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Having strong, healthy relationships is a key factor not only for our well-being, but also for helping us live longer.

However, it takes sincere effort to build and maintain healthy relationships with others.

We’ve rounded up a collection of printable, healthy relationship worksheets to help you with this task. These worksheets provide helpful tips and strategies for developing and maintaining healthy relationships.

There are worksheets for helping couples become closer to each other, and other worksheets that teach children how to make friends. There are also worksheets to help teens form healthy romantic relationships.

The Benefits of a Healthy Relationship

A Harvard Medical School article reveals that those who do not have any social connections are 50% more likely to die early, compared with those who have strong, healthy relationships.

A healthy relationship can benefit us in a myriad ways.

Here are some of the wonderful benefits we can all reap from having loving relationships:

The Basis of Healthy Relationships

It can sometimes be difficult to determine whether a relationship is healthy or not.

The following traits are considered the basis of a healthy relationship:

  • Honesty
  • Equality
  • Trust
  • Respect

If the people involved in a relationship demonstrate the traits mentioned above, it is likely that they have a supportive, nurturing, healthy relationship.

Let’s check out the worksheets we’ve rounded up for you.

1. Learning How to Open Up to Your Partner

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via Love To Know

A lot of couples find it difficult to open up to each other. This can often lead to miscommunication that can escalate into arguments.

This worksheet aims to help those in relationships open up to their partners. It fosters a deeper connection between them.

By answering the questions, the couple works on developing open and honest communication with each other. This will also help the realize what their relationship core values are.

2. New Friend Scavenger Hunt

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via Proud To Be Primary

The worksheet consists of a 15-item prompt to help children get to know others better. It can help overcome a child’s shyness and help them learn more about a potential friend.

3. How Healthy Is My Relationship?

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via The Teen Relationship Workbook

Teenagers often have lofty ideals related to romantic relationships. This tendency can cause them to overlook some of the glaring signs of an unhealthy and even abusive relationship.

This worksheet helps teens identify if their relationships are healthy or not.

It also encourages those who find themselves in unhealthy relationships to discuss the matter with someone they consider as a part of their support system.

4. My Partner's Good Qualities Worksheet

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via Positive Psychology

This worksheet promotes a better understanding of one’s partner by uncovering their good qualities.

Through this worksheet, you are able to pinpoint the following about your partner:

  • The good qualities that first caught your attention
  • The significant memories you have as a couple
  • The reasons why you appreciate your partner
  • The ways your partner shows they care

5. #Relationship Goals

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via Choices on Scholastic

If you want your relationship to grow stronger, we recommend having shared relationship goals with your partner.

In this worksheet, teens are given the opportunity to compare relationships of well-known personalities. It allows them to determine if a couple’s relationship is healthy or not by enumerating behaviors exhibited by the people in the relationship.

More importantly, this worksheet helps teens recommend the best fixes to help repair the unhealthy behaviors that they’ve identified.

6. Empathy in a Relationship

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via OptimistMinds

Empathy is the ability to understand how another person feels.

To foster a strong and healthy relationship with someone, you need to show empathy for your partner. However, for most people, empathy does not come automatically.

This worksheet helps those in relationships to develop empathy for their partners.

It prompts you to write down specific instances where empathy is required. Then your actual response in that given situation needs to be written down in another column. This response may have caused a misunderstanding or an actual fight.

Finally, in a third column, you’re asked to write down an empathic response that encourages open communication and more understanding between partners.

7. How to Apologize

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via Therapist Aid

An apology is often necessary if you want to rebuild a relationship.

When you say sorry and mean it, you are showing remorse for something you’ve done. This also shows that you are acknowledging that your actions have hurt someone.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to make a proper apology.

This worksheet provides helpful tips and can help those who find making an apology difficult.

8. Relationship Health Worksheet

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via Silver Lining Counseling

This eye-opening worksheet helps you determine if the characteristics of a healthy relationship are present in yours.

The worksheet is not exclusively for romantic relationships. It can also be used to evaluate your friendships and relationships with immediate family and relatives.

There are four main aspects that you are encouraged to consider when using this worksheet, including:

  • Physical safety
  • Mutual respect
  • Trust
  • Honesty

9. Worksheet for Building Healthy Relationships

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via Tomi Llama

It’s not only with other people that we need to be cultivating healthy relationships. We also need to so with the relationships we have with ourselves.

To do this, we need to develop self-awareness. Once we’ve done that, and developed self-acceptance as a result, we are then ready to have healthy relationships with others.

This worksheet helps you accomplish this by guiding you in the following:

  • How to own your emotions
  • How to engage with the right person
  • How to give yourself a second chance

10. Setting Boundaries

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via Therapist Aid

When you’re in a healthy relationship, you and your partner respect each other’s personal boundaries. As with learning to develop empathy, knowing how to set boundaries can often be challenging.

This worksheet provides tips, strategies, and important reminders to help you learn to be comfortable setting personal boundaries in any relationship.

11. Avoiding Abusive Relationships Worksheet (For Teens)

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via Learn For Your Life

This worksheet can help teens (and even adults) know the difference between a healthy and abusive relationship.

By becoming aware of these red flags in a partner, a person will have a greater chance of entering into healthy relationships. It might even save their life.

12. Relationship Growth Activity

If you and your partner are motivated together, here’s a worksheet that can help you start working on making your relationship stronger.

This activity worksheet encourages better communication between you and your partner. It also helps you both be on the same page when it comes to your goals as a couple.

13. Should You Stay or Go Worksheet

If you’re wondering whether to finally leave a relationship—whether it’s a romantic relationship, friendship, or a working relationship—here’s a worksheet to help you make the decision that’s in your best interest.

This worksheet has five reflection questions. Each question lets you reflect on different aspects of the relationship and how it’s benefiting or hurting you. The worksheet also allows you to define what exactly you want from a relationship, moving forward.

Final Thoughts on Healthy Relationships Worksheets

Healthy relationships not only benefit our sense of well-being, they also have a positive impact on our health and longevity.

We hope that the healthy relationships worksheets we’ve rounded up for you in this post can help you form healthier and more nurturing connections with others.

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