51 Fat Burning Workouts That Fit Into ANY Busy Schedule

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Does any of the following sound familiar:

  • You often struggle to put on your favorite pair of jeans.
  • ​You feel a slight twinge of unease as you look in the mirror and see that you no longer​ look as skinny as you used to be.
  • You​r bathroom scale is showing a few more pounds than what it said a few months back.

​If answered “yes” to any of these statements, then perhaps it's time to incorporate more exercise into your schedule​.  (And you should also consider drinking this superfood drink each morning as well.)

The truth is:  ​Losing weigh is NOT just about boosting your self-confidence.

Staying at an ideal weight is necessary step to living a long life. The risks of serious health problems, such as heart ailment, diabetes, and hypertension, dramatically increase when a person is overweight. However, these threats are also quickly lessened or even eliminated when you choose to slim down.

Some people resort to crash diets to get fast results in their attempt to​ lose wight. However, this method often fails, and people revert to their original weight or become heavier than prior to the diets.

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The best way to get real, lasting results is to combine a healthy ​meal plan with a daily workout schedule.  

To get started, we've discovered 51 fat burning workouts ​that include some of the most effective strategies to shed those extra pounds.

These workouts typically take less than 30 minutes, which makes them doable even for the busiest of people.

​Furthermore, some of these exercises can be done by beginners, right at home, with minimal equipment.

On the other hand, we've included other workouts that are geared towards those with gym workout experience. T​hey are more intense and strenuous to get the sweat pouring out.

Further, some of the workouts can be done alone or with a fitness buddy.

Choose the best type of exercise for your needs and don’t forget to eat the right kinds of food to be the healthier version of who you are.

Best Fat Burning Workouts

1. 10-Pound Early Morning Workout, Level 1

This powerful workout has been specifically developed to burn fats. As its name suggests, this exercise is best done in the morning to reap its full benefits.

2. Full Body Fat Burning HIIT Workout

Get your heart pumping in workout mode with this routine. As a high-intensity interval training, it requires your body to work really hard to torch body fat in no time.

3. Most Powerful Back Fat Burning Workout

​This collection of powerful exercise routines focus on burning fat from your back. It removes the jiggles, giving you a firmer, leaner form.

​4. One Song Workout

It's more fun to do workouts with music. This time, why not use your favorite songs to torch those fats? Put on an awesome playlist and you're well on your way to a trim and fit body in no time.

This song is an example. Any upbeat, fast tempo song can be used to craft your own quick fat burning fitness routine.

5. Hotel Room Tabata Workout

Going on vacation can sometimes be an excuse for halting in our commitment to staying fit. Well, not anymore with this convenient routine. All it requires is at least 20 minutes and enough space to lie down, such as the floor in your hotel room.

6. Bodycombat

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This workout promises to torch more than 700 calories in one session. If you are up to a mixed-martial-arts type of training to get fit, then try this and triumph in your fitness goals.

7. Dumbbell Blast

Popular quick full body dumbbell workout
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Reveal a leaner, fitter you with this dumbbell-assisted workout. Remember to do a light warm up before starting this routine. Start with 10 reps and increase to 15 as you become more adept.

8. 20-Minute Buddy Band Workout

Sometimes, having a workout buddy is a great motivation for getting fit. You'll see results together and can encourage each other when one's resolve begins flagging. This fitness routine can be done in 20 minutes and requires two exercise bands. Remember to keep hydrated as you'll be sweating plenty in this fat burning workout

9. Belly Melt Workout

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This workout aims to give fascial fitness that gives the benefit of a streamlined silhouette and a better resistance to fatigue. The fast fitness routine is easy to follow that beginners need not feel intimidated.

10. Winter Shape Up Workout 1

This is the first workout in a series. It features a combination of HIIT and strength training workouts that will surely burn those fats right before the seasons change.

11. Fat-Frying Kettlebell Workout From Hell

Touted as the worst nightmare of belly fats, this fat burning workout for men involves swinging and carrying a heavy kettlebell non-stop for at least half an hour. The combined moves aim to jumpstart your metabolism and burn those stubborn body fats. Not for the fainthearted.

12. Bikini Body High Intensity Workout

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Get ready to hit the beach with your summer bikini body. This intense workout promises to tone and sculpt your body and to burn fat so there's room only for a leaner version of you.

13. The Spartacus Workout

Have a full-body workout without going to the gym with this exercise. It's intense and burns more than 700 calories in less than an hour. You'll need a dumbbell to reap this workout's maximum fat-burning effect.

14. Ryan Reynolds Deadpool Workout Routine

Get action-star body with a workout designed for Deadpool’s lead star, Ryan Reynolds. It's an intense exercise program that focuses on developing one body part per day for the fullest effect.

