151 Fun Things to Do When You Are Bored (Ideas for 2020!)

151 Fun Things to Do When You Are Bored (Ideas for 2020!)

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Do you often feel bored?

If you do, then you need to do something to counter it. Author Wayne Dyer states that being bored is just a spinoff of procrastinating. Boredom puts you at risk for developing bad habits.

The best way to counter a dull moment is to fill your time with meaningful activities.

In this article, you’ll find 151 positive things to do when you are bored. We hope these handpicked suggestions can make a difference in your quality of life, improve your health, and strengthen your relationships with family, friends, and colleagues.

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What You Will Learn

But first, let’s understand the psychology of boredom.

What Is Boredom?

Boredom is actually a common occurrence among humans. It is when we are left feeling unsatisfied or frustrated by an activity. You’ll notice emptiness in you.

You’ll have difficulty concentrating, and there will be a growing lack of interest in whatever’s going on. It can also have physical manifestations such as fatigue and nervousness.

We suggest you try the activities listed below to counter a boring moment. We have suggestions on things to do to fight boredom indoors, outdoors, online, at work, with a friend, with kids, and at school.

Let's jump right too some specific ideas of things to do when you're bored…

Things to Do at Home

Boredom often comes when you are idle at home. Not having something specific to work on will make you feel useless and bored.

The following ideas are some productive and fun things you can do when stuck in your home with nothing to do.

1. Re-watch your favorite movie

Have you ever heard of movie therapy? It turns out that watching a favorite film can revitalize you.

You can get at least a couple of hours of relaxation and may help decrease your anxiety. The different perspectives in the film can encourage you to be more innovative and creative when tackling issues in real life.

2. Create a vision board for the year

Creating a vision board is a guaranteed way to meet your goals and be successful in life.

You might want to make use of your free time to envision where or what you want to be a year from now. Gather some pictures and images to represent your vision and put them in poster form. If you get stuck, here are 26 vision board ideas.

Speaking of success, this post offers 12 useful tips to achieve your personal goals.

3. List down the names of people who inspire you

Instead of whiling away the time thinking how boring your day is going, grab a pen and a notepad and start writing down the names of people who inspired you throughout your life, as well as the impact they had on you.

You can list down people who influenced you early in your life. Then you can think of those who made a positive impact on you when you went to school or when got your first job. Also, write down the names of inspiring strangers, e.g., book authors, leaders, or a kind stranger.

And if you want to express your gratitude, then spend a few minutes writing a thank you note to them.

4. Try adult coloring books

If you have plenty of spare time on your hands, consider using it creatively by coloring some pages.

Coloring pages are no longer just for kids. If you have not tried it yet, adult coloring offers many benefits. Some of these benefits are stress reduction, anxiety relief, creativity booster, and brain workout.

If you want to get started with this fun habit, then check out our recommendations of the 39 best adult coloring books.

5. Edit old photos

When we travel or visit we often take a plethora of pictures. But how much time do we spend on those pictures?

Edit. Crop. Lighten dark images. Apply filters. Clean blemished. Delete repetitious images and make those great images become nearly perfect.

Whether you use advanced photoshop techniques or simply a basic photo-editor, this can be a worthwhile use of time when you are bored.

6. Try a new layout for your bullet journal

Keeping a bullet journal has significant positive effects on our mental health and our productivity.

It can help keep your life on track. Moreover, it can serve as a useful record of the things you do in your daily life. It is a way to clear out the clutter from your head so you can focus on other important stuff.

Journaling image example
Trying new layouts, and keeping track of more important aspects of your life in a bullet journal is something productive, fun and good for your mental wellness.

A bullet journal is a solid productivity tool

Boosting your creativity is another pleasant benefit of keeping a bullet journal. Counter your boredom by creating a new layout for a spread. Visit this post for 132 awesome bullet journal layout ideas.

7. Dance and sing

As adults, we far too often get away from the simple pleasures in life. Singing and dancing just for the pure joy of it.

So if you are a bit bored, why not try some solo karaoke. Put on your favorite music and belt out the verses along with your favorite artist.

Sing and dance like there is nobody watching… Because no one is watching.

8. Write a journal entry for the day

Speaking of journaling habits, use your spare time to update your personal journal. Write down your thoughts without censoring yourself. Record how you’re feeling as of the moment. And don’t forget to date your entry!

