45 Printable Inspirational Quotes for Your Vision Board

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Looking for printable quotes for your vision board? Look no further! This post features 45 inspirational quotes from a variety of famous pundits and their motivational quotes. From the ancient wisdom of Plato and Confucius to inspiring quotes by Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman and serene quotes by Oprah and Maya Angelou. If you are looking … Read more

63 Eleanor Roosevelt Quotes on Leadership, Education, and Overcoming Your Fears

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Are you looking for Eleanor Roosevelt quotes to give you courage to face your fears and realize your dreams? Eleanor Roosevelt was wife of the 32nd president of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt. She was also the longest serving First Lady. During her tenure, she devoted her time to public service, championed women’s rights, … Read more

41 Strong Woman Quotes to Inspire Your Life

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Like most of us, there might be times in your life when a few inspiring words can give you that much-needed push to keep going. Today, we’re sharing with you strong woman quotes from women and men who understand that women hold a lot of power within them. For the first time in history, America … Read more

73 Creativity Quotes to Inspire Your Work and Play

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You don’t have to be an artist to tap into the wellspring of creativity and draw inspiration from it. Creative expression is not limited to visual arts, poetry, novels, or music. You can manifest creativity in the workplace or at school by discovering out-of-the-box ways to solve problems, sharing a fresh perspective, or coming up … Read more

75 Zig Ziglar Quotes on Leadership and Success

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Could a salesman hold the key to success? In this post, we’re featuring a collection of quotes from Zig Ziglar, one of the world’s most influential salespeople, motivational speakers, and business consultants from the 1950s until his passing in 2012. Through his words, he left a powerful legacy that helps improve people’s lives. His speeches … Read more

53 Hope Quotes to Get You Through Challenging Times

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What does it mean to have hope—to have faith, to believe, and to look forward to something? Hope is a simple word, but it can make a world of difference. When everything else fails, it can be the anchor that helps you hold on and push through, rather than letting go and giving up. It … Read more

122 Inspiring Quotes About Time and Living Life to the Fullest

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Do you feel that there’s not enough time in the day to accomplish all that you need to do? We are all given the same number of hours every day, but most of us are terrible at using them. Before we realize it, the opportunity’s passed and it’s too late to make up for important … Read more

61 Moving Forward Quotes to Take That Next Step

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Moving forward when you’re feeling bogged down can be one of the trickiest situations any human can find themselves in. In today’s post, we offer you some inspiration to get back on the wagon no matter who you are and what your current situation is. There are all kinds of barriers that can prevent us … Read more

43 Priority Quotes to Focus on What’s Important in Life

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Need some help clarifying your priorities? In our busy lives, we often struggle to make time for what’s truly important. We all get the same 24 hours each day, yet it often feels that there isn’t enough time to accomplish our tasks and give our attention to the things that matter most. At the same … Read more

67 Positive Energy Quotes to Attract Good Things in Your Life

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Need awesome and inspiring quotes to bring good things into your life? Today, we’re sharing a collection of positive energy quotes to inspire you as you work towards what you want most. Perhaps you’ve noticed that it is easier for people who possess positive energy to attract more abundance and happiness into their lives compared … Read more