69 Accountability Quotes About Taking Responsibility in Life

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Accountability isn’t the most glamorous word when it comes to success. However, accountability, responsibility, and success all form a closely linked relationship, and if one of these is missing it can be the answer as to why your life might not be going in the direction you want. In today’s post, we’ll delve into more … Read more

11 Personal Accountability Worksheets for Adults & Students

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Looking for accountability worksheets to help you achieve your goals and win at life? In this article, we’ve rounded up the best worksheets on accountability that students and adults can use for their personal goals. Not only is accountability essential if you want to achieve your goals, it is a major factor in personal development. … Read more

Accountability vs Responsibility: 5 Ways They Differ

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Have you ever worked on a team that operated like a well-oiled machine? Where everyone’s role was clearly defined, communication ran smoothly, and you didn’t have to constantly deal with problems because someone else dropped the ball? Alternatively, have you worked on a team where everyone had a lot on their plate, but different tasks … Read more

8 Habits to Build More Personal Accountability in Your Life

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When things don’t turn out the way you want or expect, it’s easy to deny your role in the situation and look to external factors to blame. And while circumstances, other people’s actions, and even luck can impact your personal and professional lives, refusing to accept accountability can prevent you from ever achieving your full … Read more

What is Personal Responsibility? 8 Key Ingredients

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I’m sure you are familiar with the cringing feeling you get when you make a mistake and must tell someone at work, especially if it’s your boss. You probably pause to see if there is anything you can do to either undo the mistake, cover it up somehow, or shift the blame. The problem with … Read more

5 Steps to Succeed with an Accountability Partner

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Check out this guide on how to find an accountability partner to help you achieve your goals.

Struggling to reach your goals? If so, then one of the best ways to get what you want is to find and work with an accountability partner. If you have an accountability partner, you usually get more personalized help with your goals because the other person is focused on your success. In this article, we’ll … Read more

7 Benefits of the Accountability Strategy

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There are many other reasons why accountability has such a positive impact on personal development.

The following is a sample from my book, The Accountability Manifesto: How Accountability Helps You Stick to Goals. If you’re doubtful of the power of accountability benefits being able to improve your life or think that personal accountability is enough for achieving all your goals, read on to find out more… You might think it … Read more

The Accountability Manifesto [New Kindle Book]

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Do you have a goal you want to reach? Tired of starting a new habit only to quit a few days later? The reason many people in their goals and habits is that they lack accountability. Numerous studies have shown that surrounding yourself with people who have the same desire to succeed can help you … Read more