13 Vision Board Ideas & Examples for Athletes

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vision board for athletes | vision board template | vision board ideas

Looking for a way to improve your athletic performance? You might want to use a vision board for athletes to achieve this goal. Usually, a vision board is a collage of images and words mounted on a stiff poster board. It serves as a visual representation of your goals. In sports, vision boards are a … Read more

9 Vision Board Examples & Ideas for Teachers

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vision board for teachers | teacher vision board template | vision board ideas for teachers

Teachers can gain a lot from using a vision board to ensure success during the school year. Vision boards serve as visual reminders of the things you want to achieve in life. They inspire you to focus on your goals and put in an effort to achieve what you truly want. A vision board is … Read more

7 Vision Board Examples to Inspire Nursing Students

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vision board for nursing students | nursing vision board ideas | nursing vision statement examples

Looking for inspiring vision boards designed for nursing students? Today’s post has you covered, as we’ve compiled some of the best examples of vision boards for nursing students. If you’re studying to be a nurse, we commend your choice in vocation To become a nurse means taking four or more years of part- or full-time … Read more

20 Goal Chart Ideas & Templates to Track Your Progress

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vision and goal chart | printable goal chart | personal goal chart template

Is goal setting a challenge for you? Do you have a list of goals, yet lack the motivation to follow through with them? You don’t have to quit just yet. Most likely, what you need is a structure for tracking your progress. In this case, a goal chart can help you out. With the right … Read more

12-Week Year Templates: 9 Free PDFs to Plan Your Quarter

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12 week year templates | 12 week year scorecard template | 12 week year excel scorecard download

Ever heard of the 12-week year? If you’re still looking for that perfect system to help you reach your goals, then you might want to check this idea out. You may have already tried several productivity and goal-setting strategies, and yet still find yourself behind on your personal or professional targets. Perhaps doubt has set … Read more

13 Bullet Journal Goals Page Ideas for 2023

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goal setting bullet journal page | bullet journal ideas | bullet journal goals layout

A bullet journal is designed to increase your productivity. With that said, it’s necessary to have a goals page in your journal to keep you motivated as you work on achieving your goals. Your bullet journal goals page can be artistic or minimalistic, depending on your preference. In this article, we share several eye-catching bullet … Read more

13 Free SMART Goals Templates to Edit, Download, and Print

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smart goals template excel | smart goals template for students | smart goals template examples

Goals are meant to get you to where you want to go. They are an important component of success. However, if a person or a company’s goals are vague or unrealistic, they can do more harm than good. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry expressed it quite clearly in this quote: “A goal without a plan is just … Read more

57 Short-Term Goals Examples to Help You Succeed Today

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short term goals examples | medium term goals | list of short term career goals

Are short-term goals really necessary? If goals are our vision of an ideal future, shouldn’t we just focus our attention on achieving our long-term goals? However, short-term goals are just as important as long-term ones. In fact, without the former, there is a higher chance of failure to achieve our long-term goals. In this article, … Read more

19 Free Goal Setting & Tracking Printables for 2023

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free goal setting printables | goal setting template word | goal setting and tracking printables

Looking for printables to help set and track your goals this year? If so, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we’ve rounded up 19 free goal-setting printables that help define your goals and provide a means of tracking them. In case you’re wondering why it’s necessary to have goals and track them, here are … Read more

13 5-Year Plan Templates & Worksheets for 2023

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5 year plan template | 5 year plan template free | personal 5 year plan template word

Need some help in achieving your dreams? If so, you might consider using the right goal-setting tools to create the life you want. A five-year plan can change the way you set goals and help you find success. To help you get started, we are sharing a collection of templates and worksheets to give you … Read more