15 SMART Goals Examples for Kids in 2024

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Considering fewer than one in ten people achieve their goals, teaching children to set effective goals while they’re young can be very advantageous to them in the future. What’s more, with the constant uncertainty of the economy and job market, we all want our kids to be prepared to be competitive job candidates in the … Read more

35 People Who Became Successful Later in Life

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people who became successful later in life | woman who became successful after 50 | famous accomplishments made late in life

We always hear about people who are able to reach fame at an early age, but it isn’t often that people talk about late bloomers. These are the people who seem to be late in meeting society’s unwritten milestone calendar. They may be seen as not living up to their potential or even being failures, … Read more

85 Fun Things to Do on Your Birthday in 2024

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Is your birthday just around the corner? Have you always wanted to have the perfect birthday, but don’t know how or where to begin? As luck would have it, we have 85 fun things to do on your birthday in 2024, so you can have the best birthday ever! Whether you enjoy elegant ideas, chill nights … Read more

What is Personal Responsibility? 8 Key Ingredients

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I’m sure you are familiar with the cringing feeling you get when you make a mistake and must tell someone at work, especially if it’s your boss. You probably pause to see if there is anything you can do to either undo the mistake, cover it up somehow, or shift the blame. The problem with … Read more

Why It’s Never Too Late to Start Over

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Do you think that you’re past the point of being able to achieve your goals? Are you over 40 and feel stuck with your career? Perhaps you wanted to run a marathon but you feel like an ancient amongst saplings when you look at most other runners. Think you’re too old to find love? Well, … Read more

25 Inspirational Songs About Following Your Dreams

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Turning your dreams into reality takes a special kind of determination. Setbacks can block the path that leads to your dreams and it’s easy to get discouraged. But don’t give up just yet. One of life’s great joys is to pursue your passions. By doing so, you are applying yourself to things that you truly … Read more

13 Steps to Make Yourself a Priority

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First.  Second. Third.  Where do you come into play when setting your priorities? If you didn’t answer “first”… you should take a good look at yourself and rethink things. Making yourself a priority, especially your physical and mental well-being, is the best way to put your best self out there for all the world to … Read more

6 Steps to Complete the Dreamlining Exercise

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“Stick to the process, and the results will follow.” This is something that the CEO of my company reminds us of in nearly every morning leadership meeting. If you take the appropriate steps that you’ve been trained to do, it will lead to positive outcomes for the business. Everyone’s work will accumulate over time and … Read more

13 Free SMART Goals Templates to Edit, Download, and Print

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Goals are meant to get you to where you want to go. They are an important component of success. However, if a person or a company’s goals are vague or unrealistic, they can do more harm than good. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry expressed it quite clearly in this quote: “A goal without a plan is just … Read more

How to Let Go of the Things Holding You Back

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If you’re going on a long journey, is it better to overload yourself with belongings? If you’re going to change your life by becoming a solopreneur then you need to travel light and you might need to spend some time thinking about what’s holding you back. Sometimes “letting go” gets thrown around like a catch-all … Read more