15 Vision Board Ideas for Kids to Visualize Their Goals

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Kids can learn a lot of essential life skills while creating their own vision boards.

For starters, vision boards encourage children and young people to dream big.

Furthermore, vision boarding introduces children to the concept of goal-setting. It’s never too early for kids to learn the importance of setting goals and being accountable for their own success. Goal-setting also boosts children’s confidence.

For every goal achieved, kids learn to believe in themselves. That’s the seed of the growth mindset planted in the minds of the young.

So, how do you make vision boards with kids?

Brainstorming for a Kid’s Vision Board

Making a kid’s version of a vision board basically follows the same steps as you would with a “grown-up” version.

However, in creating vision boards for children, adult supervision and guidance are needed, especially during the brainstorming process.

Here are some guide questions and prompts to help kids get started:

  • What words inspire you?
  • What is important to you right now?
  • Which famous people (living or dead) inspire you and why?
  • What places in the world would you like to visit?
  • What kind of contribution do you want to make to the world (for older kids)?

When the children have brainstormed their goals, you can then take out all the supplies you need for the project. (You can find a list of the materials and supplies you’ll need in this post.)

If using magazine cutouts, let the children choose the images that resonate with them. Extra precaution is necessary when handling scissors and other sharp tools.

After the vision board is assembled, let the kids share their work. Display them in a prominent spot. Remind them to frequently look at their boards and imagine their goals already achieved.

For further inspiration, check out our curated list of vision board ideas for kids below.

1. Caring for You

caring for you | vision board printables | vision board questions

via Left Brain Buddha

This vision board emphasizes health in all its aspects. The layout is great for a child’s health goals.

When helping children create vision boards, do away with the formality. Encourage the flow of creativity by allowing them to sit on the floor for this activity.

2. My Big Life Board

my big life board | vision board categories | vision board worksheet for students pdf

via Big Life Journal

Age-appropriate and single-word affirmations keep kids motivated as they make their dreams come true. In this example, the affirmations were printed in a colorful font and cut out. They add visual interest to the board and remind the kids of the beauty of their dreams.

3. Legendary Vision Board

legendary vision board | vision board ideas for students | vision board printables

via Kayse Morris

This vision board uses poster-sized cardstock, and the black background makes the images pop. If your child is more creative, encourage them to create more visual interest for their board, similar to the colorful border found in the sample above.

Considering that vision boards are one way of encouraging children to dream big, these need to be placed in a prominent area where the children can regularly see them.

Teaching them the process of visualization helps manifest their dreams faster.

4. Jay's Vision Board

jay's vision board | vision board questions | vision board for students

via Cherish 365

This vision board has a lot of fun elements that are related to what its owner loves.

If your child is into a particular cartoon character or loves a certain movie or sports, you might want to incorporate images of them into their vision board.

Not only will these elements inspire kids to work on their goals, having images of their favorite things on the board adds a personal touch.

5. Don't Be Chicken

don't be chicken | vision board ideas for students | vision board printables

via Overstuffed Life

As children grow older, vision boards can help them figure out their personal interests. In this image-rich sample, the creator glued magazine cutouts of images that depict skills and talents that he or she might want to improve/learn. These include:

  • Painting
  • Driving
  • Playing the guitar and violin

Moreover, it features a single phrase, “Don’t be chicken,” to remind them about being more confident.

6. Live Your Dreams

live your dreams | vision board worksheet for students pdf | vision board ideas for students

via Wall Décor Plus More

This is an example of a 3D vision board.

Rather than using magazine cutouts, the creator utilized actual objects like an old-fashioned key and an artist’s palette to create this board.

Give kids free rein when they’re creating their vision boards. You’ll be amazed at the results.

7. Shine

shine | vision board for students | how to make a vision board

via Living A Sunshine Life

Most of the vision boards we’ve seen earlier are rich in images. In this example, however, the dominant feature consists of encouraging words and phrases.

