21 Creative Hobbies to Make Something Great

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I recently finished watching Maniac on Netflix and I was left wondering how in the world people come up with this stuff.  Movie plots with twists and turns and television series that clearly have so much research behind them in addition to someone’s incredible imagination–it’s mind blowing.  When it comes to creativity–whether it’s creative writing … Read more

15 Passion Project Ideas to Inspire Yourself [2024 Update]

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Officially, the dictionary definition of a “passion project” is an activity or enterprise that you decide to take on – usually in your spare time – in order to benefit or validate yourself in some way. But, I like to think of it as a collection of steps we take towards filling a void in … Read more

73 Creativity Quotes to Inspire Your Work and Play

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You don’t have to be an artist to tap into the wellspring of creativity and draw inspiration from it. Creative expression is not limited to visual arts, poetry, novels, or music. You can manifest creativity in the workplace or at school by discovering out-of-the-box ways to solve problems, sharing a fresh perspective, or coming up … Read more

19 Fun & Creative Things to Fill a Notebook With

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Do you want to keep a journal, but you just don’t know where to start? We are certain it’s not for a lack of trying. You want to fill up a notebook, but you are struggling to get the creative juices flowing! You’re stuck at the starting line staring at a blank page. Don’t worry… … Read more

9 Benefits of Creative Writing to Help Your Children

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There they go again! Your children run through the house, mimicking characters right out of the latest Disney movie. You sense some special energy is attached to their activity, but you don’t know how to turn it into gold. Lucky for you, we’ve got the answer… writing! This article will demonstrate how the benefits of … Read more

7 Habits That Kill Creativity

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It's clear that most creatives follow certain habits that make them even more so – and so do people who complain about the lack of creativity in their lives. Here are seven common habits that kill creativity.

Have you ever thought about why some people are more creative than others? It doesn’t take a lot of insight to know that people are lazy and likely to spend minimum effort on getting things done. Our brains like to follow known patterns instead of reinventing a process every single time. For some activities this … Read more