The Magic of Thinking Big Book Summary (5 Lessons)

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Are you looking to change your mindset and achieve greater success in your personal and professional life? “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David J. Schwartz could be the perfect book for you. First published in 1959, the text has motivated millions of readers to improve their lives by expanding their beliefs and embracing a … Read more

7 Areas of Your Life for Setting Important Goals

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areas of life | 8 important areas of life | 4 areas of life

Have you ever asked someone how they’re doing and they respond by saying, “you know, same stuff, different day”? Or have you ever had that response yourself? To me, this common answer signals that you’re not getting what you want out of life, you’re on autopilot, and you don’t have a clear sense of direction … Read more

12 Week Year: How to Get Started in 2024

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12 week year | 12 week year templates pdf | 12 week year scorecard template

If you knew that you had a year to complete something, what would be your sense of urgency on that task? For example, let’s say you’re not a runner, but you’re creating a goal for yourself to be able to run ten miles (for simplicity’s sake) in one year. Are you going to get up … Read more

100 Ultimate Life Goals List (Updated for 2024)

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life goals quotes | examples of goals in life of a student | life goals meaning

When you wake up in the morning, are you excited to get out of bed and take on the day…or do you reach for the snooze button a few times? Putting your need for extra sleep aside, do you generally have a positive mindset about what your situation will be in an hour? A week? … Read more

The Rock, Pebbles, and Sand Analogy for Time Management

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rock pebbles and sand | rock pebble sand time management | big rocks pebbles sand

Having trouble deciding what to work on? Well, there’s a popular time management analogy called the “rock, pebbles, and sand story.” In this article, I will briefly retell this story and then dive into a few key lessons about how to apply this information to your life. If you prefer to watch instead of read, … Read more

21 Best Tools To Learn Something New Every Day [2024 Update]

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learn something new | learn something new everyday | ways to learn something new

Are you up for the challenge of learning something new today? Not so long ago, when you want to pick up a skill, it meant enrolling at the community college or by taking classes on cooking or poetry at night school. Enhancing your skills or developing new ones has become easier these days, courtesy of … Read more

The High 5 Habit Book Summary (5 Lessons)

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high 5 habit summary | high 5 habit book | high 5 habit book summary

Are you looking for a simple method for boosting your self-confidence? Then one resource that can help is the best-selling book, The High 5 Habit by Mel Robbins. This transformative book is packed with actionable tips on how to harness the power of positive self-talk to start your days on the right foot. What Robbins … Read more

Tim Ferriss TED Talk on Fear Setting Instead of Goal Setting

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tim ferriss ted talk | tim ferriss ted talk transcript | tim ferriss fear setting worksheet

“We suffer more in imagination than in reality.” – Seneca Stoicism is an ancient philosophy that can be applied to many aspects of life. Essentially, it is a philosophy that can be used to determine things you can control and those you cannot, and then focusing on the former through guided exercises. Tim Ferris: Smash … Read more

43 Priority Quotes to Focus on What’s Important in Life

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time and priority quotes | self priority quotes | relationship priority quotes

Need some help clarifying your priorities? In our busy lives, we often struggle to make time for what’s truly important. We all get the same 24 hours each day, yet it often feels that there isn’t enough time to accomplish our tasks and give our attention to the things that matter most. At the same … Read more

5 Steps to Be a Good Accountability Partner

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accountability partner | find accountability partner | good accountability partner

Struggling to reach your goals? If so, then one of the best ways to get what you want is to find and work with an accountability partner. If you have an accountability partner, you usually get more personalized help with your goals because the other person is focused on your success. In this article, we’ll … Read more