6 Reasons to Stop Sharing Instagram Inspirational Posts

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Instagram is an impressive social media network. It allows you to share images with the world after just a few steps, to apply cool filters to them and it can be linked to your Facebook and other profiles, so you don’t have to waste time doing it again and again. And one of the most … Read more

7 Steps to Complete a Social Media Detox

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A few months ago, I realized I needed to change something in my life.  I cared way too much about the likes on my social media posts and checking my Facebook feed was all I looked forward to. I was even comparing myself and my life more and more to the perfect people and perfect … Read more

31 Eye-Opening Pros and Cons of Social Media Use

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pros and cons of social media for youth | social media weaknesses | arguments for social media

Many of us have conflicting feelings about social media. In just a few years, it has already changed the landscape of communication, business, and education. While one group extols the virtue of faster communication with the advent of social networking sites, others vilify it for the reported negative effects it has on our mental health. … Read more