13 Printable Anger Management Worksheets for Teens & Adults

anger management worksheets | anger management worksheets for teens | anger management worksheets for adults

We all get angry from time to time, and that’s alright, because anger is a normal human emotion. However, do you ever experience any of the following? Get easily annoyed or frustrated by the slightest thing Throw or break things out of frustration Become physically aggressive to others when you’re annoyed or frustrated Say mean … Read more

Do It Anyway Poem by Mother Teresa: 5 Important Lessons

do it anyway | do it anyway poem | do it anyway poem by mother teresa

Most people automatically think of Mother Teresa when they come across the inspiring poem, “Do It Anyway”. The words written in the verses of this poem were very meaningful to Mother Theresa, as she had it displayed on the wall of her home to help motivate the children in Calcutta. However, Mother Teresa’s poem was … Read more

13 Best Find Your Why Worksheets on the Internet

find your why worksheet | find your why examples | finding your why exercise

Many of us are on a quest to discover our purpose in life. If you’re on this journey, we hope that today’s article featuring the best find your why worksheet examples can help in your search. When you know your life’s purpose, each day is infused with meaning. There is a sense of excitement every … Read more

10 Core Values Quizzes to Identify What’s Important to You

core values quiz | core values quiz for students | core values quiz free

Want to live a more fulfilling, more authentic life? Knowing your personal core values is one way of connecting with your authentic self. Furthermore, personal core values are a big determiner of how you act, make decisions, and live. Living in accordance with your personal values brings a sense of fulfillment in everything you do. … Read more

11 Personal Development Plan Templates & Printables for 2022

personal development plan sample pdf | personal development plan template pdf | personal development plan examples professional

Looking for a personal development plan template to jumpstart your goals? In life, you can almost guarantee that you’ll eventually come up against challenges that test how well you can cope. Having a personal development plan makes you better equipped to handle the pressure in all aspects of your life. But what exactly is a … Read more

35 Good Character Traits All People Should Develop

good character traits | list of good qualities of a person | character traits list

Personal development is not a journey that never ends… nor should it. The point of personal development is never to simply stop once you’ve reached a certain goal, but to keep reaching for more. The key to successful personal development is adopting a mindful attitude. The ability to step back and take a “good hard … Read more

6 SMART Goal Examples for ADHD Students

examples of smart goals for adhd students | short term goals for adhd students | adhd goal setting worksheet

Being a student is hard enough as it is. However, if you have ADHD, things are much harder. Attention deficit disorder makes it difficult to concentrate, an issue for students. If you have ADD or ADHD, you might be looking for ways to overcome the racing and distracting thoughts. One way to do this is … Read more

How to Be Successful in Life: 12 Principles to Live By

successful in life | how to achieve success in life | tips to be successful in life

Let’s talk about your success. How would you rate your success in life up to this point? What does the term “success” look like to you in your future? How Do You Define Success? There are many different ways in which people define this loose term. To some, being successful means earning a lot of … Read more

Mere Exposure Effect: Definition & 5 Examples

mere exposure effect example | mere exposure effect advertising examples | mere exposure effect attraction

It is widely accepted that people resist change. Instead, people prefer to find security in familiar approaches to life–which makes sense from an evolutionary standpoint, considering humans once perceived new stimuli to be a threat to their safety. The fear of the unknown has always had a huge impact on people’s decision making. And the … Read more

How to Stop Being Sensitive and Develop a Thick Skin

how to be less sensitive | how to be less sensitive in a relationship | how to be less sensitive to criticism

A lot of people say that it is good to be sensitive. After all, if you are sensitive, you will be in close contact with your emotions and the emotions of other people. On the other hand, if you are highly sensitive, you may let things get to you that should not bother you. Therefore, you may … Read more