25 Best Books About Overcoming Procrastination in 2024

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Have you ever procrastinated something important? Chances are you have. Most people procrastinate from time-to-time. Often on things that are really important. The differences between a true procrastinator and the occasional “slip-up” lays somewhere between the frequency of procrastination and the importance of what is procrastinated. This article showcases the 25 best books on procrastination. … Read more

15 Productive Hobbies to Make You a Successful Person

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We all need breaks from working to do things that we personally enjoy, but what if you were able to make your leisure time more productive? Your pastimes don’t need to be a waste of time; you can use those hours to benefit you while still engaging in an activity that you enjoy. You just … Read more

Double Your Productivity with this One Killer Habit of the Super Successful

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You know what it’s like. You’re trying to be more productive, to stop procrastinating and actually get stuff done. But before you can execute your perfectly planned to-do list, some disorganized bozo rips it to pieces as surely as if you’d jammed it in the paper shredder yourself. But what can you do about it? … Read more

Slow is Smooth and Smooth is Fast: 5 Lessons

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Do you rush around to get all you can get done and still end up feeling like you haven’t accomplished much? Maybe tasks are done, but only haphazardly, and it seems like large blocks of time were wasted. Instead of satisfaction and relief, you feel overwhelmed, anxious, or frustrated. You’re forced to push back tomorrow’s … Read more

8 Causes of Procrastination: Why Do People Procrastinate?

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Don’t you hate it when you have something you need to do, but you just don’t want to do it or you can’t get yourself motivated? Everyone procrastinates at some point, but some people avoid their unwanted obligations so much that it results in a downward spiral of emotions that has a snowball effect. So, … Read more

39 Best Adult Coloring Books to Help Relax [2024 Update]

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Feel Stressed? Anxious? Do you lack the spark of creativity? Or just feel little joy from life? If any of these sound true you might want to break out some colored pencils or crayons and try a little coloring. Coloring? Seriously?? Believe it or not, adult coloring is all the rage these days. It has … Read more

3 Methods to Stop Watching So Much TV

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​Watching TV has become a normal part of everyday life. Although not everyone around the world can enjoy this technology, those who do seem to be enjoying it too much. According to data released by Nielsen in 2016, American adults watch an average of 5 hours and 4 minutes of television per day. The habit … Read more

7 Simple Habits to Overcome Paralysis by Analysis

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Twas’ the night before exams and all through the dorms… ill-prepared students were filing add/drop forms.  On the other side of town, an ad executive grows weary… as his career defining pitch is still merely a query.  People like these have turned overthinking into an artform. They are victims of analysis paralysis and, as such, … Read more

How to Use the 80/20 Rule Throughout Your Life: A Complete Guide

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Interested in getting maximum results with minimal effort? Then the best thing you can do is implement the 80/20 rule throughout your life. While I’ve talked before about my favorite productivity hacks, I felt that the 80/20 strategy (also known as the Pareto Principle) requires its own blog post.  In this post, I will go … Read more

7 Best Pomodoro Apps & Timers (Master Your Productivity in 2024)

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The Pomodoro technique is a popular way of boosting your productivity in the workplace. It is a simple method that helps you focus on the task at hand, allowing you to power through distractions until you get the job done. Today, we’re sharing some of the best Pomodoro app options to help you decide which … Read more