141 Questions to Ask Yourself to Find Out Who You Are

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I love self-reflection. Sometimes I go on long walks in the early morning or late evening when few people are around so I can be in my own head. Doing so enables me to “think out loud” while feeling at one with nature. At home, I often play flute-based meditative music to help me start thinking about … Read more

9 Assertive Personality Traits & Characteristics

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At my previous job, I always looked up to my manager. She continually stuck to the boundaries she created, seemed to say no confidently, communicated effectively, and took critique in stride… all while being self-confident and self-assured. I always aspired to be like her.  As it turns out, my manager has an assertive personality. And … Read more

25 Best Self Help Podcasts to Improve Your 2023

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Are you looking for the best self-help podcasts that can help you achieve a better and brighter year? As more and more people join the self-help movement, more and more materials are becoming available to inspire and motivate them. For instance, podcasts have become trendy tools for iconic self-help professionals to share their knowledge with … Read more

11 Best Memory Test Websites & Apps for 2023

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Interested to know if your memory is working as it should? While playing memory games can increase your cognitive strength, taking a memory test is a good way to gauge the status of your memory and overall brain health. For today’s post, we’ve rounded up the best tests to assess your memory and help you … Read more

11 What is Your Why in Life Statement Examples

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To truly find purpose and satisfaction in life, you first must identify your “why”. I’m sure you would agree that life is much more enjoyable once you’ve identified your why and incorporated it all facets of your life statement. Today, we will share 11 “what is your why” examples. These examples may help you discover your own … Read more

Chinese Bamboo Tree Story: 5 Success Lessons to Learn

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There are very few things that can diminish one’s motivation more than putting in hard work and then seeing no results. Whether your goal is to lose weight, bring up your grades, or gain some recognition in your career, when the results of your hard work are not apparent, it can be tempting to throw … Read more

13 Famous Stories About Success & Overcoming Challenges

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Growing up, I remember hearing the term “overnight success” quite often when it came to celebrities. However, in reality, that isn’t the case. The truth is, a success story is often like an iceberg…  most of the work and effort lies unseen below the surface. It’s stories like these, of grit and resilience that show … Read more

9 Steps to Be More Assertive at Work in 2023

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People respond to situations in four different ways. These are passive, passive-aggressive, aggressive, and assertive. Being assertive is the healthiest way to respond for both yourself and others… but that is often the least used method. Women in particular are often afraid to respond in an assertive manner. This is because they are often conditioned … Read more

5 Steps to Write Your Personal Core Values Statement

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One of the things I can’t stand is being phony. Being phony ties in with lying since you’re not being truthful to yourself or others. It’s one of the reasons I believe that honesty is so important, and it’s also a core value of mine. Having a decent set of values can keep you out … Read more

7 Burnout Symptoms Tests: Are You Doing Too Much?

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Are you exhausted? Do you feel like it takes extra effort and motivation to get out of bed every day? Have you lost interest in the things you used to love doing? If you have a lot of responsibilities, you might be feeling that there’s too much on your plate. You’re probably reading this article … Read more