How to Stop Watching So Much TV

Read these tips on how to stop watching TV and some ideas on what to do instead of watching tv.

​Watching TV has become a normal part of everyday life. Although not everyone around the world can enjoy this technology, those who do seem to be enjoying it too much. According to data released by Nielsen in 2016, American adults watch an average of 5 hours and 4 minutes of television per day. The habit … Read more

5 Bad Money Habits You Should Immediately Stop

Learn what are the bad money habits stopping your from success and how to break bad money habits.

Do you have bad money habits? Are you constantly broke? Needing to borrow money to make ends meet? Spending far more than you should. Impulse buying? Have no idea what a balanced budget looks like? (much less how to make one.) If any of the above bad money habits sound familiar, you need to take … Read more

How the Crabs in a Bucket Mentality is Holding You Back

Learn why do crabs pull each other down and what is crabs in a bucket mentality and how to overcome it with self-improvement strategies.

Picture this: You just got a promotion at work, and are so proud of yourself because the long hours and late nights have finally paid off. But your co-workers don’t seem to be so proud of you. They may even be talking about “favoritism” or some “unfair” advantage. Have you ever been in a situation … Read more

Habits You Should Ditch: 20 Bad Habits That Are Holding You Back

There are the Habits You Should Ditch including 20 Bad Habits That Are Holding You Back.

Bad habits are like a comfortable bed, easy to get into, but hard to get out of.” – Anonymous Habits make the man. Or in some cases bad habits can unmake the man. On DGH we talk about how to improve habits all the time. But what about all those bad habits. We all have a … Read more

How to Quit Your Smoking Habit: Without the Stress or Weight Gain

Hate your cigarette habit?  Worried about the health risks of smoking? Want to quit without the stress or weight gain? If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you should check out the latest book that I co-authored with Jonathan Green.It’s called: How to Quit Your Smoking Habit: Without the Stress or Weight … Read more

283 Bad Habits (The ULTIMATE List of Bad Habits)

283 Bad Habits The ULTIMATE List of Bad Habits

What makes something a bad habit? Well, I feel bad habits have to fit a number of specific requirements: They are repetitive negative behavior patterns. They can be stopped with motivation and will power (unlike a mental condition like Tourrettes). Society takes a dim view of them. The habits break customs, laws, or mores. Many … Read more

How to Stop Picking Your Nose: 8 Simple Steps

How to Stop Picking Your Nose (91% of the Population Does It!)

Let me guess: You want to stop picking your nose. Although you know it is gross, you might be surprised to learn that 91% of adults admit to picking their noses—but only 71% of adults think it is a common habit (source). So, why is picking your nose an issue? Among other health problems, nose … Read more