ve compiled a list of the 31 … Read more

17 Best Hobbies for Introverts and Loners in 2024

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Having a hobby that you enjoy doing in your free time can help enrich your life and ensure that you have an outlet for entertainment. Many people also seek new hobbies to enlarge their social circle and interact with other people. But what about those who are more introverted and get their energy, pleasure, and … Read more

7 Ways to Spot Someone with False Humility

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If there are any people in the world we aspire to be like, it would be people with humble hearts and reputations. Humble people are gracious, even amid adversity and personal challenges. They know their weaknesses and don’t boast about their strengths. In fact, humble people don’t think they’re better than anyone else. And they … Read more

65 Core Values Quotes That Define Your Personality

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Need some wise and inspiring words about the importance of core values? We’ve got just the thing for you with today’s collection of core value quotes. Knowing your core values is essential if you want to live a satisfying, meaningful life. These are the root beliefs that become your guide in everything you do. Core … Read more

13 Common Personality Traits of Successful People

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Most people look to success stories like Elon Musk, Barrack Obama – and other larger-than-life figures – and ask themselves, “What are the traits of successful people? Do I have some of these traits myself?” In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best traits successful people carry, and how you might … Read more

12 Bad or Negative Personality Traits That Hurt Your Life Success

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Everyone’s personality is unique, and knowing your personality traits can lead to more satisfaction, an ability to make better life choices, and more success in personal and professional spheres. When considering what makes us successful, we often turn to our strengths and skills—but it’s important to also acknowledge any weaknesses or negative personal characteristics that … Read more

15 Quick Signs That People Don’t Like You

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There is a saying that you are supposed to trust your gut. You should particularly trust these feelings when it comes to other people. If you get the feeling that someone doesn’t like you, you may wonder if you should actually trust this feeling. Ideally, people would come out and simply say what is on … Read more