Ultimate Decluttering Supply List for Organizing your Home

The Ultimate Decluttering Supply List for Organizing Your Home

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This is a fact:

Decluttering your home is a daunting task.

And it's especially true if you don't know what supplies you'll need to get started.

This week, I'm launching my latest book 10-Minute Declutter (with my co-author Barrie Davenport), which shows readers how to build the 10-minute habit for simplifying your life.

Our challenge was to identify what items you'll need to purchase that won't add more clutter to your home.

So on this page, we've compiled a decluttering supply list that will help you organize each room in your home.  Each of these links opens up a page on this site with the items you might need to tackle that specific room.

None of these are mandatory for getting started.

But, if you're unsure about what you should get, then feel free to check out the below links.

Have any more item suggestions for this shopping list?

If so, feel free to mention in the comment box below.

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