At a loss for what to write? This post gives you 59 ideas for what to write in your daily journal.

9. Do some yoga

Roll out the Yoga mat. Try a few poses. Or just work on your deep breathing.

Whatever centers you and brings a bit of peace and calm to your day.

10. Work on your budget or personal finance.

Okay, I admit this is cheating. This is “something” to do when you are bored. But it is not something “fun” to do when bored.

However, it is well worth your time. So rather than just wasting time doing nothing when you are bored, it might be a nice change to accomplish some personal finance tasks like budgeting.

We have a few resources to help you get started:

11. Learn to play the piano.

Or guitar. Or saxophone. Or any instrument/

Learning a musical instrument is a satisfying way to spend some free time. It takes time and effort. Your first tries on a new instrument may be quite cringe-worthy. But if you stick with it you will have a wonderful hobby for times when you are bored. (And you learn how to play piano/keyboards with this interesting and easy method.)

12. Organize… something

Put your spare time to good use by organizing your closets(or anything else in need of some organization TLC.

Choose one area at a time to guarantee that you’ll get the job done. You can also make organizing your closets part of your daily 10-minute decluttering habit.

13. Watch some funny cat videos…

Or anything fun and entertaining on Youtube.

I am not a big fan of wasting hours using platforms like Youtube. However, if you are bored, watching some funny videos or relaxing to some music videos can be just what the doctor ordered to relieve that boredom.

14. Watch a TED Talk

Watching TED talks is an even better use of your time when you are bored.

In case you don't know: TED—which stands for “technology, entertainment, design”—is a company that posts lectures online from many interesting experts and thought leaders on a wide variety of topic.

For example, check out these TED talks topic lists that can be great inspiration for any self-improvement: Procrastination | Stress | Mindfulness | For Kids.

15. Change the decor

Move around the decor of the room. Move the bed. Table. And whatever else you have in the room into new positions.

Sometimes a new “look” of a room can be just the thing you need to overcome boredom.

16. Update Your Resume

Change the date. Add in recent job experience and accomplishments. Describe new “soft skills” that you are developing. (Here are 135 examples.)

17. Write a letter of gratitude

Think about someone who has had a positive impact on your life and spend five minutes writing a letter to this individual.

Taking some time to express gratitude not only gives you something to do to combat boredom but it can impact your health in a number of positive ways.

How does expressing gratitude benefit you?

For starters, it increases your sense of happiness.

It promotes your personal success. Plus it relaxes you and helps you live longer.

This article provides a long list of benefits you can reap from expressing gratitude.

Remember that list you make of people who inspire you? Choose one and write them a heartfelt letter of gratitude. It’s your choice whether to mail the letter or not.

18. Stretch

At home, people often feel bored when they become tired.

Due to this fact, one of the best things to do when you are bored is a simple stretch.

Stretching promotes circulation, gives you a boost of energy and helps to relax your muscles. After some good stretching, you are more focused and relaxed and you may be far more eager to get something really productive accomplished. (To get started, here are 30 stretches and “deskercises” you can do anywhere.)

19. Draw something (be artistic)

Freehand. Pen and ink. Painting. Caricatures or even sculpture.

It doesn't matter what you draw (or create) or how talented you are. Art is therapy. And if you get good enough, you have a great talent that your friends will envy.

Want some guided lessons in art to improve your skills. See the Ultimate Drawing Course.

20. Do a quick workout

If you’re wondering what to do with a half-hour spare time, why not do a nice fat-burning workout? Doing some quick exercises can improve your mood and help you think more clearly.

Studies show that even 15 minutes of HIIT provides the same benefits as jogging for 45 minutes. 15 minutes of high-intensity activity when you are bored keeps you occupied AND has some great health benefits.

21. Watch your spouse or partner’s old videos

You’re guaranteed to be smiling after watching some old videos of your significant other. Seeing videos of your loved one can spark memories and serve as awesome reminders of why you fell for them in the first place.

22. Take a bubble bath

Relax and take care of yourself. Why not… you deserve it!

23. Be with your pet

Spending time with your pet has been proven to improve your quality of life and your health. You can teach your pet a neat trick.

