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Goals are meant to get you to where you want to go. They are an important component of success.

However, if a person or a company’s goals are vague or unrealistic, they can do more harm than good.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry expressed it quite clearly in this quote:

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

SMART goals templates help you to achieve success.

With a SMART template, you’ll be able to keep track of goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely.

In this post, we share our collection of 13 SMART templates to help you succeed in your goal-setting.

You’ll find templates that are ideal for introducing goal-setting to children, templates for both businesses and personal life, colorful templates, and minimalistic ones as well.

Let’s dive into the list and get you started on your journey to success.

1. DGH SMART Goals Printable

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Download the PDF

If you want a simple way to create SMART goals for any area of your life, our Free Printable SMART Goals Worksheet can help. Learn how to use this worksheet by reading our guide here.

2. DGH SMART Goals Template (Guided)

how to write a smart goal template | smart goal template example | how to create smart goals template

Download the PDF

First on the list is our very own Guided SMART Goals Template. We’ve added a guide question for each aspect of SMART goal setting to help you throughout the process. This is ideal if you are just starting out with SMART goal setting and need a bit of guidance. This simple template comes in A4 size.

3. DGH SMART Goals Template

smart goals templates | smart goals template examples | free smart goals templates

Download the PDF

For the more experienced SMART goal setter who doesn’t like distractions, this template is for you. Its no-frills approach will help you get to the execution part of your plan faster. It is straightforward: just write your SMART goal in each dedicated box. This simple template comes in A4 size.

4. SMART Goal Planner

smart goal planner | smart goals template word | smart goals template pdf

via Fractus Learning

Finally, we have this template sample from Fractus Learning. This template ensures that the goals you are creating are concrete.

Just like the other templates, it has sufficient space where you can write the details of your SMART goals. Then, at the bottom of the page, there is enough space to write a clear statement of your goal.

5. Professional Looking Goal Setting Template

professional looking goal setting template | smart goals template pdf | smart goals template excel

via Wise Goals

Here is a professional-looking template for your SMART goals. It can be downloaded as a printable PDF file. (Administrative assistants can use it to set their smart goals.)

The header contains a motivational quote from Daisaku Ikeda, one of the most influential Japanese pacifists and spiritual leaders of the 20th century. The quote says:

Anyone who has ever made a resolution discovers that the strength of their determination fades with time. The important thing is not that your resolve never wavers, but that you don’t get down on yourself when it does and throw in the towel.

We agree. Never give up, even when life gets hard.

6. Simple Goal Worksheet

This template is primarily designed for student use. It has two main sections:

  • Brainstorm
  • Goal

In the Brainstorm section, template users are to identify up to four personal strengths, as well as four of the challenges they face in relation to the goal they want to achieve. (Check out this post of self-awareness activities to help discover your personal strengths.)

The Goal section, meanwhile, provides space for the user to write a statement about their goal. There is also space to write three actionable steps for achieving this goal. 

Another column in this section allows the user to identify key helpers and/or accountability partners to help them attain their goal.

Finally, like a binding contract, the user signs their name at the bottom of the page.

7. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely

When working your way to success, it is important to be as specific as possible with your goals.

For example, rather than declaring “Lose weight this year,” you can make it more specific by stating “Lose 25 pounds by summer.”

This specific statement conditions your brain to work on achieving a specific goal. It sets you up for guaranteed success.

In this template, you’ll be prompted to specify your goals. Then you are encouraged to reflect on and identify obstacles and setbacks that might stand in the way of obtaining what you want.

After that, a section lets you identify up to seven action items and tasks. There are also slots for target dates.

These deadlines help create a sense of urgency for your brain. This, in turn, makes you receptive to opportunities that bring you closer to your goals.

Finally, the worksheet has space for writing down how you will reward yourself when you’ve achieved your goals. (Check out some ideas for rewarding yourself.)

8. My SMART Goal

This simple template is an ideal goal-setting tool when you need a no-frills approach to tracking your goals.

Although initially designed for kids, this template actually works well for people of all ages.

The template comes in a teal-colored theme. Unlike other templates, this one prompts you to reflect on why your goal is important to you.

If you’re working on goal-setting with kids, you might want to display their goal worksheets after they’ve filled them out. This serves as a visual reminder, much like a vision board, which activates the Law of Attraction and helps them achieve what they want.

9. Simple SMART Goal Templates

If you’re looking for a a variety of SMART goals templates, these might be the one for you.

When you’re using a SMART template, you will be encouraged to reflect on how important or worthwhile your goal is.

Some of the questions that help you explore this aspect of goal-setting are:

  • Does it really matter to you?
  • Why are you doing this?
  • Does it support others and/or a wider purpose?

Determining how relevant your goal is often helps you become more committed to following through with it.

10. SMART Goals for Kids

First on the list is a template designed for kids.

Introducing goal-setting to children helps them develop this life skill early on.

It can be especially valuable as they take on bigger responsibilities. It can also be a springboard to help them learn about personal responsibility.

This example is available from Template Lab (clicking the link instantly downloads a .zip file of the template). It features a colorful template with the image of a kid surrounded by speech bubbles.

Each speech bubble contains a prompt that kids will answer in order to establish their SMART goals.

The template is downloadable and editable as a Word, Excel, or PDF file.

11. Colorful Template

This colorful template is pretty straightforward when it comes to helping you plan your SMART goals.

It has a number of spaces for different aspects of SMART goal-setting. One goal goes into each sheet of the template.

The beauty of this template is that you can use it for any type of goal-setting. You can plot out your monthly goals with it, and it’s also great for creating exciting, long-term goals.

12. SMART Goal Map

This goal map is primarily designed to help students set and achieve their goals.

Each of the five boxes represents one letter of the SMART acronym. There are also guide questions you can answer in relation to SMART goal-setting.

Children and young people benefit from setting small, achievable goals. Accomplishing these goals boosts confidence and encourages them to apply goal-setting in other areas of their lives.

To help your kids in their goal-setting, you might want to check out this post for SMART goal examples for kids.

13. Gray Themed Goal Setting Template

This elegant template might be what you need for goal setting if you love the color gray. It is intended for use in a team setting, but it can also be tweaked for personal use.

It has guide questions to help you explore and establish your goals, as well as a plan for how to accomplish them.

When formulating your goal, make sure to use clear, concise language. Your goal statement should be one or two sentences only.

Visualize how it will look when you’ve achieved your goal. Set a target date for when the goal has been achieved. Remember to take note of the actual date when you’ve accomplished your goal.

Final Thoughts

Goal-setting often fails because the things that people want to achieve are not written down. Another reason why people fail to achieve their goals is that they don’t have a concrete plan for how to pursue them.

SMART goals templates help bring structure and organization to your goal-setting. In addition, it encourages you to be accountable in working towards what you want to achieve and tracking your progress on your way there.

We hope you have found the template that works best for your needs in today’s post.

You might also want to take a look at some goal-setting worksheets made by Develop Good Habits for you. Head over to this post to check out the free downloadable worksheets.

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