9 Best Omega 3 Supplement Brands (2024 Review)

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Check out the best omega 3 supplements, learn the omega 3 benefits for skin or benefits of fish oil supplements.

There are numerous health benefits from including omega 3 fatty acids in your diet on a daily basis. Not only does this nutrient help your body, it has also been proven to assist with brain function. While the human body can convert raw materials or other fats into most of the kinds of fats that … Read more

7 Best Ergonomic Office Computer Chairs (2024 Review)

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ergonomic computer office chair | ergonomic computer seating | comfortable desk chairs

“Sitting is the new smoking.” – Dr. James Levine James A. Levine, an obesity specialist at the Mayo Clinic, published a paper in 2005 making the claim that any type of extended sitting, whether it is at your desk at work or behind the wheel of your car, can be harmful. He even went so … Read more

12 Best Pillows for Neck Pain (Our 2024 Review)

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pillows for neck pain amazon | what pillow best for neck pain | what type of pillow for neck pain

We all want to sleep soundly and wake up without any stiffness or pain. Having the right pillow that promotes a correct sleeping posture by keeping your back aligned can help with this. Usually, we don’t give much thought to the pillows that we buy. A pillow is a pillow…right? Very wrong. Because some people … Read more

9 Best Multivitamins for Men of All Ages (2024 Review)

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multivitamins for men | what vitamins should a man take daily | best multivitamins for men

If you’re in a hurry and just want to know what the best multivitamin for men of all ages is, then we recommend Tropical Oasis Men’s Mega Multivitamin as the best choice. Some people assume that we can get all of our nutritional needs from the food we eat. But this is not always the case. … Read more

5 Reasons to STOP Using Your Phone as an Alarm

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hitting the snooze button meaning hitting the snooze button meme | what happens to your body when you hit the snooze button

Technology has become so integrated into our everyday lives that our phones, tablets… even fitness trackers are now able to send and receive text messages and emails, make calls and keep us on task with calendar reminders and alarms.  But I am here to offer a friendly warning.  Before you are tempted to use your … Read more

275 Self-Care Ideas & Activities to Deal With Life [2024 Update]

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self care ideas and activities | self care activity worksheets | fun self care activities

Self-care is popular these days. It has become a buzz topic for many millennials. But don’t let that fact make you think that self-care is synonymous with some sort of self-indulgence, or that is it is another example of the laziness of youth, or even aspirations for some unachievable state of bliss and nirvana Self-care … Read more

21 Creative Hobbies to Make Something Great

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creative hobbies to start | Is reading a creative hobby | Creative hobbies that make money

I recently finished watching Maniac on Netflix and I was left wondering how in the world people come up with this stuff.  Movie plots with twists and turns and television series that clearly have so much research behind them in addition to someone’s incredible imagination–it’s mind blowing.  When it comes to creativity–whether it’s creative writing … Read more

19 Fun Virtual Activities and Ideas for Your Kids

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virtual activities for kids | virtual classroom activity ideas | virtual activities for elementary students

It’s been just over a year since most of the world shut down and terms such as, “social distancing” and “mask up” became a part of our everyday lives. And as hard as it’s been on us adults… it’s been much harder on our kids. Trust me. Kids are social creatures. They need other children … Read more

How to Be Happy Alone and Live a Full Life

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how to be happy alone | how to make yourself happy | how to be happy with yourself

Do you remember when you were younger–maybe 12 or 13–and your parents would go out to run errands and leave you home alone? If you’re like me, the second you heard that door shut and you had the house to yourself, you felt this incredible sense of unprecedented freedom to do whatever you wanted for … Read more

How Many Calories Are Burned Walking 10,000 Steps?

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calories burned walking 10000 steps | 10000 steps calories burned calculator | steps to calories burned calculator

You’ve probably heard that walking 10,000 steps a day is a great way to get in shape and lose weight. But you might have a bunch of questions about this simple habit like: Unfortunately, the answers to these question are hardly straightforward. How much you burn on a daily walk often depends on a number … Read more