Perhaps it’s time to give them a bath. Or you can take out your fur baby for a walk around the block or to the park. It will do both of you a whole lot of good.

24. Plan a party

Because… why not. A good party can enliven any boring routine.

25. Get into creative writing

Aside from writing in your journal, you can prevent boredom by getting into creative writing. Unleash your soulful side by writing a poem, a short story, or a song (if you’re musically inclined).

Who knows? You might become a published author or a recognized composer one day.

26. Take a nap

Sometimes it seems like you are bored when what you really are is tired. If you have not gotten

27. Call an old friend

Finding something positive to do when you’re bored can be as simple as reconnecting with a friend you’ve lost touch with.

Reaching out to old friends on social media or via a simple phone call is such a small thing to do, but it can make both parties feel so much happier.

Keeping in touch builds you a stronger support network. Speaking with a friend and re-living memories of your adventures in fifth grade is rewarding and is sure to improve your mood.

28. Get up to date on current events.

Watch some news on TV. Read a newspaper or magazine. Read online news. Read some news blog posts.

Getting up to date with current events is always something worthwhile to do when you are bored. It expands your mind, teaches you something and keeps you entertained.

And if you're interested in finances or business, then I recommend the Morning Brew newsletter (here's a review of it.)

29. Watch a classic film that was made before you were born

If you are longing for days when things were simpler, watching a classic film can take you back to a specific time period. These films are our windows to the past, giving us a glimpse of a bygone culture and providing us with a point of comparison with what’s going on in the present.

Check out this list of 200 best classic movies from Rotten Tomatoes.

30. Plan your life with Pinterest


Why not browse Pinterest and find ideas for planning your life. Meal plans. Vacation ideas. Funny quotes. DIY Ideas. Gift ideas and much more. You can find it all on Pinterest.

Check it out and follow my Pinterest account.

31. Increase your brainpower

Luminosity is a fun place to visit when you are bored. Play mind games that will help you increase your brainpower. Sign me up!

32. Learn a new language

You do not need to spend hour-upon-hour to increase your facility with a second language. All you need is commitment to work on a few vocabulary words every single day. (And one great tool you can use is the Babbel platform. Here is a review of Babbel.)

33. Make a gratitude list

The attitude of gratitude has been proven time and again to do you a whole lot of good. For example, a study has shown that grateful people have better sleep quality. They also experience fewer aches and body pains.

So if you find that you have a few minutes to spare, use it to jot down the things you’re thankful for.

To get started, here are 120 prompts that you can write down on this list.

34. Read a book

Books are always a valuable use of your time. Whether you read fiction as a means of entertainment or non-fiction to help you learn and grow, reading books is never a waste of time.

If you like non-fiction, then here is a list of over 250 books that you can read, broken down by category.

35. Learn a new skill

There is always something new to learn. No matter how much you know, or how many skills you possess, the sheer volume of knowledge and skills means that you will never know everything.

If the 34 previous things to do when bored at home are not enough for you. Check out this list of 101 skills to learn. Any of these 100+ skills would be both an entertaining and fun way to spend some time and keep away the boredom.

Things to do when you are bored. [infographic]

Things to Do Outside When You are Bored

It is harder to be bored when you are outside on a nice day. You can actually do just about anything.

But what if you want to only do things that are free (or take a small one time purchase for some gear.)

The following are some examples of fun and inexpensive (or FREE) things you can do when bored outdoors.

36. Make and install bird feeders

Making a bird feeder is one way of overcoming boredom. Once you’ve set one up, you will be closer to nature, enjoying company of the winged kind.

Having different species visiting your feeder will also be a great educational opportunity for people of all ages. In addition, you’re helping the environment by encouraging flower pollination and bug control.

37. Attend a free concert in your town.

Many towns have free concerts, plays, performances and “movies in the park”. Check your local newspaper to find out what is going on in your town and nearby towns.

Enjoy a night out while meeting some of your neighbors.

38. Work in your garden

Gardening is simple. It is grounding. It can promote calm and a sense of accomplishment. Bored and looking for something to do outside on a nice day. Gardening might be the perfect way to spend some time

39. Go on a hike.

Regardless of whether you are taking a walk in a local park or a challenging hike over rough terrain. Taking a hike is a wonderful method of relieving boredom.

