6 Best Planners for Entrepreneurs (2024 Review)

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The US has more than 30 million entrepreneurs. But statistically, only half of those businesses will survive for more than five years. Being an entrepreneur is incredibly stressful, with founders bearing huge responsibilities for themselves, their teams, and the business. Staying organized is one of the crucial success habits of an entrepreneur. Not only will … Read more

High Performance Planner [Our 2024 Review]

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“We either live with intention or exist by default.” Kristin Armstrong Kristin Armstrong, a three-time road bicycling Olympic gold medalist, achieved her success in life by living with a strong sense of intention. Do you share this mindset with her? Are you living with intention? Did you design where you are today, or are you … Read more

27 Printable Daily Checklist (and To Do List) Templates

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If you want to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity, a checklist can be one of your strongest allies. The simplicity of a checklist is what makes it one of the best tools for managing your daily routine and helping you get things done. Many professionals are encouraged to use checklists to accomplish tasks and minimize … Read more

15 Best Note Taking App Options for 2024

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Do you want to keep track of all pieces of information to keep your life running smoothly? Do you need a systematic way to handle data and maximize your efficiency in the workplace? Do you need a smarter way to store notes and recall lectures and course content without being overwhelmed with all the information? … Read more

13 Simple Ways to Successfully Organize Your Life

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Life can be challenging at times… both physically and mentally.  Admit it, there are times when you feel like a hamster on a wheel. Like no matter how fast you run, you’ll never catch up.  That you’ll never reach your goals.  Whether it’s weight loss you seek, financial stability, success at work or in school, … Read more

12 Week Year: How to Get Started in 2024

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If you knew that you had a year to complete something, what would be your sense of urgency on that task? For example, let’s say you’re not a runner, but you’re creating a goal for yourself to be able to run ten miles (for simplicity’s sake) in one year. Are you going to get up … Read more

Deep Work Book Summary (5 Lessons)

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Have you ever struggled to focus on a task, only to be constantly interrupted by emails, social media notifications, or other distractions? You’re not alone, 75 percent of Americans believe that technology leads to distraction and procrastination that hurts productivity. In the age of information overload and constant connectivity, engaging in deep, meaningful work is … Read more

9 Ways to Prevent or Overcome Decision Fatigue

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Imagine you are at the end of a hard exercise routine, and you can hardly push your body to do any more work. Your muscles are suffering from fatigue, and you are ready to give up. Your physical abilities have been depleted. ​The same concept can be applied to your mental abilities! Specifically, a concept called decision … Read more

Four Thousand Weeks Book Summary (5 Lessons)

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In today’s fast-paced world, managing your time effectively has become more important than ever. With endless to-do lists and constant distractions, it can be challenging to truly make the most of your day. But what if you had some practical techniques that can help you better manage your time and lead a more fulfilling life? … Read more

The 12 Week Year Book Summary (5 Lessons)

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Want to get more done without working harder? Well, in the book, “The 12 Week Year,” Brian P. Moran and Michael Lennington, you will learn a powerful strategy for improving your productivity and achieving more in less time. The 12 Week Year teaches you how to break down goals into short, actionable periods. With this … Read more