13 Steps to Stop Making Excuses and Own Your Actions

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Did you give in to that leftover piece of cake in your office’s breakroom? Or do you frequently procrastinate on tasks or projects that you know are important? As humans, we are fantastic at picking from a wide range of excuses to limit our capabilities. From avoiding the gym to studying for an exam, it’s … Read more

8 Causes of Procrastination: Why Do People Procrastinate?

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Don’t you hate it when you have something you need to do, but you just don’t want to do it or you can’t get yourself motivated? Everyone procrastinates at some point, but some people avoid their unwanted obligations so much that it results in a downward spiral of emotions that has a snowball effect. So, … Read more

35 Funny Procrastination Memes About Putting Things Off

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Procrastinators often sabotage their own success and happiness. Research shows that people who constantly put things off on purpose because they don’t look forward to completing a task or activity (or because they’ve found something else more pleasurable to do) often experience: Higher stress levels Increased anxiety Increased fatigue More depression Reduced life satisfaction Today, … Read more

7 Hidden Benefits of Procrastination

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Procrastinating usually gets a bad rap, but did you know there are hidden benefits of procrastination?  Procrastination is my best friend; and because I’m a perfectionist, putting off tasks until the very last moment helps ease the pressure. I also tend to focus better on the project at hand. Plus, I’ve learned that I work … Read more

Procrastination VS Laziness: 7 Ways They Differ

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Paul has a deadline looming in two hours. He’s had the project on his desk for two weeks now, but never seemed to get to it. Now he’s feeling stressed and worried that not only won’t he get it in on time but that it won’t be acceptable. He is beating himself up for once … Read more

11 Best Apps to Help You Overcome Procrastination in 2024

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Wondering which anti-procrastination apps can help you become a master of your time? Look no further. Today’s post gives you a rundown of the best apps for overcoming procrastination and developing better time-management skills. But before we get into that, let’s talk a bit about people’s tendency to procrastinate and the effects of doing so. … Read more

14 Strategies to Overcome Procrastination & Stop Being Lazy

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​​​We’ve all been there: You have an important project for work or school. The clock is ticking and you’re afraid that you won’t ​complete it in time. You’ve procrastinated on this project for weeks (or even months) and now your anxiety levels are through the roof because it needs to get done — right now! … Read more

21 Best Books About Overcoming Procrastination in 2024

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Have you ever procrastinated something important? Chances are you have. Most people procrastinate from time-to-time. Often on things that are really important. The differences between a true procrastinator and the occasional “slip-up” lays somewhere between the frequency of procrastination and the importance of what is procrastinated. This article showcases the 21 best books on procrastination. … Read more

117 Procrastination Quotes to Stop Being Lazy in Life

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Are you looking for some anti-procrastination quotes? Something to give you some encouragement to finish your unfinished projects. If so, you have found the right place. This procrastination quotes post gives a lot of wisdom from many experts in the field of time management as well as major historical success stories. In other words, people … Read more

15 Examples of Procrastination in School, Work, and Life

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We have all put off doing something that we didn’t look forward to. For most people, this doesn’t happen often. For others, however, procrastination is so ingrained that this happens regularly… even when it’s something positive. It’s as if they are sabotaging their own happiness. Chronic procrastination is something that needs to be addressed and … Read more