15. 30-Minute Fat Burning Yoga Workout

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Yoga can be a very powerful workout for fat-burning. It's also an ideal entry point for beginners looking for a way to lose fat and tone the body. The poses are low impact. Work your way to a slimmer body with the poses in this workout routine.

16. Heavy Bag Workout For Women

Boxing is a wonderful workout if you are aiming to get lean fast. Consider investing in the best quality gear and heavy bag, plus the right workout guide, and you can achieve your fitness goals right in your own home.

17. 20-Minute Weight Loss Bodyweight Workout

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Try this proven full-body workout and see the results after just a few sessions. There is no special gym equipment required, as you'll be working with your own body to provide the resistance needed to get the maximum benefits of this exercise routine.

18. The Killer Kettlebells Workout

To the ladies, you don’t need to fear kettlebells. Sculpt your body using these workout equipment. This exercise is designed to give you toning all over.

19. Busy Mom’s 15-Minute Workout

Busy mothers also need time to stay fit, especially if they are still carrying the extra weight postpartum. However, with little ones to take care of, it's a bit difficult to commit to a full workout routine. Now it's easy to keep fit with this quick and effective fat burning exercise at home for ladies squeezed in any time of the day.

20. The Ultimate Park Bench Workout For Busy Mamas On The Go

We’ve mentioned busy mothers. Here's a clever way to use things in your surroundings to help you achieve your fitness goals. This is the perfect workout for those who don't have time to go to the gym because but don't want to skip exercise day. A stroll in the park during lunch is an opportunity to blast those fats.

21. Ultimate Full Body Workout

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A full-body workout gives you the combination of fat loss and muscle gain. The workouts take less than an hour to perform and the results are visible within days. This fitness training routine is designed for fitness buffs from all levels of expertise.

22. Bear Crawl

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This version of the bear crawl fully engages the hip flexor and psoas muscle. Expect to do a full-body exercise when you do this routine. It burns fat in half the time of other workout moves.

23. 25-Minute Fat Blasting Treadmill Workout

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This treadmill workout is anything but boring. The routine gives varied options for speed and incline and the best part is knowing that as you perform each set, you're burning calories.

24. Dumbbell Goblet Squat

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The beauty of this move is that you'll get the fat-burning benefits of a traditional squat but it will not put pressure on your back. Holding the dumbbell in front of you allows you to maintain a more upright position for your back, thus giving you a better form as you execute this exercise.

25. 15-Minute Pool Exercise Routine For Rapid Weight Loss

Regardless of your swimming abilities, this fat blasting workout is guaranteed to make you lose weight. All you need is to be in the pool. The water creates a natural resistance as you do the routine, plus it fosters a low-impact environment that's friendlier to your joints that when doing your workouts on the gym floor.

26. The Plank

With the plank, belly fat doesn't stand a chance. It is more efficient in helping you acquire flatter abs and burning more fats than a thousand crunches. This move requires you to have endurance to enable torching fat faster. You only need to hold this position for at least 10 minutes several times in a week and the amazing results are yours to reap and flaunt.

27. Jump Rope Workout

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Workouts need not be somber affairs. Add a little fun to your exercise routine with jump rope routines. Doing this this exercise for a few seconds kickstarts your body to burn fats more quickly. Although you can use a simple rope for this exercise, as much as possible invest in a good quality jump rope that will last for a long time.

28. 700-Calorie Workout

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This is a challenging workout but the results are worth it. This exercise routine promises to torch fat the minute you begin. Make sure to prepare all necessary equipment before starting out and you're well on your way to a becoming leaner and fitter.

29. Outdoor 4-Minute Fat Blaster

Head outdoors for this exercise that's guaranteed to help you trim down. For equipment, all you need is a stopwatch or your interval timer of choice. Choose a comfortable and safe place and you're all set.

30. 10-Minute Water Workout

​Aquatic exercises are not only fun to do but they could help you heal from other chronic conditions. This workout is guaranteed to blast those fats out of the water, so to speak. Increase this exercise's weight loss benefits by using hand buoys or water paddles for more resistance.

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31. Jackknife Sit Ups

When you do this exercise move, different muscle groups are targeted. It helps you burn fat quickly, as well as give your legs and arms a thorough workout.

32. 20-Minute Plyo Burn

High-intensity moves meet circuit training in this engaging workout. Make sure to have a towel handy because you're guaranteed to sweat while doing this routine.

33. Running Knee Raises

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Blast those calories with this fitness challenge. No special equipment is required. Make sure to raise your knees as high as possible as you do this exercise.

34. Med Ball Workout

Be prepared for a sweat-inducing session with this workout. It engages the whole body to give you increased strength and improved endurance. All these plus faster fat burning.

35. Push Pull Bosu Workout

Bosu balls are designed to add instability to a workout. They force the body to find stability in doing the training moves and at the same time help move several muscle groups. This workout is a great way to improve balance and lose weight at the same time.

