How Many Steps Are in a Mile?

How Many Steps Are in a Mile?

Not sure about the distance you're covering with a daily walk?

Many people are walking all over the place, yet they have no idea how many miles they've covered. Normally, this isn't a big issue.  But as Peter Drucker once said, "What gets measured, gets managed."

So if you're able to accurately predict how many steps you walk every mile, then you can know how much exercise is needed to improve your health or lose weight.

Now, there's one major problem...

There isn't a "one-size-fits-all" answer when it comes to calculating your steps on a per-mile basis. 

The truth is...someone with a longer stride will cover more distance with every step than a person with a small stride. 

For instance, a two-foot stride is approximately 2,640 steps in a mile while a three-foot step is 1,760 steps in a mile.

So, in this article, we'll briefly list two ways to know...for many steps you're covering every mile. 

(Plus, we also provide a couple of charts you can use to "guesstimate" how many steps are covered in an average walk.)

Step #1: Use a Pedometer

There is only one way to be 100% certain of the steps that you're walking every mile...

Use a pedometer. 

You'll be surprised that most pedometers are relatively inexpensive and they can be worn without make you feel like you have to carry yet another digital device.  In fact, lots of people treat pedometers as a fashion statement (like the FitBit.) 

If you're interested in learning more about pedometers, then check out this resource page:

Smartphone apps are also a decent option...but they don't track steps as well as a pedometer.   

Simply go to the app store of your phone and type in the words "step counter" or "step tracker" to find a program that can track your steps.

Step #2: Measure Your Steps at a 400-Meter Track

Once you have a pedometer, you can head to a local 400-meter track and measure how many steps you cover in a mile. 

This is a simple process...

Take four laps around the track, which is slightly less than one mile.

If you're pressed for time, you can complete one lap and multiply this number by four. 

For instance, let's say it takes a person 500 steps to complete one lap according to his or her pedometer. That number times four would be 2,000. It would take approximately 2,000 steps to complete a mile.

One way to use this mile-per-step number is to update your step counter or pedometer. 

For instance, let's say a pedometer has calculated 10,000 steps for that day. That number divided by 2,000 would calculate to a completed 5 miles that day.

The ultimate chart to determine how far you've walked by steps

Still want a simple answer?

Well, here are two charts you can use to approximate how many steps you'll cover in a mile

The first chart is computed by a two-foot stride. It takes 2,640 steps to walk a mile. These steps are for those with shorter legs and a shorter height.

No. of Steps

No. of Miles

















The second chart is computed between a two- and three-foot stride. This is computed at 2,321 steps per mile for a height of 5 feet 5 inches.

No. of Steps

No. of Miles

















This chart is computed on a three-foot step. It takes 1,760 steps to walk a mile. This would be more accurate for a much taller person with much longer legs.

Get moving!

Hope this article provided a quick solution to predicting your average step count and help you get started on your walking habit for weight loss.

Just remember that this metric is an important part of knowing how much you'll need to do exercise every day to maintain a healthy lifestyle and/or lose weight. 

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Curious to know how many steps are in a mile? Walking is an exercise that uses several muscles. Knowing how far you've walked may push you to walk more often.