How to Use Todoist Tutorial (The Ultimate Review for 2024)

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This todoist tutorial 2018 teaches you how to use todoist effectively to boost productivity.

Feel overwhelmed by your daily tasks? Hate when you fail to make progress with your important projects? Want to manage your entire life with just one tool? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you should consider incorporating the Todoist app into your life. This extensive Todoist review will teach you everything … Read more

7 Best Language Learning Software & Apps for 2024

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best language learning software | best language learning apps | free language learning software

Do you want to learn a new language? Perhaps you want to be fluent in a foreign language because it’ll help with your career. Or maybe you want to develop a deeper appreciation for the music and literature of a particular culture. Or perhaps you’d just like to talk to locals while traveling. Regardless of … Read more

15 Best Note Taking App Options for 2024

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best note taking apps | best note taking app for iphone | best note taking app for android

Do you want to keep track of all pieces of information to keep your life running smoothly? Do you need a systematic way to handle data and maximize your efficiency in the workplace? Do you need a smarter way to store notes and recall lectures and course content without being overwhelmed with all the information? … Read more

11 Best Productivity Apps for Your Android or iOS Device

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best productivity apps for students | best productivity apps 2020 | best productivity apps ipad

Wondering how to stay productive these days? With all that’s been going on around us, it can be a challenge to stay focused and on task. Fortunately, the best productivity apps help you overcome this challenge. Apps for improving productivity are more than just to-do lists. They are designed to boost your organizational skills, help … Read more

How to Use Technology for Sticking to Your Habits

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Use Tech to Keep Yourself Motivated

It takes weeks for a new activity to become an ingrained habit. However, when trying to adopt something that’s particularly challenging, you may find it tough to continue it for a few consecutive days, let alone weeks. Luckily, there are technological interventions that can keep you on track and make motivation much easier to maintain. … Read more

The One Hour Weekly Habit to Prioritize, Reduce Your Stress & Determine Your Direction

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Weekly Meeting

If you’re here you know or want to learn the power of setting good habits. Habits can make or break us in life, whether that be in how we run our work days, when (and if we exercise), and even our responses to people. But with all the priorities you have in life, including even … Read more

Good Habits to Lead a More Productive Life

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Today we have a guest post from author Jamie Hill discussing some productive habits to help you live a better life. Without further ado, take it away Jamie. Having good habits in your life is extremely important if you are to make the most of your day, if you have to many bad habits your … Read more

8 Tools For Building Strong And Effective Habits

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There are many apps and tools you can use to form powerful habits. This post goes over eight habit apps that can change your life for the better.

Good habits are hard to come by. We have to work to build them, sometimes for long, long periods of time. It’s effort which we – understandably – don’t like to deal with. It’s just so much easier to drift through life with the habits we already have (both the good AND the bad ones). … Read more

115 Productivity Apps to Maximize your Time (Launch Week)

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We live in an increasingly digital world and it’s easy to get buried under an avalanche of information overload. One solution is to use productivity apps which can streamline our daily tasks and help us get things done. The problem? Finding just the right app for your time management needs can be a laborious process.  … Read more