31 Bad Habit Examples: A List of Habits to Break in 2023

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2022 is quickly coming to a close and, like me, you might still be struggling to give up habits that aren’t necessarily good for you. So much for New Year’s Resolutions and the list of changes you were planning to make, right? Worry not. You still have time to get it right. In fact, I’m … Read more

I Hate Myself: 10 Ways to Stop Your Self-Hatred

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Learn how to stop hating yourself, how to overcome hating yourself, and how to deal with hatred in this article.

“Man is his own worst enemy.” No one is a bigger threat to you than yourself, as made evident by the fact that millions of people easily criticize and disparage themselves through self-hatred and self-loathing. Even though it is pretty common, self-loathing is not a personality trait but a serious psychological concern that calls for … Read more

Why Am I Unmotivated? How to Stop Being Lazy

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how to stop being lazy | how to stop being lazy and unmotivated | tips on how to stop being lazy

Most people think that laziness is an undesirable trait. There are indeed moments in our lives when we become overwhelmed by what’s on our plates, and during this time, we tend to put off tasks or procrastinate on a number of things. Usually, this is caused by not wanting to deal with a challenge or decision that … Read more

31 Eye-Opening Pros and Cons of Social Media Use

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pros and cons of social media for youth | social media weaknesses | arguments for social media

Many of us have conflicting feelings about social media. In just a few years, it has already changed the landscape of communication, business, and education. While one group extols the virtue of faster communication with the advent of social networking sites, others vilify it for the reported negative effects it has on our mental health. … Read more

What is FOMO? How to Deal with the Fear of Missing Out

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Learn what is FOMO, how to deal with FOMO, and How the Fear of Missing Out Limits Your Personal Success?

Ever feel like life is passing you by? Like your friends and acquaintances are doing fun things that make you wish you were in their shoes? Or do you frequently struggle at work because you see other people doing projects that seem more fun than what you’re doing? If any of these sound familiar, then … Read more

5 Reasons to Stop Watching the News (and How to Do It)

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If you are having a hard time finding anything good in the world, then odds are you are spending far too much time watching the news. So one way to fix this is to stop watching the news. Sure, you want to stay in the loop with everything going on in the world; however, is … Read more

5 Reasons to STOP Using Your Phone as an Alarm

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psychology of the snooze button | is hitting the snooze button good for you | how do i stop hitting the snooze button

Technology has become so integrated into our everyday lives that our phones, tablets… even fitness trackers are now able to send and receive text messages and emails, make calls and keep us on task with calendar reminders and alarms.  But I am here to offer a friendly warning.  Before you are tempted to use your … Read more

10 Simple Strategies to Stop Being Jealous of Others

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Check out these strategies to learn how to stop being jealous and controlling.

Jealousy is a poison whose toxicity affects the individual experiencing it. At the same time, it also has a negative impact on the person who is the target of the “green-eyed monster.” Some people romanticize jealousy in relationships. They declare that it is a way of showing they care about or love their partner. However, … Read more

5 Proven Strategies to Stop Yourself from Binge Eating

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Take the first step on how to stop binge eating by learning what is binge eating disorder and some tips on how to stop binge eating.

Many people have a love-hate relationship with food. The unhealthy way that many of us view food can lead to eating disorders. One such disorder is binge eating. This happens when a person periodically overeats (usually very quickly) to the point of discomfort and then feels shame or guilt afterward. For some, binge eating begins … Read more

5 Foolproof Ways to Stop Biting Your Nails — For Good!

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Follow these tips and learn how to stop nail biting in adults and how to stop nail biting in child.

Let’s face it: Nail biting is a bad habit. But if this is a habit that you have, you’ve likely noticed that it isn’t easy to stop. Nail biting is common in children and teenagers. In fact, it is the most common nervous habit worldwide, and it’s a popular habit among adolescents because the teen … Read more