51 Summer Bulletin Board Ideas for 2023

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Need summer bulletin board ideas? We’ve got 51 colorful, eye-catching bulletin board examples that reflect the spirit of summer to share with you today. Children learn about the world through what they see. When they’re young, we should do our best to make their environment ideal for stimulating their visual senses. If you work with … Read more

23 Best Organization Apps to Streamline Your Life in 2023

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Being organized can be a real challenge in this technological era. There is so much information available right at our fingertips. Every day we get bombarded with communication through emails, direct messages, and group chats, to mention just a few. In addition, you have to coordinate your schedule with that of your family to make … Read more

13 Printable Life Skills Worksheets for Students and Adults

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Have you ever wished there was a guidebook containing step-by-step instructions on the things that you’re supposed to know once you become an adult? Life can be very confusing at times. Nevertheless, we are often expected to know how to deal with everything we experience. Somehow, we’re supposed to know that clothes need to be … Read more

15 Digital Habits Examples to Build Online in 2023

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Have you ever just watched people and their digital habits? I did; quite recently, in fact.  At a family gathering, I noticed how my cousin’s kids were all super glued to their smartphones. They were even chatting to each other on the devices – texting, when they were in talking range! I even caught my mom … Read more

12-Week Year Templates: 9 Free PDFs to Plan Your Quarter

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12 week year templates | 12 week year scorecard template | 12 week year excel scorecard download

Ever heard of the 12-week year? If you’re still looking for that perfect system to help you reach your goals, then you might want to check this idea out. You may have already tried several productivity and goal-setting strategies, and yet still find yourself behind on your personal or professional targets. Perhaps doubt has set … Read more

How to Plan Your Day: A 7-Minute Habit

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Have you ever heard someone say, “You can get money back with time, but you can’t get time back with money,” or anything that relays a similar message? Basically, this is saying that if you lose money, you will have a chance to earn it back. However, if you lose an hour, you can’t replace … Read more

How to Prioritize Tasks: Methods That Work

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The worst days at work are those that are slammed busy from start to finish, but when 5:00 rolls around, you’ve hardly accomplished a thing. I find this to be the case on days when I am constantly interrupted by phone calls, emails, and unexpected tasks. These days are frustrating because while they do require hard work … Read more

5 SMART Goals Examples for Organizational Skills

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Being well-organized is an essential part of daily life, whether at home, on the job, or at school. However, staying well-organized is a challenge that many face. There are various organizational skills we all need to master. Being able to plan, be physically organized, engage in teamwork, being proactive and motivated are just some of … Read more

Stay at Home Mom Schedule: 7 Steps to Structure Your Day

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It was nearly 11 years ago that my husband and I made the decision for me to be a stay-at-home mom to our son. Our situation was a bit unique in that my husband owns his own business… and I had been working for him for a little over a year before we got pregnant.  … Read more

13 Ways to Organize Your Life (And Keep It That Way!)

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Life can be challenging at times… both physically and mentally.  Admit it, there are times when you feel like a hamster on a wheel. Like no matter how fast you run, you’ll never catch up.  That you’ll never reach your goals.  Whether it’s weight loss you seek, financial stability, success at work or in school, … Read more