A hike gets you outdoors. It is a great fitness routine. All the nature and natural beauty you see helps to nourish the soul.

Not a hiker? But want to start? See this beginner's guide to hiking.

40. Photograph bugs, plants and flowers

Using the macro feature on your phone or camera, you can take great photos of nature and all the flora and fauna that surrounds us.

41. Take a walking tour of your own city or town

Research and learn about interesting historical and cultural sites in your town. Then walk the route. Taking pictures and recording your thoughts about the local history you may have never heard before.

If you have a good time discovering this “hidden history” consider joining a local genealogical society where you can expect to learn a lot more about interesting local history.

Here's a great guide on how to build a walking habit that also helps you lose weight.

42. Enjoy the beauty of the night sky

Transform an ordinary evening into something memorable. Do a bit of research so you can identify the constellations visible in your hemisphere. Also, try going on a full moon walk to reconnect with nature and as a form of meditation.

43. Volunteer your time

The inspirational quote above is a great reminder of the importance of volunteering.

You get to help others while giving yourself a boost in happiness due to the positive way that doing good things makes you feel about yourself.

44. Climb a tree

When was the last time you’ve been carefree and happy? Climbing a tree can bring back those happy childhood times.

But it’s not only that. A Stanford University study reveals that tree climbing and other activities in nature lessen mental disorders that include depression.

45. Meditate

Meditation is a path to better understanding yourself. It can bring peace and harmony. It can help develop your self-awareness. It keeps your muscles stretched and relaxed. And it is good physical fitness.

If you want to meditate and have never done so, why not learn the basics of meditation or discover advanced techniques by reading meditation books.

46. Take a swim

Head to the pool and trade in your boredom for a full-body workout. Swimming can also help you de-stress when other methods for quieting your monkey mind don’t work.

47. Do a random act of kindness

Take a few minutes to do a positive thing to a stranger. (For more on this, see 55 great ideas for random acts of kindness.)

48. Go on a tour

Tour a brewery. Winery. Chocolate factory. Government building.

Any factory setting that offers public guided tours.

49. Watch animals|birds

Go birding. Go to your local park and try to find wildlife. Go on a park or safari tour. This gets you out in nature and can be quite fun as you learn about all the wildlife.

50. Go for a run

If you have time on your hands, why not go out for a nice run.

Being a life long runner. I am partial to using this as an “escape” any time I feel bored.

Not a good runner? But want to improve? Check out this guide to running for beginners. That will help you start a successful running habit.

51. Go on a picnic

Make some sandwiches. A nice refreshing beverage. Then head outside for a relaxing picnic in nature.

52. Enjoy the sunset

Instead of griping about how boring the day has been, try to infuse awe and wonder into it by watching a sunset. There are no rules on how you should watch the sun dipping in the west. Nevertheless, it will lift your mood and gives you a chance to be present now.

53. Sign up for geocaching

Geocaching is the adult version of being told to “go outside and play.” It promotes “good” stress. It gets you moving and engages your creativity.

If you’re interested to understand more about the different types of stress and how you can benefit from them, this post provides in-depth information.

54. Use a free week at a new gym

If you are looking for something to do when you are bored why not make the most of your boredom and start a routine that will make you healthier?

Most gym's offer a “free week” to try out their facilities. Go from gym-to-gym getting some free gym time.

This way when you do want to join a gym full time, you will know exactly what you get for your money.

55. Visit and help an elderly family member

Visit an elderly parent, aunt/uncle, grandparent or family friend and spend some time with them.

Teach them some modern computer skills (texting. photography, music).

Help them with physical tasks.

Or simply talk to them. If you are bored, they might be too, and will likely be glad for some company.

If you take the time to spend some time with your elderly relatives, you may be rewarded with some of the wisdom they have spent a lifetime accumulating.

56. Audit a local college class

It won't give you a grade. But you will learn new things.

Information is invaluable and the things you learn can never be taken away from you. So why not go and learn something if you find yourself bored?

57. Fly a kite

Purchase one inexpensive kite. Apply a day with a little bit of wind. Add-in some space to get the kite up in the air. Result: a fun way to relieve your boredom.

58. Go for a walk

Here at Develop Good Habits, we campaign for an active lifestyle. Walking is an ideal way to get moving.

