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Implementation Intention: 10 Examples of How to Specifically Achieve Your Goals

Imagine this scene: You’ve set your SMART goal, you’ve detailed your objectives, you’re motivated to follow the plan you’ve set out for yourself, and you know exactly what the end result is going to be because you’ve done your research–and while you’re prepared to have to push yourself, you also know your goal is totally […]

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100 Day Challenge Review: Will It Help You Achieve Goals in 2020?

If I’m being honest… when I was first asked to write a 100 Day Challenge review, I was somewhat skeptical. At first glance, the website reads like a “click-through” ad. It is very bright and poses just one question, “Supercharge Your Growth In 100 days?”  Beneath it read the words, “free manifesto”…  and asked for […]

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