8 Steps to Form the Declutter Habit

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The following is an excerpt from my book, 10-Minute Declutter: The Stress-Free Habit for Simplifying Your Home. If you’re looking for an an easy, step-by-step plan for sorting, purging, and organizing every space in your house, you need to build the declutter habit first. Read to learn how. If you want to make sure the … Read more

23 Best Organization Apps to Streamline Your Life in 2024

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Being organized can be a real challenge in this technological era. There is so much information available right at our fingertips. Every day we get bombarded with communication through emails, direct messages, and group chats, to mention just a few. In addition, you have to coordinate your schedule with that of your family to make … Read more

7 Real Estate Vision Board Ideas & Examples

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Looking for real estate vision board examples? We’ve got you covered with today’s post. We’ve rounded up the best vision board examples to manifest your real estate dreams, whether you are in the real estate business or you’re looking for your own perfect forever home. Vision boards are a great tool to help you achieve … Read more

The Ultimate Home Office Setup Guide: Some Must-Have Items

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Ultimate Home Office Setup Guide for Productivity

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get all of your work done from the comfort of your own home? Working from home is an ideal way to have the freedom to be your own boss. That said, setting up a home office requires a significant change if you’re used to working in a formal … Read more

10 Free Printable Family Chore Chart Templates for 2024

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Use these 10 free family chore chart templates to help organize your teens chores and other responsibilities.

If you are reading this… you have kids. And your kids have chores that you would like them to do. Like them to do. Remember those words. You’d like them to help out around the house.  Help out with their siblings.  Yada, yada. But whether or not they actually do it… that remains to be … Read more

The Ultimate Decluttering Supply List for Organizing Your Home

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Declutter Supply List

This is a fact: And it’s especially true if you don’t know what supplies you’ll need to get started. This week, I’m launching my latest book 10-Minute Declutter (with my co-author Barrie Davenport), which shows readers how to build the 10-minute habit for simplifying your life. Our challenge was to identify what items you’ll need … Read more