How Many Calories Are Burned Walking 10,000 Steps?

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You’ve probably heard that walking 10,000 steps a day is a great way to get in shape and lose weight. But you might have a bunch of questions about this simple habit like: Unfortunately, the answers to these question are hardly straightforward. How much you burn on a daily walk often depends on a number … Read more

27 Best Workout Apps To Improve Your Fitness In 2024

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Want a simple tool to track your workouts? Are you looking for ways to change a sedentary lifestyle into an active one? Have you considered getting a fitness app? These days, we use our smartphones for organizing our lives. It would not be surprising that we can depend on them to help us reach our … Read more

9 Short Term Fitness Goals Examples to Improve Your Health

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If you’re aiming to improve your health, you probably wish you could have an overnight transformation. But as you know, it takes a lot of work (and time) to reform your body, which can feel frustrating if you aren’t getting the quick results that you want. To reduce these feelings of frustration, you need to … Read more

How Many Steps Are in a Mile? A Simple Calculation for Walkers

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Not sure about the distance you’re covering with a daily walk or run?  Many people ​who ​exercise, count their steps but​ don’t know how many miles they’ve covered. Normally, this isn’t a big issue.  But as Peter Drucker once said, “What gets measured, gets managed.“ ​​So how many steps are in a mile? Generally speaking, … Read more

31 Habits of Happy People – Backed by Science & Psychology

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Nils is a lifestyle coach and co-founder of, a blog dedicated to helping people live a better life through relentless self-improvement. Nils is on his journey to becoming the greatest version of himself and loves sharing what he learns along the way. What makes people happy? What’s the difference between happy people and miserable … Read more

7 Long-Term Benefits of Walking in the Morning

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I have a confession. I’m not someone who likes going to the gym. While building a healthy lifestyle has been an important habit for me, I just don’t have the time or the interest in joining one of those national gym chains. Instead, I have found that one of the best ways to improve and … Read more

9 Simple Habits for Burning Fat and Staying Lean

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A lot of us live sedentary lives. We sit in traffic. We sit at work. We sit at home and watch t.v. No wonder so many of us are constantly fighting the battle of the bulge: it can be tough to stay lean! I’m a busy father of 3 young kids, so I know how … Read more

55 Motivational Exercise Quotes to Inspire Your Next Workout

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When you are working out, there will likely come a time when you feel that you’re not getting the results you’d like to see as quickly as you’d like to see them. This can be discouraging. It can make you doubt all the effort you’ve put in. It can lead you to wonder if it’s … Read more

37 Top Fitness Blogs You Should Follow in 2024

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Want to “level up” your fitness goals? If so, then one thing you can do is build a workout routine that helps you burn fat and improve your overall fitness. Unfortunately, finding the time to work out or to learn a new exercise regimen can be challenging. In fact, a research done by revealed … Read more

24 Resistance Band Workouts for Lower Body, Arms, Legs, Abs, and Core

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You probably heard of resistance bands already or have seen them in the gym and wondered about their purpose. Maybe you’ve used them in your workout or wondered if they really are effective in helping you achieve your fitness goals. First off, resistance bands — as your workout equipment of choice — have the advantage … Read more