This type of board is ideal for goals related to personal development. It is best suited for older kids.

Here are some sample guide questions to use during brainstorming:

  • What activity makes you feel happy when you’re doing it?
  • Give three positive words to describe yourself.
  • What skills do you want to learn or improve on?
  • What other things do you want to improve about yourself?

8. Gratitude Board for Kids

gratitude board for kids | vision board for students | how to make a vision board

via Make A Vision Board

A gratitude board is a wonderful way of helping kids develop a growth mindset. The example above, just like the one in #7, uses words to accomplish this. It is the visual representation of all the things that the creator of this board is grateful for.

Teaching kids the gratitude habit is essential in many ways. For example, it helps balance kids’ emotions and releases stress. It also helps strengthen personal relationships.

More importantly, gratitude turns kids into better decision-makers and better learners.

 9. Canvas Vision Board

canvas vision board | vision board questions | vision board for students

via Red Tricycle

In the example above, a framed piece of canvas served as the base of the vision board. The board’s creator used magazine cutouts and the pages from Lego instruction manuals to represent her goals and dreams.

This example shows that in making a vision board, children can unleash their creativity and resourcefulness.

10. Family Visions

family visions | vision board worksheet for students pdf | vision board ideas for students

via Beyond Committed

Spending quality time with your children is important. An SDSU article reveals that “children who spend quality time with their families are less likely to engage in risky behaviors.”

If you want to ensure that, then why not create a family vision board together?

In this example, the child and her parents worked together to create a visual representation of their goals as a family unit.

This activity will not only help the family realize their goals, it will also give the child a sense of security that is vital when growing up.

If you need inspiration for family goals, this post has over 30 family goals examples you can share with your loved ones.

11. Good-Vibes Vision Board

good vibes vision board | how to make a vision board | vision board categories

via Project Me

Many children are attracted to bright colors. This vision board projects a happy vibe with its colorful images and texts. It may help kids stay interested in the concept of goal-setting.

You can help your kids make this kind of board by gathering magazines and vision board printables that bear colorful pictures for them to cut out.

As you probably realize by now, you can also embellish the board with stickers, found objects, and other decorative elements for a fun, personalized, and powerful vision board.

12. Be Yourself

be_yourself | vision board for students | how to make a vision board

via Entirely Elementary… School Counseling

Here is another example of a text-rich vision board that is used for personal development goals. In the example, adjectives that represent a positive personality are placed on the board in random fashion.

The words can be cut out from magazines and printables. However, to give it a more personal touch (and if your kids are artistically inclined), these words can also be handwritten.

13. Future Goals and Dreams With Plan of Action

shine | vision board for students | how to make a vision board

via School On Wheels

A vision board can help clarify what we want in different areas of our lives, such as:

  • Self-discovery
  • Career
  • Life’s work 

In this vision board, the creator is very specific about what she wants. Furthermore, she has an action plan that helps her achieve all her goals.

14. Powerful Dreams

powerful dreams | how to make a vision board | vision board categories

via The Giggling Life

In this vision board, we see some hand-drawn elements incorporated with the cutouts. The drawings give this board a more personalized touch. It prompts the creator to be accountable in the realization of her goals.

15. Kids With a Vision

kids with a vision | vision board printables | vision board questions

via Be Inspired Group

In this final example, the creator has grouped his goals into several well-defined categories, such as:

  • Travel
  • Healthy eating
  • Fitness
  • Social action
  • Family

Goal boards like this are ideal for older kids who may be learning how to plan their futures.

Final Thoughts on Vision Board Ideas for Kids

Vision boards are wonderful tools that encourage our kids to set goals and achieve them.

These boards are a visual representation of their potential, and are vital for teaching them about the growth mindset.

We hope you’ve found these ideas inspiring.

If you need more inspiration, you can visit the following resources about vision boards:

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15 Vision Board Ideas for Kids to Visualize Their Goals