11 SMART Goals Examples for Growing Your Career

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For most people who like their jobs, advancing their careers is something they strive for. Unfortunately, too many people think waiting around for someone to notice their potential is enough… and, thus, end up disappointed and feeling unappreciated when it doesn’t happen. You need to actively work at making things happen. You need to set … Read more

13 SMART Goals Examples to Improve Reading Comprehension

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smart goals for reading comprehension | iep goals for reading comprehension | examples of reading goals for students

Do you find yourself reading the same passage of text over and over again, only to feel it fly right over you? If so, then you might need help with your reading comprehension. Reading comprehension adds meaning to what you are reading. Without it, the ideas, concepts, and thoughts you read on a page are … Read more

11 Examples of SMART Goals for Project Management

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If you’re struggling to communicate with employees effectively, your problems might stem from a lack of precise goals rather than insufficient soft skills. One of the best ways to create a good baseline for a project is to use SMART goals. Project management relies on proper planning to get the project underway, and it’s those … Read more

11 SMART Goals Examples for Time Management & Productivity

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smart goals for time management | examples of smart goals for time management | sample smart goals for time management

We all have ambitions, aspirations, and objectives that we want to achieve in life. But we hardly take a systematic approach towards them. Do you know that out of every hundred people, only twenty set their goals, and from those twenty, only eight are able to accomplish what they plan for? The concept of SMART goals can … Read more

15 Teacher Professional Goals Examples for 2023

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teacher professional goals examples | smart teacher goals examples | long term professional goals for teachers

As a teacher in 2023, it’s important to have clear goals in mind that will help you achieve success in the classroom and positively impact your students. From improving student achievement, to fostering a growth mindset, the 15 goals listed below will serve as a comprehensive guide for teaching professionals looking to excel in their … Read more

10 SMART Goals Examples for an IEP (Individualized Education Program)

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Any parent, teacher, counselor, educator, or school aid that deals with special needs children on a regular basis knows what the IEP (Individualized Education Plan) is and the impact it has on children with learning and developmental delays and disabilities. But what goes into the process of developing a tailored IEP for each individual student? … Read more

11 SMART Goals Examples for Special Education Teachers

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Being a teacher is a fulfilling and rewarding profession. One thing I learned from my time in the classroom is that you can never plan too much as a teacher. Setting realistic goals for yourself and your students is the best way to get everyone on the same page and have a basis to measure … Read more

13 SMART Fitness Goals Examples That Will Motivate You

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How many times did you set a fitness goal that failed? If you’re like most people, probably more than once. The problem often lies with how we set our goals. A simple “get in shape” won’t do it. There’s a much more efficient way to motivate yourself. The secret is in setting the correct type … Read more

17 Daily Goal Examples to Help You Conquer the Day

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When you think about your goals, your mind probably automatically goes to the long-term plans that you’ve made for yourself. But, without having smaller, daily goals that will give you a sense of accomplishment on a regular basis, you will lose the necessary motivation to reach your larger goals. Setting small process goals that you … Read more

10 SMART Goals Examples for Education and Educators

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Goal setting is an ongoing and adaptive process. Educators should try to recognize emerging patterns and use this new or revised information to refine their current goals.  Summer, for educators, is often a useful time to reflect on outcomes from the previous school year. For me, it is the time of the academic cycle when I get to … Read more