36. Burpees

Burpees are a wonderful full-body exercise. They encourage muscle development and improve heart health. A burpee workout involves squatting, jumping, doing a pushup, jumping, squatting, and then jumping in an explosive finish.

With its intensity, you'll be working up a sweat and definitely burn those fats for rapid weight loss.

37. Mountain Climbers Workout

You are engaging several muscle groups when you do this exercise. Aside from weight loss, it has several benefits such as improved cardiovascular function, stronger core, and enhanced strength.

38. Jumping Jacks

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Never underestimate the fat-burning benefits of this classic exercise. It is still one of the best cardio workouts, plus it improves your balance and coordination.

39. Do Anywhere Kickboxing Workout

Get into your best fighting form with this kickboxing workout. It torches fat with its combination cardio exercise and strength training. It offers a variety of movements to make it a fun and engaging way to lose weight and keep fit. And the best part? You can do it anywhere.

40. 25-Minute Vacation Workout

Being on vacation mode usually sets some people up to neglect their commitment to fitness. Not anymore with this convenient workout. It allows you to trim down and keep your goals without requiring you to find a gym while away from home.

41. Plank And Bent-Over Row Partner Workout

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There are things better done together, and this buddy workout is one of those. You and your exercise partner will alternate in engaging your own core muscles and give the other person the weight resistance to perform the moves correctly.

42. Brisk Walking

Literally step into the fat-burning zone with this simple workout. Walking increases your metabolism and lowers your risk of heart-related problems better than running.

Get a step counter to challenge yourself to outdo your own performance every time you head out for a workout stroll. Know which pedometer best suits your needs in this comprehensive review.

43. Russian Passes

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With this partner workout, you'll be encouraged to work harder as you achieve the level of fitness you desire. Grab a med ball and engage your core for a fast and fun way to activate large muscle groups to achieve weight loss faster.

44. Acroyoga

Here’s another partner workout for you to try.

Weight loss is not the only benefit you'll get with acroyoga. Although this form of exercise seems daunting at first, it is actually friendly weight loss workout plan for beginners who commit to try the poses.

Doing the poses with a partner, this workout offers to develop your muscles, strengthen your core, improve your kinesthetic ability, increase your flexibility, and bestow a feeling of relaxation.

45. Capoeira

The Capoeira workout is adapted from a form of African-Brazilian martial arts with the same name. It offers awesome benefits for your overall strength and agility. What’s the special feature? The entire workout sequence is in dance form. You'll be sweating like crazy and lose pounds fast while learning a new dance move.

46. Tae Bo

Shed that excess weight in no time with this exercise. It's one of the most popular workouts of the 1990's up to present because it truly delivers on its promised results in terms of health and fitness.

47. Hip Hop Zumba Workout

Have fun while giving your heart a healthy workout. If you are like some people who are not fond of Latin music as accompaniment to your dance routine, this hip hop alternative will get you moving and grooving your way to a leaner you.

48. PiYo

If you're looking for a low-impact exercise program for losing weight, then this workout is for you. It is a combination of yoga poses and pilates movements to give you muscle tone and core strength.

49. Crossfit “Murph”

The workout is so named in honor of Navy Lt. Michael Murphy, who was killed while on tour of duty in Afghanistan in 2005. This is a simple but extremely intense workout. It is ideal for those who have experience with the Crossfit workout system.

It will get your blood pumping, improve your overall strength and stamina. Losing weight will be just one of the benefits of this exercise.

50. Hiking Workout

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Hiking burns calories and raises metabolic rate in a very different way than walking. Experts say you expend an average of 30% more energy by hiking on uneven terrain. It's something to consider when you're searching for a workout you can do outdoors.

Make sure you gear up appropriately when you go for a hike. Use this post as a reference to choose the best hiking boots for your next time out in the wild.

51. Rowing Workout

Rowing exercise for great fat burning exercise
via Shape

This gym workout is designed to give you a leaner form by deeply engaging different muscle groups. It burns more than 500 calories in an hour and is one of the best low-impact exercises designed for weight loss and toning.

Gentle Reminders

When you choose a fat burning workout to help you with your weight loss goals, it’s good to remember that the exercises you do will only give you maximum results if you incorporate a healthy diet as part of your overall fitness regimen.

Sometimes we backslide on our commitment to living a healthy life. Don’t beat yourself up. Give yourself a chance. Get up from where you stumbled and move forward again. ​If you want to learn more about workout habits, then read this helpful article what to when you're struggling.​

Cheers to a healthier you!

Finally, if you want to focus on a great HEALTH habit that increases your energy and helps with your weight goals, then take 30-seconds each morning to prepare this drink to feel energized throughout the day.

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51 Fat Burning Workouts That Fit Into ANY Busy Schedule