S.J. Scott, Author at Develop Good Habits

25 Growth Mindset Posters to Inspire Kids and Students

Are you looking for posters to motivate kids to believe in themselves and help them succeed in school and life? Today we’re featuring 23 growth mindset posters that are visually stunning, inspiring, and attractive to young people. They are specifically designed to promote the concept of a growth mindset—something that many psychologists consider to be […]

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The 15 Best Habit-Tracking Apps to Help You Stick to Your Goals

You may not realize it, but habits shape the quality of your life. Once habits are set, they are very difficult to break. The brain clings to habits so tenaciously. Nearly half of the actions we perform daily are not based on thought-out decisions, but are well-entrenched habits instead. Considering that our actions are mostly […]

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