It is also a cure for boredom. Try it. A quick stroll around the neighborhood can uplift you.

Check out these reviews of the best walking shoes to find the right pair for you:

59. Go fishing

You can fish at your local pier, pond, lake, river, ocean or charter fishing boat. Just make sure to find out if you need a license to fish in the zone of your choice.

60. Start an herb or a vegetable garden

The next time you feel bored, get some seeds and plant them in your back yard. You’ll thank yourself later when you’re savoring the salad made from the fresh greens picked from your own garden.

61. Plant trees

Aside from planting your own vegetables, why not go out there and plant trees to counter your boredom? We cannot overemphasize the importance of trees.

With the simple act of planting some seedlings, you’ll be leaving a wonderful legacy for generations to come.

62. Go for a scenic drive

If you are looking for something to do when bored you can't go wrong with getting in your car and driving somewhere.

It is easy to do. You can do it without any preparation or planning. And you can do it any time you want.

Try to get off the beaten path and discover cool places in the “boonies” that you have never been to. When you visit new places you have never seen before you never know what experiences you might enjoy.

63. Visit the library

Libraries have a lot to offer than just books.

They a haven of relaxation, plus it’s the only place where you’re guaranteed to get smarter after a visit.

Consider participating in the activities offered in the library, too. Most of these activities, such as foreign language classes, are for free. Here is a list of 80 items that are usually free at your local library.

64. Go to a high school or college sporting event.

Great seats. Great competition. All low cost or free. Sign me up!

65. Go someplace you’ve never been

Traveling someplace new is a great way to blast away boredom. It’s easier to find fun and meaningful stuff to do when you are in a new place. Excitement finds you in every street corner when you travel.

Things to do outside when you are bored. Self-care, productivity, and fun when you have nothing better going on.
Things to do outside when you are bored. Self-care, productivity, and fun when you have nothing better going on.

Fun Things to Do Online When You are Bored

66. Read free online ebooks and comic books

There is a lot of wonderful free content out there these days. Kindle Unlimited has hundred of thousands of free books for a nominal monthly price. There are many ways to find comic books for free (or a nominal monthly fee).

Why not spend some time digesting all this great free stuff? If you'd like to learn more about Kindle Unlimited, feel free to check out this detailed review.

67. Google yourself

Don't worry, it won't hurt.

68. Research new ways to save and make money

Being financially literate goes a long way in giving you a secure future. It empowers you to make good decisions when it comes to investments and in saving and spending your hard-earned funds.

Subscribing to financial newsletters is a good way to start educating yourself about how money works. Also, you might want to check out this post featuring helpful tips for developing better money habits.

69. Take online quizzes

If you are looking for something to do when you are bored, taking “quizzes” about stuff you enjoy can be a fun distraction. Simply do searches on “best [topic} quiz” and you will certainly come up with quite a few options. Or if you're in a relationship, you can take a love compatibility test.

70. Rank things

As a fun experience if you are bored, why not think about the things you like. Go to a site like Ranker.com and share your opinions by ranking just about anything and everything.

71. Get ordained

You don't need years of seminary school to get ordained. All it takes is a little time and a little money and you can be ordained through churches like the Universal Life Church.

Once you are, you can even legally marry your friends. How cool is that?

72. Listen to a podcast

If you find it hard to find things to do when bored. Listening to a podcast or two is always a great educational option.

Podcasts are one of the best ways to learn any niche topic. They can be funny, educational, opinionated and entertaining.

If you have never heard a podcast. Think of a topic you love and do a search. I am sure you will find something.

Informational podcasts are great ways to build a growth mindset.

We have a couple of blog posts that cover the best:

73. Study a map of your neighborhood

You’ll get a better understanding of the physical and cultural characteristics of your own neighborhood. Moreover, it can give you a visual of places of safety in case disaster strikes.

74. Discover new music

Spotify. Pandora. Itunes and more serve as great places to find new music similar to the stuff you know and love. (Read this article if you want to learn how music positively impacts your mood.)

75. Email someone you admire

Reach out to people you admire, whether it’s a blogger, a workshop speaker, an author, or anyone else you admire.

Look up their email information on google and send them an email. Communications like this allow these influential people to see that their work is making a difference.

