4 Laundry Room Decluttering Items

The laundry room is a space that often accumulates piles of clothes and random items. It is a mostly unused room that often seems like a perfect place to stick a few boxes and perhaps even pile of junk.

In our new book, 10-Minute Declutter, Barrie Davenport and I (Steve Scott) provide a detailed strategy to clean and declutter your home.

What we mention in the book is that the best way to organize laundry room is to use boxes and shelves for all the items that are kept in this area.  So check out the following supply list to get an idea of what you'll need.

4 Laundry Room Decluttering Items

Storage Bins

Use sturdy storage bins to save space and store similar items. Detergents, bleach and fabric softeners can go in one container and cleaning supplies in another.

The Akro-Mils Plastic Storage Stacking AkroBins  make it easier to store items and organize the laundry room. The best part is these bins are stackable, which makes it easier to access every item.

Shelving Tower

Consider buying an inexpensive shelving tower where you can store extra baskets and bins if you have limited storage.

The versatile Seville Classics 4-Tier Iron Square Tower Shelving is easy to assemble and can hold up to 90 lbs per shelf.

It is the ideal storage solution for organization any room include your living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or office.

Laundry Baskets

For easier organization, have a different colored (or labeled) laundry basket for every person in the house.

The Sterilite 12178006 1.50-Bushel Ultra Square Laundry Basket set comes in six pieces. The laundry baskets feature heavy-duty construction including thick reinforced rim and reach-through handles. Smooth sidewalls create a no snag inner surface, and color accented inserts provide a comfortable grip surface for transporting heavy loads of laundry.

Wall-Mounted Drying Rack

If you air dry sweaters and other items, consider a wall-mounted drying rack. This will help lay items flat and allow the air to flow on both sides, while still saving space in the room.

The Arrow Hanger Instahanger Clothes Hanging System holds up to 50 lbs. and provides  instant drying/hanging space. With this fold-away rod in the laundry room, you can drip-dry delicates and hang clothes straight out of the dryer to reduce ironing.

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