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Social skills have a massive influence on where we end up in life.

Our social skills help us establish connections with other people. They are the foundation of all of our relationships.

None of us are born with perfect social skills, but the good news is that these skills can be acquired. By making the mastery of social skills a habit, you’ll be amazed at the opportunities that open up for you to live a happier and more fulfilling life.

What Are These Social Skills, Anyway?

Various sources list several social skills that are necessary to get along well with others in different social settings. The top five include the following:

  • The ability to strike up conversations with someone new
  • The ability to resolve conflict
  • The ability to effectively communicate through verbal and non-verbal means
  • The ability to empathize
  • The ability to make and maintain friendships

Some people may find learning skills that help them interact in social situations a bit of a challenge.

This is often the case for people who didn’t navigate social groups when they were children, as well as those with social anxiety and those on the autism spectrum.

Worksheets are a great tool for learning about social skills.

Today, we’ve rounded up some of the best printable social skills worksheets to get you started with developing and mastering the art of interacting with others in a social setting.

1. Improving Interpersonal Communication Skills

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Looking for a quick reference for how to improve your interpersonal communication skills? We’ve created this checklist to help you out in any social situation. This checklist features 10 essential acts that not only show others that you have good manners, but also help you in the following ways:

  • Developing the habit of mindfulness in any situation
  • Becoming a person of integrity
  • Navigating through social situations with ease

2. Exploring Social Anxiety

According to Mental Health America, 15 million American adults suffer from social anxiety disorder. This worksheet provides an opportunity for exploring your experience with social anxiety. It serves as a reference point for establishing goals and treatment plans if you decide to enter therapy for this condition.

3. Social Skills Role Play Cards

One of the best ways to polish your social skills is through constant practice. Role playing is a creative way to put into practice what you’ve learned.

This can be done either in a classroom setting or at home with a person you trust.

The worksheet above provides role play prompts to practice character traits that are often expected during social interactions.

Each card bears a character trait and a short description of a situation where this trait should be evident.

4. Assertiveness Guidelines Worksheet

This worksheet is your guide to being more assertive about your feelings and needs in order to be heard, without resorting to anger or turning away without being acknowledged.

If you’re constantly losing control over your emotions, this could be a sign of anger problems. You might want to check out these anger management worksheets for more information on how to cope with anger issues.

5. Conflict Resolution Worksheet

Conflict resolution is essential for maintaining good relationships. This worksheet is your guide to resolving or de-escalating conflicts using the GIVE method:

G– Gentle

I – Interested

V – Validate

E – Easy Manner

6. Stop, Think, and Act

Here is a set of worksheets that help users learn the valuable skill of impulse control. Primarily designed for children, these worksheets are also useful for adults and young people who need some guidance in the following:

  • Foresight
  • Self-monitoring
  • Prioritization

7. Social Manners Worksheet

These days, many of us are so immersed in screen time that it’s easy to forget that there are different rules during face-to-face human interaction. Although initially designed for kids, this infographic also works well for teens and adults who need a reminder about the essential rules of etiquette during social situations.

8. There's Nothing Small About “Small Talk”

This worksheet is helpful for those suffering from social anxiety. They can practice their conversation skills with the tips provided.

The worksheet features strategies for navigating conversations in a variety of social settings. It also has an assignment to give users more opportunities to practice the conversation skills they are learning.

9. “Thinking About Your Emotions” Game

This worksheet serves as the mat for a game that encourages users to think about their emotions.

The game itself is an opportunity to reflect on your emotions (for example, what were the circumstances when you last felt a particular emotion?).

When playing alone, you can write your reflections down in your journal. This is also an opportunity to share your thoughts with others if you have someone playing the game with you.

10. Self-Awareness Happiness Assessment Worksheet

Being self-aware is an essential social skill. It helps us develop self-confidence, which in turn makes us better communicators.

This worksheet is designed to give you a clear perspective on your personality. It can help you correctly interpret and master your emotions.

As you learn to master your emotions with the help of this worksheet, you will cultivate a better relationship with yourself and others.

11. Empathy Workbook

Empathy is not just being able to share the same emotions as other people—it is also being aware of how others are feeling. Moreover, it is being sensitive to and understanding other people’s experiences, emotions, and thoughts.

The expression “Putting yourself in other people’s shoes” describes empathy well.

Being able to empathize with others is a highly valued social skill, considering that it allows you to be present for others. It shows that you sincerely care about them.

This workbook provides the necessary information to help you develop empathy through reflection questions and helpful tips for practicing what you’ve learned.

12. Social Stories Worksheets

This set of printable social stories is designed to help users navigate social interactions in different settings, teach correct behaviors, and impart social skills for special events. Primarily designed for autistic children, these worksheets are also a great resource for those looking for a thoughtfully written guide on social and life skills.

Each social story contains real photos featuring diverse characters that help represent the concepts.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Making eye contact
  • Staying on topic (in conversations)
  • Recognizing personal space

13. Speech Outline Template

Public speaking is considered one of the most important social skills a leader can possess. Through this skill, you can reach out to other people and rally them to your cause.

This template helps organize your speech so you can get your point across while keeping your audience interested in what you’re saying. The outline works whether you’re speaking face-to-face with your audience or reaching out to them through a Zoom call or recorded video.

Final Thoughts on Social Skills Worksheets

To recap, social skills are the best way to forge strong relationships with others and live a fulfilling life.

While developing socials skills is easy for many people, there are some who find it a challenge.

Social skills worksheets are a helpful tool for learning and practicing the skills necessary to interact with others in social situations.

We hope that you were able to find worksheets from today’s list that were helpful.

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