Who knows, you could just make someone’s day.

76. Create a personal blog

People blog for many reasons. Perhaps you should start one if you are bored. Your blog is your own platform for personal expression. Plus, if you’re into creative writing, this is an avenue for honing your writing skills.

77. Enroll in an online course

Improve your skills set and knowledge base. Use your free time to enroll in a course online.

There are many online educational platforms that offer free courses on a wide range of topics that enhance your knowledge and improve your skills.  To learn more, check out this review and this review of my two favorite online course platforms.

78. Learn a foreign language online

Speaking of checking out some online courses when you are bored,, how about enrolling in a foreign language class?

Among the benefits of learning another language include enhancing your capacity for decision making, improving your network, and keeping your mind sharp.  (Also, be sure to check out this review of the seven best language learning apps and software platforms.)

79. Declutter your social media

Put the time you spend on social media to good use. Spend a few minutes going over your contacts and make the decision to follow only the people you know in real life. To learn more here are 31 pros and cons of using social media.

80. Reconnect with someone you know through social media

Friendships are important. They help break the chronic loneliness experienced by at least 35% of adult Americans.

Open the communication lines with long-lost friends. Social media can help rekindle old friendships.

81. Trace your ancestry

Another way to break the boredom is to enroll in an online family ancestry research service. Getting to know your ancestors is a rewarding personal experience. It helps you understand yourself better.

Productive Things to Do When You are Bored at Work.

82. Remove clutter from your workspace

Our brains tend to get distracted by clutter. Use your spare time at work to organize your desk. This increases your output and boosts your productivity.

83. Run all your backed up computer updates. 

The ones that have been accumulating every time you click “remind me later”. 

84. Clean your laptop

With soap & water. Clean the case. Clean off the screen. Clean/vacuum the keyboard. All the good stuff to make your old laptop look shiny and new.

85. Create a database of possible mentors

A mentoring relationship offers several advantages when it comes to your career. Create your list of potential mentors. You can include their personal data, accomplishments, and your own reason for choosing them.

[See more tips for finding a mentor.]

86. Research conferences and professional development opportunities in your field

A chance to get some professional growth is never a waste of time.

While you are unlikely to find a conference that sync's exactly with the time you feel bored, you can certainly use the opportunity to find and schedule interesting future opportunities.

87. Read news about your industry

Be an industry insider by reading news that’s relevant to your industry. The best opportunity to squeeze in these readings is during your free time. Staying on top of industry-related news increases your value as an employee.

88. Learn some keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts in programs like excel, word, and photoshop, can save a lot of time. But it may often seem like you don't have “time” to learn them in the first place. If you are looking for something to do when you are bored, this might be the perfect time to learn and practice a few keyboard shortcuts. You can even set up and use a tool like TextExpander to shorten the time you spend on email.

89. Download leadership and/or business audiobook

While any audiobook can be a worthwhile use of your time when bored, why not make the most of the time and listen to something that will help you get ahead at work.

Download it at work and you will some time to listen to it on your commute home in the evening.

90. Work on your LinkedIn Profile

Is it up too date? Does it reflect all of your accomplishments? Is the headshot image current? If bored at work why not take a few minutes too spice up this profile.

91. Digitize business cards you've received

Keep all contact information of people in your network in one place by going digital. Make use of downtime to scan business cards into digital format.

There are card scanner that make this process easier. Here is a review of our 5 favorite scanners.

92. Offer to help your colleagues

Fight off boredom by offering to help your co-workers. It fosters collaboration and develops better relationships with your colleagues.

93. Research upcoming events related to your industry

One other way of becoming an industry insider is to know about upcoming events relevant to your company or industry. Keep boredom at bay by browsing through events that you’d like to attend for professional development.

94. Join the organizing committee for an upcoming event at your workplace

Again, offering to help at a workplace event is a good opportunity for collaborating with your colleagues. It is also a way of forging stronger bonds with the people you work with.

95. Update your long- and short-term goals. 

Take advantage of the downtime by breaking out your long-term and short term goal lists. What have you accomplished? What is in progress? What new goals do you have? Make changes and reaffirm your will to achieve your goals.

