115 Productivity Apps to Maximize your Time

115 Productivity Apps to Maximize your Time (Launch Week)

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We live in an increasingly digital world and it's easy to get buried under an avalanche of information overload.

One solution is to use productivity apps which can streamline our daily tasks and help us get things done.

The problem?

Finding just the right app for your time management needs can be a laborious process.  The app marketplace has some gems, but it's often like finding a needle in a haystack.

That's why I'm pleased to announce my newest book:

115 Productivity Apps to Maximize Your Time

Let's take a quick look at this title and what it offers.

About 115 Productivity Apps to Maximize Your Time

In my newest book “115 Productivity Apps to Maximize Your Time,” you'll get a straight-forward breakdown of the best productivity apps. Instead of getting a massive directory of links, you'll only learn about the apps that are loved by countless business professionals, time-management junkies and entrepreneurs from around the world. Think of it as your personal “Consumer Reports” on the tools that help you stay productive.

Unlike many app guides, this review features the benefits of the apps.  No “techno-babble,” designed to confuse you–just a simple description of how the specific app can benefit you and help you in a real world setting.

What's Included

Lets take a quick peek inside and see what type of apps are included:

  • General Productivity Apps
  • Collaboration Apps
  • Calendar Apps
  • Goal Setting Apps
  • Focus Enhancer Apps
  • Social Media Management Apps
  • Task Manager Apps
  • Writing and Reading Apps
  • Mind-Mapping Apps
  • Note Taking Apps
  • Password Management Apps

There are lots of productivity tools in the marketplace. It doesn't matter if you have an Android, iPhone or Kindle Fire device. All mobile device users need a simple guide that can break down the productivity app marketplace without all the complex gobbledygook. This is that simple book designed to help you find just those tools that are perfect for your needs without spending hours searching on your own.

I need your help!! If you are a fan of productivity and find this book to be helpful, I would love a review on Amazon. (Here is the link to the book on  Amazon.) 

Don’t Own a Kindle Reader?

Some people have had trouble accessing these books in the past, because they do not own a Kindle . But you do not need a Kindle to read these books.  (I read all my books on the iPhone.) Here are an assortment of ways you can read this book on other devices:

In short, it’s really simple to read Amazon Kindle books – No matter what type of device you use to access the Internet.

Here is the download link once again:

For those from other countries- get it from your local amazon store here:

To save time and find the perfect apps for all your productivity needs, please check out “115 Productivity Apps to Maximize Your Time”.

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