7 Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset Quizzes to Try Today

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Do you wonder what your dominant mindset is? According to Dr. Carol Dweck, a psychology professor at Stanford University and author of the book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, there are two basic types of mindsets: the growth mindset and the fixed mindset. One type is instrumental in a person’s success, while the other … Read more

Why the No Contact Rule Works (and How to Do It)

no contact rule | no contact rule psychology | signs the no contact rule is working

It is undoubtedly mentally and emotionally draining to suddenly make the shift from talking to your partner morning, noon, and night to cutting off all contact–especially if you’re not the one who initiated the breakup. Chances are, you will walk away from that conversation feeling like you’re still in love with that person and now … Read more

15 Songs About Acceptance of Others (and Yourself)

songs about acceptance | songs about acceptance in a relationship | songs about acceptance of others

Acceptance paves the way to true freedom, lasting happiness, and peace. When you are able to value yourself and others unconditionally, you embrace everything that is good in others and in you, as well as the not-so-good and the not-so-perfect. Practicing acceptance can be one of the most challenging things we need to do for … Read more

17 Songs About Exploring and Having Adventures

songs about exploring | songs about exploring the world | songs about exploring nature

Looking for songs about exploring to add to your playlist? With countries now easing borders after several months of pandemic-driven lockdowns, it’s finally possible to head off on your next adventure. You are likely looking forward to ticking off some travel and adventure items from your bucket list. Today, we’re sharing a collection of songs … Read more

11 Songs About Recovery From an Addiction

songs about recovery | songs about recovery from addiction | best songs about recovery from addiction

Music is a powerful tool that encourages healing. For someone who is recovering from any kind of addiction, music is a force that can empower and inspire them to stay on the wagon. Today, we’re sharing 11 empowering and inspiring songs about recovery for different kinds of addictions. Use these songs for your own playlist … Read more

13 Songs About Being Trapped with No Place to Go

songs about being trapped | songs about being trapped in a job | songs about being trapped in a relationship

Feeling hopelessly trapped? Perhaps you’re stuck in a relationship where you’re no longer happy, or you could be stuck in a toxic home situation that you have to endure for various reasons. Maybe you feel stuck because the methods you’re using to bring happiness into your life aren’t giving you the results you want. You … Read more

7 Toxic Personality Tests to See If Your Personality Hurts Others

toxic person test | signs youve become a toxic person | toxic person traits

Do you want to know if you have a toxic personality? Nobody wants to be labeled as toxic, but different circumstances in our lives leave their mark on our personalities. Some of these circumstances influence us to have toxic tendencies. But first, what is a toxic person? Obviously, we’re not talking about someone who has … Read more

9 Personal Challenges to Advance Your Self-Growth

personal challenges | personal challenges in life as a student | personal challenges for self growth

If you could snap your fingers and create a picture-perfect future for yourself, what would it look like? Look beyond your initial thoughts of being a gazillionaire and owning all of the things. But if you can’t quite put those thoughts aside, with whom are you sharing that life? And how did you get there? … Read more