96. Join a thirty-day challenge

Joining a 30-day challenge is one good way to improve yourself. Use your free time to browse 129 challenge ideas to see which ones you can do for the next 30 days.

97. Clear your browsing data

When you clear your browsing data, you maximize your browser’s speed and performance. This translates to increased productivity.

98. Streamline your newsletter subscriptions

Lessen your inbox stress by going over your newsletter subscriptions. Some of them may have gone unread for a while now. Unsubscribe from those that are no longer relevant to you.

99. Draw up your meal plan for the week

You need to stay healthy in order to work. We suggest never missing a meal and making sure you eat healthily.

Drawing up your meal plan during your free time helps you achieve both. Check out a review of the best meal planning apps and websites that help you save money, time, and effort.

100. Brew coffee for the team

Curb your boredom by getting up and going to the pantry to brew coffee for the team. Not only will this gesture be appreciated by your coworkers, but you’ve also displayed your skill as a team player.

101. Practice meditation

Meditating in the workplace increases your focus and improves your mood. You’ll be less affected by the daily stressors in the office. This translates to better relationships with your coworkers.

102. Let your thoughts wander

Allow your mind to wander. A study shows that people who often daydream are smarter.

103. Go over your investments

Again, being financially savvy helps you have a secure future. Instead of being bored, use the time to check your investments.

104. Join an interest-based group

Your company probably has clubs for biking enthusiasts, amateur photographers, and bookworms. Join the group that fits your interests. You’ll get the chance to meet new people, improve your relationship with your colleagues, and learn new skills.

105. Write thank you cards for business contacts

Expressing gratitude to your clients and other business contacts can strengthen your relationship with them. Specify what you’re thankful for in your card, and sign off on a positive note.

See tips for writing a professional “Thank You” note.

Things to Do with a Friend When You are Bored

If you are bored, but not alone there are nearly limitless things you can do to make use of the time. Here are just a few ideas of things you can do with a friend when you are both bored.

106. Have an impromptu picnic

A picnic allows you to enjoy the outdoors. It’s also a wonderful way to bond over healthy food you’ve prepared yourselves.

107. Go shopping

You don't need to actually buy anything. Sometimes window shopping is enough.

108. Get real

Share your thoughts. Reveal your hopes and dreams. Let them know some minor secrets. Deepen your friendship by being “real” with your friend. You can also get to know this person by asking a few of these 371 deep questions.

109. Host a small party

You can both polish your hosting skills when you organize a small party together. It’s interesting to see the results of combining your artistic styles to welcome your guests to the party venue.

110. Get a massage

Why not? You deserve it!

111. Check out a new coffee shop in town

You can do a lot worse things when bored than going to hand out at a coffee shop.

Discovering new places is fun when you’ve got someone to share it with. Visit that newly opened coffee shop in town. Talk about the usual stuff while hanging out in the new place.

112. Organize a yard sale

Organizing a yard sale together with your friend is a good way to meet new people from the neighborhood. Moreover, it’s also a way to enjoy the outdoors and to help the environment by saving landfill space.

113. Start a book club together

If you and your friend are bookworms, consider putting together a book club. It will give you a chance to meet others who share the same interest and listen to others’ perspectives.

Your book club can be a venue for healthy debates of stuff other than politics. Plus, it’s a fun and affordable way of socializing.

114. Try some DIY Crafts

DIY projects and crafts are a fun way to make home improvements and have blast with your friends while doing it.

If you are bored you can find all sorts of DIY and craft guides on the internet. To nake or fix just about anything. Get crafty and try out a few ideas. This YouTube channel is chock-full of great DIY craft ideas.

115. Plan a road trip

Planning a road trip together helps you gain a new perspective about your friend’s personality. It is also a way to strengthen the relationship you have with each other.

Things to Do with Kids When They are Bored (Ideas 116 to 138)

“I'm bored”

Every parent hears it. Perhaps frequently. Often we don't have time to attend to our kids entertainment. But what can you do with your kids if you do have the time to spend when they are bored? Especially if you want to limit their TV time and come up with interesting ideas of things to do instead.

Here are some ideas for things too do with kids when they are bored.

