71 Journal Writing Prompts and Topics for Teens

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Journaling can be a fun way to express your thoughts and work through problems in your life. However, it can also be a frustrating process if you can’t think of topics and things to write about. This is especially true if you’re a teen.  As a teenager, you have a busy schedule filled with chores, … Read more

6 Steps to Write an Apology Letter (EXAMPLE)

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how to write an apology letter | how to write apology letter for mistake | apology letter examples

Everyone makes mistakes. What’s important is how you react to your s and learn from them. If you have made a mistake that has directly impacted someone else, the first thing you need to do is apologize and take responsibility for what happened. That is where an apology letter can be helpful. It can be … Read more

The Freedom Journal by John Lee Dumas [2024 Updated Review]

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the freedom journal | freedom journal overview | freedom journal by john lee dumas

Have you ever set out to accomplish a difficult goal, only to end up procrastinating and ultimately failing at what you set out to do? I know that I’ve certainly been there, and I bet I’m not alone. Goals are something that everyone has, and they are critical to success. Too many people have great … Read more

30-Day Journaling Challenge: How to Build the Journal Habit

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Journaling is a popular activity for people these days, and rightfully so. Having a place to dump all of your stressful thoughts and do some self-reflection can be a very cathartic practice.  However, if you’re like me, this may be one of those habits that you get really gung-ho about by going out and getting … Read more

What is a Bullet Journal? A Simple Overview

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If you spend any time on social media—especially sites like Instagram or Pinterest—you’ve probably come across pictures of bullet journals. The neatly handwritten notes and carefully designed pages might seem difficult to replicate or too pretty to be useful, but I’ve found that a bullet journal is actually a simple and effective way to plan … Read more

247 Journal Writing Prompts to Inspire Your Thoughts

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If you’re new to journaling, all those big blank pages can seem intimidating, and even with a lot of practice, it can be challenging to distill thoughts and experiences into written entries.  But using journal writing prompts can help you generate new lines of thought for your entries. There are many approaches to journaling, from committing … Read more

59 Things to Write About in Your Daily Journal

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Have you ever struggled to come up with ideas for what to write in your journal? As a writer, aside from enjoying the many benefits of journaling for my mental well-being, I find that keeping a daily journal is a great way to organize my thoughts, think of great ideas, and learn to live in … Read more

10 Steps to Publish a Book and Become an Author

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Special Note: Today, with my partners Barrie and Ron, I opened a free video training series on self-publishing your own book. This course will show you how to write, publish, and market your book. I was surprised to learn that 81% of Americans want to write a book. The statistic is surprising because so few … Read more

Five-Minute Journal Review [2024 Update]

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Is a mindfulness journal for you? For me, the five-minute journal has made a material difference in the way I think about my day, and how I reflect on my intentions at the end of the day.

Starting a journaling habit sounds like a great idea. You buy a notebook and anticipate writing down your thoughts every day. After you start, you begin to feel some monotony when you fill out completely blank pages. Eventually monotony leads to quitting the habit. Journaling should be about the process, not the setup. That is … Read more

23 Best Movies About Writers and Authors to Watch Today

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Interested in learning more about your favorite author? Do you ever wonder what went on in their head and where the ideas for an amazing story came from? Perhaps it’s the writing process you’re interested in? You might want to know how writers create their own kind of magic through pen, keyboard, or old-fashioned typewriter. … Read more