15 Staycation Ideas for Couples and Families in 2024

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With the start of summer just around the corner, many people’s thoughts turn towards taking a vacation or day trips. Yes, summer is the time of year when things slow down for most of us… especially if you have kids.  School is out! This means less running around to various activities and a temporary moratorium … Read more

7 Ways to Be Less Annoying to Friends and Family

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how to be less annoying to your family | how to be less annoying over text | how to be less annoying in a relationship

One of the hardest things to do is take a good look at yourself in the mirror and admit your flaws… not just physical imperfections, but personality glitches.  Think about it. Do you have a tendency to be overbearing?  Are you messy? Maybe you are the queen of guilt trips? Or the king of procrastination? … Read more

6 Reasons to Stop Sharing Instagram Inspirational Posts

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Instagram is an impressive social media network. It allows you to share images with the world after just a few steps, to apply cool filters to them and it can be linked to your Facebook and other profiles, so you don’t have to waste time doing it again and again. And one of the most … Read more

13 Social Loafing Examples Throughout Work and Life

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social loafing examples | social loafing examples in real life | social loafing examples in workplace

Working in a group can be difficult. In addition to differences of opinion, another more serious issue can crop up… when not everyone pulls their weight and some people just ride in your slipstream, cruising through life. This is known as social loafing, and it’s a scary phenomenon that happens at work, in family life, … Read more

How to Talk to Anyone Book Summary (5 Lessons)

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how to talk to anyone summary | how to talk to anyone book summary | how to talk to anyone book review

Imagine finding yourself in a room full of strangers, feeling at ease and confident, striking up conversations with each person, and leaving an unforgettable impression on everyone you meet. Does this sound like a dream come true? Here’s the excellent news, Leil Lowndes’ best-selling book “How to Talk to Anyone” gives you the knowledge to … Read more

5 Simple Habits to Build Your Social Skills

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Most people accept that the world is not a meritocracy. You can have the best credentials and resume in the world and (1) not make partner, (2) not get that promotion, and (3) not even get your foot in the door. It happens routinely, and most of the time we accept it as a result … Read more

31 Songs About Kindness and Caring for Others

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songs about kindness | songs about kindness and friendship | new songs about kindness

“A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.” – Amelia Earhart If you’re looking for songs about kindness, we have 31 great suggestions to add to your playlist in today’s article. We can never truly fathom the challenges other people face, but we … Read more

11 Captivating Ways to Become a More Interesting Person

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be more interesting | what makes a person interesting | how to be more interesting in conversation

Being interesting is equally vital as being successful. Gone are the days when being busy to cultivate hobbies is considered a badge of honor. At present, people are more willing to listen to what you have to say when you have a “life.” It shows that you’ve got a balanced personality. Furthermore, being an interesting … Read more

12 Steps to Be More Social if You’re a Shy Person

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Let me ask you this: Do you cringe at the thought of going to your first day at a new job, or meeting your partner’s family for the first time, or even when you are obligated to go to a professional seminar where you don’t really know anyone? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, … Read more

31 Welcome to the Team Memes for New People

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Looking for ways to make the newest member of the team feel welcome? How about sharing “welcome to the team” memes with them? This collection of lighthearted memes will surely brighten someone’s day and take some of the pressure off, especially if it’s their first day joining your stellar team. 1. Welcome to the Danger … Read more