  • 116. Have an art exhibit with Play-Doh sculptures
  • 117. Stage a play
  • 118. Indoor Obstacle Course
  • 119. Visit places of interest
  • 120. Make a fort together
  • 121. Write a letter together for their grandparents
  • 122. Create imaginary creatures in your minds
  • 123. Have a tea party
  • 124. Research slime recipes and make some slime
  • 125. Go for a bike ride
  • 126. Wash the car together
  • 127. Create healthy and delicious snacks together
  • 128. Make a time capsule
  • 129. Bake brownies or cookies
  • 130. Make a gratitude board
  • 131. Make videos with GoNoodle
  • 132. Play hide-and-seek
  • 133. Have a dance party
  • 134. Make a mindfulness jar
  • 135. Do some yoga or fitness with your child
  • 136. Have a scavenger hunt
  • 137. Collect rocks & paint them
  • 138. Do a puzzle together

What to Do at College When Bored

In between classes. When you should be studying, but just don't feel up to it, what can you do when you are feeling bored.

This final list of things to do when bored is mainly for the college student who is looking to kill time between classes but does not want to be completely non-productive

139. Read something purely for fun

Reading is usually a part of academic requirements. Poring over textbooks can become tedious.

Try reading something purely for the fun of it. Studies show that reading for pleasure has long-lasting benefits to our health and well-being. (If you'd like to learn more, read this article on the 17 benefits of reading books.)

140. Recreate something from a video tutorial

Make it a habit to learn a new skill at least once a month. Browse video tutorials for fun things to do. Try your hand at wood working, electronics, baking, or calligraphy.

141. Make mug cakes and invite friends over

As a challenge for the month, make the perfect mug cake. Invite your friends for a get-together. Let them sample your latest creation while catching up with each other’s lives.

Challenge yourself by creating the perfect mug cake and invite your friends to let them sample your latest creation.

142. Make it spring cleaning day

Fight off boredom by doing general cleaning of your place. It has surprising benefits such as strengthening your immune system, promoting a healthier way of living, and increasing your productivity.

143. Go jogging around the campus

Go jogging around the campus to fight off boredom. It keeps you fit and gives you the opportunity to appreciate the scenery of the places you rarely visit.

Double your productivity by listening to some great audiobooks while running.

144. Keep in touch with your family

Check-in with your family through a video or phone call. Life as a student can be challenging most of the time, and connecting with loved ones can help lessen the loneliness.

145. Watch TED-Ed videos

Conquer boredom by watching TED-Ed videos. Their carefully curated educational videos are guaranteed to broaden your understanding about a wide range of topics. You can use what you’ve learn as conversation starters in a social event.

146. Do your laundry

Wearing clean clothes has an impact on your self-confidence. If you have some free time, do your laundry. You’ll thank yourself a few days later because you have clean clothes available when you need them.

147. Toss a Frisbee with some friends

Is there any activity that screams college more than tossing a frisbee around?

148. Change your study location

Sometimes, when you are bored, it isn't as much about what you are doing as where you are doing it. Change your location. Go study at a coffee shop or in a park. The change in scenery may inspire you. (For more on this concept, check out this article on how to create the ultimate study plan.)

149. Watch a game or watch a practice.

Feeling bored at college? Why not watch a game or practice? A great way to relax and have some fun.

150. Attend an event you have never been to before

Step outside of your comfort zone and attend an event that you've never gone to before. You will learn new things. Be presented with new opinions and perhaps find new friends.

151. Go to an off-campus museum

Sometimes you just need to get away, and perhaps stretch your brain in a different direction than your normal daily grind.

Final Thoughts About What to Do When You're Bored

What are your thoughts on what to do when bored?

Do you have a favorite among the suggestions featured today? Or, do you have other tips on what to do when you’re bored? We’d love to hear about them. Please feel free to share in the comments below.

If you want to want learn more about great ways to pass the time, then I recommend picking up a fun hobby. You can learn about the benefits of hobbies here and discover great hobbies for men and hobbies for women.

Finally, one ​useful way to spend your time when you are bored is to learn something new every day. A great tool to do this is to join over 1 million others and start your day with the latest news from Wall St. to Silicon Valley.  This newsletter is a 5-minute read that's informative, witty and FREE.

But no matter what, just remember that you can use your time wisely by focusing on activities that can enrich your mind, body, or soul.

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151 Fun Things to Do When You Are Bored (Ideas for 2020!)